Flamingos, Siloli Desert, Bolivia

Bolivia Holidays

The place for travellers to immerse themselves completely into a culture. While the facilities on offer are typically simple compared to its neighbours, the culture, wildlife and landscapes are anything but.

Bolivia is a rugged jewel nestled in the very heart of South America. Landlocked by its affluent neighbours, it remains the poorest country in South America but what it lacks economically is more than compensated for with a wealth of indigenous culture, striking scenery and unique people.

A combination of colourful clothing, bustling markets and wide landscapes make Bolivia a photographic paradise.

Potosi main square

What to expect on your Bolivia holiday

The first thing you’ll notice in Bolivia is the altitude, which takes time to adjust to. The capital La Paz sits at 3,600m above sea level. Potosi is the highest city in the world, sitting at 4,090m and Lake Titicaca famously sits at 3,800m. Don’t rush into a busy schedule of sightseeing. Take it gently and allow time to acclimatise for the first couple of days.

Even more noticeable than the altitude is the contrast in climate between the chilly highlands, where temperatures drop dramatically at night, and the hot steamy jungles which support such a glittering display of wildlife and plants.

Explore Bolivia

  • Lake Titicaca
  • Salar De Uyuni
  • Southern Deserts
  • Sucre


Discover some of our suggested activities to include on your Bolivia holiday

Female Jaguar, Brazilian Amazon

Track Big Cats

In the company of an expert local tracker, look out for some of the world’s most elusive big cats that include ocelots, jaguars and pumas.

Clavija procera, snake bite remedy, Ecuadorian Amazon

Learn Amazonian Medicine

Discover the natural medicinal properties of the rare plants of the Amazon, such as wasai and cordoncillo, which are used for kidney health and anaesthetic respectively.

Suggested Holiday Idea

South American Tapir, Amazon

River Eslabon

Trek over forest paths, looking out for spider tapirs, deer and wild boar, to reach River Eslabon and bathe in its pools.

Amazonian Boat, Brazil

Cruise the Amazon

Sail on the world’s mightiest river during an authentic Amazon cruise that navigates far off the beaten track.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Pink Dolphins, Samiria National Reserve, Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Search for Pink River Dolphins

Head out to try and find the elusive and magnificent pink river dolphins, which only live in the fresh waters of the Amazon Rainforest.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Pastaza River Basin, Amazon Rainforest

Amazonian Country-Hopping

Consider exploring the Amazon in more than one country, moving between Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Colombia or Bolivia to experience the remotest corners of the Amazon Basin.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Negro River, Amazon, Brazil

Swing in a Hammock

After a morning of adventure, head back to your cabin to swing in a hammock to read a good book (or simply for a siesta).

Suggested Holiday Idea

Macaws, Peruvian Amazon

Explore Madidi National Park

Adventure on foot with a naturalist guide in to the Madidi National Park, an area that overflows with wildlife such as macaws, hummingbirds and anaconda.

Hot Springs, Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, Southern Deserts, Bolivia

Natural Hot Springs

Soak in the natural hot springs on the edge of Laguna Salada with an average temperature of 40.C.

Siloli Desert, Bolivia

Desert Adventure

Sleep the night in the Siloli Desert, the highest desert in the world.

Bolivia Accommodation

Hotels tend to be small, privately owned and, while being full of atmosphere and delightful, are simple. Rooms will have private bathrooms and air conditioning or heating, but while facilities are perfectly adequate, they will be limited.

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