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    Steppes Travel is made by the people who work here. Incredible holidays are made possible because of their vast travel experience and the great enthusiasm they bring to their work.

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    We carefully select our experts based on their knowledge, companionship and influence, ensuring that you can travel with the most knowledgeable leaders in the field.

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    The people who lead the way when it comes to those things which matter to us: exploration, the environment, women’s empowerment and education.

A group of tourists walk on a rocky peninsula with their naturalist guide in the Galapagos Islands

Expert-Led Cruises

Join one of our exclusive small boat charters to destinations including Galapagos, Canada, Hawaii, India and Antarctica.

We work with a carefully selected group of experts, each with reams of personal insight and subject knowledge, who accompany our clients on exclusive private boat journeys worldwide.    

Previous expert-led cruises have included Galapagos with Liz Bonnin, Papua New Guinea with Chris Packham, Galapagos with Monty Halls and Antarctica with Wade Davis, Sue Flood and Stephen Venables. Upcoming expert-led cruises include India with William Dalrymple, Hawaii with Richard Dawkins, Galapagos with Jo Ruxton and Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest with Sue Flood.

Disko Bay Glacier, Ilulissat, Greenland
Disko Bay Glacier, Ilulissat, Greenland
Musk Ox, Greenland
Musk Ox, Greenland
Tasiilaq, Greenland @Rick Guthke
Tasiilaq, Greenland @Rick Guthke
Polar Bear in Snow, Churchill Wild, Canada
Churchill, Canada

Arctic Cruise with The Friends of SPRI

Join like-minded people cruising aboard the Ortelius from Spitsbergen to Northeast Greenland, finishing in Iceland in conjunction with The Friends of The Scott Polar Research Institute.

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Humpback Whale, Baja California, Mexico
Humpback Whale, Baja California, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California
Breaching Grey Whale, Mexico
Baja California, Baja California
Fish, Baja California
Baja California
Baja California, Baja California
Baja California, Baja California

Baja California with Sylvia Earle

The Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, was once famously dubbed the ‘aquarium of the world.’ The rugged islands, coastal desert and the surrounding turquoise waters are of striking natural beauty. It is one of the most productive ocean regions in the world, home to over 900 species of fish, including sharks – 90 of them endemic – more than 2,000 invertebrate species and a variety of whales, dolphins, rays, sea turtles and sea lions. It is no surprise that Dr. Sylvia Earle has designated it as a Hope Spot, a place championed by local conservationists and scientifically identified as being critical to the health of the ocean. This is a very special opportunity to join Dr. Sylvia Earle on the ship named after her, for an expedition-style cruise, departing in May 2022.

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Grizzly Bear, Canada
Grizzly Bear, Canada

Canada Cruise with Sue Flood

This is a unique opportunity to travel around one of the last remaining protected habitats for bears, Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest, with world-renowned photographer Sue Flood and expert naturalists.

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Polar Flight on Ice Runway, Antarctica
Polar Flight on Ice Runway, Antarctica

Antarctica Cruise with New Scientist

If you have a love of wildlife and wild places, an expedition voyage to South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula is the ultimate travel experience. Towering ice cliffs, gigantic glaciers, bergs the size of skyscrapers – little wonder that Roald Amundsen wrote of Antarctica that “the land looks like a fairy-tale”.

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Man at Temple, Ganges, India
Varanasi, India

India Cruise with William Dalrymple

Board the five-star Ganges Voyager on a 10-day river cruise into the heart of West Bengal. William Dalrymple, author and historian will join you onboard to share his knowledge of India and explore key regions mentioned in his latest book, The Anarchy.


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Sue's in-depth knowledge of Antarctica, the route options and each of the vessels was invaluable in our preparation for the trip and was a strong differentiator when we were choosing a travel agent. When talking with Sue, we quickly got an honest perspective.

Destination: Antarctica
Travel Expert: Sue

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