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Tale end of a whale shark as it swims away.

Western Australia

The Western Region of Australia is often the least visited as it is located such a long distance away from the draws of the bustling cities of Sydney and Melbourne and some of the more classic sites.

This vast area is well worth exploring and is a stand out Australian holiday destination in its own right.

Perth is an easy city to negotiate, located on the scenic Swan River with the cosmopolitan port town of Fremantle close by and sunny beach culture.

Vineyards, Margaret River, Australia
Margaret River, Australia

The Margaret River wine region is just a short drive south and is responsible for producing less than 1% of Australia’s wine but over 15% of Australia’s premium wine. The 50 or so wineries in the region offer an impressive selection and a great option for those wanting a vineyard tour.

Boutique beer breweries, exquisite cheese products, jams and condiment producers, a marron (freshwater crayfish) farm, olive groves and even chocolate and fudge factories add to the gourmet experiences. Couple this with an immense array of art and craft galleries and the area can offer visitors a fabulous opportunity to experience the work of local producers and artists.

Eastern Side of King George Falls, The Kimberley, Western Australia
The Kimberley, Australia

In the far northwest lies The Kimberley, an ancient landform of rugged ranges with deep, spectacular gorges, pristine sandy beaches and mighty river systems that produce cascading waterfalls during the wet season.

Unexplored caves hide Bradshaw rock paintings, so old that even the aboriginal people do not know their origins, and cattle stations are so large that your next-door neighbour can be two hours away. One of the most rewarding ways to explore this remote region is on an expeditionary cruise with access to the coastal mangroves, creeks, gorges and waterfalls. Alternatively, take to the skies for an aerial view of this vast wilderness.

Whale shark underwater with snorkeller alongside.

For many travellers, the most surprising discovery in Western Australia is the Ningaloo Reef, one of the world’s longest fringing coral reefs, located just a few metres from a white sand beach that stretches for hundreds of kilometres.

In part because of its isolation, this reef is in magnificent condition and home to a huge variety of corals, fish and marine mammals. All year round the snorkelling and sea kayaking is superb and from April to July, it is possible to swim with whale sharks or join humpback whales in the water from August to October.


Margaret River Artisan Produce

Visit some of the many artisan food and beverage producers in the region, from chocolate to olive oil and of course wine.

Whale Watching

Witness humpback, southern right and even blue whales as they migrate along the west coast of Australia en route to Antarctica.

Manta Ray Research Experience

Join a local Marine Biologist on the Ningaloo Reef between March and October to learn about manta ray before getting hands on to snorkel with, photograph and help identify individuals and record behaviour.

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Discover The Kimberley

Walk on untouched beaches, swim in natural freshwater pools and discover ancient rock art in the Kimberley.

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A day trip to Rottnest Island

Take a ferry from Perth to Rottnest Island, hire a bike, buy a picnic lunch and meet a quokka.

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Swim with whales

Stay at Sal Salis and swim with whale sharks or humpbacks on the Ningaloo Reef.

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Drive the Gibb River Road

Self-drive along the Gibb River Road where wide open spaces offer an incredible sense of remoteness and freedom.

Bush Tucker Kayaking Tour

Canoe the Margaret River on a bush tucker tour with an expert local guide.

Cruise The Kimberley

Cruise the vast and wild Kimberley coastline, with its rugged cliffs, mighty river systems and Aboriginal heritage.

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Killer Whale Expedition

Join a marine biologist between January and April to search for orca when they return to the Bremer Canyon each year.

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Clare Higginson

It was my passion for languages that first encouraged me to leave the UK behind and grab my rucksack. Since then, it’s been a mixture of intriguing cultures, jaw-dropping landscapes and the wonder of seeing animals in their natural habitat that sees me continuously extending my travel wish list. I also seek adventure; exploring the deep blue or hiking a peak often winning favour. Although it’s my time horse herding in Mongolia that I regularly want to relive.
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