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When to go

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January in focus

Sri Lanka benefits from generally good weather all year round and experiences a tropical climate with the best and most popular to visit being during our winter months, from January to April.

January and February is the peak season in Chile as it is the height of the summer. Weather can be ideal throughout the country, although the Atacama Desert can occasionally experience unusual rainfall at this time.

The hottest month across much of the country, and an excellent time to spot wildlife with lower visitor numbers. The seas are at their clearest, the landscape is still lush, but it is dry and sunny in general.

February in focus

Peak season continues as temperatures climb, but are not yet uncomfortable. Accommodation fills up very quickly so you need to book in advance.

Temperatures in February are generally warm by day, with an average daytime maximum temperature of 22°C, while on average the temperature falls to 14°C at night. Note that in the western desert during the winter months (Oct-March) the mosquitos and flies are at their worst.

Arguably prime time to visit Antarctica, with substantial daylight hours and average temperatures of -6°C. The sea ice melts enough to allow access and it is one of the best times to spot whales, sea birds and fledgling penguin chicks.

Peak season in the Cape continues, and it is often the hottest time. It is worth booking well in advance to get your preferred accommodation.

March in focus

Travelling from March through to May is one of the best times to visit Morocco. As the country experiences an extreme of the weather chart, with blistering hot summers and chilly winters, visiting during Spring and Autumn as the best times to travel.

Temperatures begin to rise with March typically being the last month of the peak season. A significant month for religious, Hindu festivals, March can become busy in some regions however also a perfect time to travel to experience Indian culture and wildlife.

Even though Ethiopia’s wet season begins in June, the southern regions will experience occasional periods of rainfall from March onwards and temperatures will start to rise throughout the country.

April in focus

Perhaps the busiest month, as the cherry blossom spreads northwards across the country. A stunning time, but expect to plan accommodation and excursions in advance.

With temperatures averaging 19°C on mainland Greece, it can be great to explore both the countryside and the country’s well-known cites. Throughout the Greek islands, temperatures will also start to rise with more hours of daily sunshine.

January to April generally has the lowest rainfall throughout the year, though showers can still be expected in such a tropical climate. One of the most popular times of year to visit, with fantastic opportunities to view wildlife, explore the jungle, and relax on white sandy beaches. The ideal time to visit the Pacific Coast.

Temperatures start to drop, and days become drier. Antelope are breeding at this time, and are visible trying to flaunt themselves to their respective females.

May in focus

Temperatures, humidity, and rainfall all increase. Visitor numbers drop, however, and the rhododendrons are still beautiful.

As the dry season begins and winter sets in, temperatures are comfortable and the countryside is green with life from the rainy season.

The beginning of winter. Almost every day is dry now, and water sources are drying up. Therefore wildlife is starting to congregate around water holes, but the landscapes are still colourful and nights aren’t chilly just yet. A great time to visit.

June in focus

May and June tend to be popular months to visit Uzbekistan, with pleasant daytime temperatures and clear skies. This is also when the sites and hotels are at their busiest.

On the Mediterranean coast, June will experience higher levels of humidity with warmer, temperatures and long days of sunshine. It will start to get busier at coastal resorts as the temperatures start to rise.

A fantastic time to get out into the highlands and go trekking, with less rainfall and still relatively warm temperatures. It is still outside of the peak season so you can still have your pick of the accommodation, and it is an excellent time to spot lemurs.

July in focus

The hottest month, with temperatures reaching 40°C in the south. There is also the highest chance of rain, because of the influence of the Chinese monsoon.

June to August is high season across the country. It is the ideal time to explore the Caucasus mountains in the north, as it is likely to be free of snow and generally dry. The central lowlands can get very hot and humid, but it’s also a good time to enjoy the Black Sea coast.

Being one of the hottest months of the year, with temperatures regularly reaching 28°C in the big cities, July remains a peak time to visit the US.

The driest and coolest month across the country. A popular time to travel, so heading to the south and west of the country is a good option. You can see all the wildlife that you can get in the northern parks but also chimpanzees.

August in focus

Average temperatures during August will be 14°C, with almost 22 hours of daylight. August can also be an ideal month for whale watching but it should be noted that from June through to August, it is Iceland’s peak months and so may be busier than during the winter.

Between August and October is possibly the best time to visit the Amazon and Pantanal. It is still fairly dry in the south, but it can be cool in the evenings in Rio. It dries up in the north and remains warm.

This is peak season in Kenya, especially in the Masai Mara, where it is the peak of the Great Migration. Exceptional game viewing is possible as animals congregate around watering holes and rivers.

September in focus

Temperatures decline gradually, but it is less humid and wet than summer in many regions. The mountains are still a good place to hike in, especially as snow has receded as far as possible. This makes it an excellent time for journeying along the Silk Road.

June to September are typically the driest and clearest months across the country, with peak visitor numbers generally in July and August. It is worth booking in advance if you wish to travel at the time to secure the best accommodation.

August and September remain very dry, and temperatures start to rise to the high twenties in the daytime. It is peak season, with fantastic opportunities for wildlife viewing as animals congregate around the water holes.

October in focus

Not recommended to go to the north, as humidity peaks before the rains arrive. Everywhere else, the weather is pleasantly warm. An ideal time for camping, relaxing at vineyards, or hiking and wildlife viewing.

September to November is generally a very good time to visit Jordan, although autumn is often indistinct. Temperatures start to cool off at the end of September, and the first signs of rain appear towards the end of October. It is a perfect time to visit Aqaba, with warm waters accommodating turtles and eagle rays.

April to October is the dry, winter season. This is also the high season, with visitors taking advantage of the clearer skies in the Altiplano and slightly cooler temperatures in the lowlands. Altitude massively impacts temperatures in Bolivia, more than season in fact. It is worth booking accommodation in advance to secure the best places.

During the months of October and November, Zambia will experience the hot, dry season, particularly in the river valleys of the Zambezi and Luangwa where it will become very hot. Game drives during the day can sometimes become uncomfortable due to the humidity and high temperatures.

November in focus

November to February are the best times to visit Saudi Arabia, with cooler temperatures in daytime and surprisingly chilly nights. Some mountainous regions do even receive some snowfall. However, it is not the best time to visit the Asir mountains in the southwest of the country, as they are often shrouded in fog.

As one of the best times to visit the country, November brings comfortable temperatures for sightseeing with the monsoon rains dying out from October. As the temperatures drop, however, Northern India and the Himalayas will become less accessible.

November is a great time of year to visit as summer begins yet beating the peak season crowds that come in December. Patagonia is in full bloom and the vineyards of Mendoza are surrounded by the stunning snow-capped Andes.

The short rains arrive in late September and continue until December. However, travel is still possible and the overcast skies can make for some fantastic photographs.

December in focus

Throughout Russia, December brings harsh winter conditions but can also be the ideal time to see Russia’s spectacular, iconic winter wonderlands.

The season gets into full swing, especially as Christmas approaches. Beaches open up as the central region starts to dry out, and the majority of the country is hot and dry.

December to March is peak season in the country, with plenty of sunshine and dry weather perfect for relaxing on the beach or hiking in the Andes. December and January, in particular, is a busy time both for locals and tourists holidaying, so it is worth booking accommodation in advance.

During the course of the month, temperatures start to reach their peak and although your days will be beautifully sunny you can expect the odd thunderstorm. Keep a lookout along the shoreline as it is the perfect time of year to see turtles come ashore to nest.

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