Caucasus Mountain Landscape, Sioni Village, Kazbegi, Georgian Military Highway, Georgia

Georgia holidays

With delicious food on offer, an abundance of local wines and incredible hospitality Georgia is a destination that must be on your wishlist

Journey with Steppes across diverse landscapes, from majestic mountains to golden vineyards. We have been organising holidays to Georgia for over twenty years now, often in combination with its neighbours Azerbaijan and Armenia. The food is excellent, music and poetry play an important role for every family and the people are unbelievably hospitable, kind and full of fun.

Stepantsminda gergeti georgia
Gergeti Trinity Church, Georgia
Wine Cellar, Nekreki Monastery Complex, Kakheti, Georgia
Kakheti, Georgia
Mestia, Upper Svaneti, Georgia
Mestia, Georgia
View of Tbilisi, Old Town, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia

What to expect on your Georgia holiday

In winter, the jagged alpine peaks are deep with snow and offer miles of virgin Swiss-run heli-skiing from comfortable mountain hotels. In spring the slopes become a riot of wildflowers, while in summer the high passes remain a vivid green offering some excellent trekking into remote valleys, often unspoilt by cars, where an almost medieval atmosphere prevails.

Lower down, the terrain and the atmosphere are more Italianesque. The summers are hot, there are huge vineyards, isolated rural communities and yet everywhere there is a sense of history and culture. Many of the Orthodox churches date from the 10th and 11th centuries and it is not unusual to find original unrestored frescoes on the walls. Food and wine are excellent but above all, it is the Georgians themselves who are such fun.

Standard Room, Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, Kazbegi, Georgia
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, Kazbegi, Georgia
Tower Roofs, Ushguli, Upper Svaneti, Georgia
Ushguli, Georgia

Where to stay in Georgia

Hotels range from large multinational resorts in the capital to simple, clean, family-run pensions with all kinds of categories in between. Hotels are now available in most locations and these tend to be the preferred choice of travellers as there are more facilities on offer. Five-star hotels can only be found in Tbilisi, Borjomi and Batumi.

Some good four-star hotels offer bags of character, such as Rooms Hotel Kazbegi. In more remote locations perhaps consider a locally run guesthouse to experience local living. The reason to visit Georgia the country, accommodation is clean and comfortable but not the focus of a trip there. We recommend going to Georgia now before it is discovered by the rest of the world.


It’s all here. Things to see and do, places to explore, moments to discover.

Old Town, Tbilisi, Georgia

National Museum

Visit the National Museum in Tbilisi with its collection of pre-Christian gold and silver.

Svan Towers, Mestia, Upper Svaneti, Georgia


Visit Svaneti to see its medieval fortified stone towers and stay at Ushguli, the highest inhabited village in Europe.

Georgian food on table, Georgia

Sample local cuisine

Stay with a Georgian family and enjoy home cooked food and Georgian wine.

View of Tbilisi, Old Town, Tbilisi, Georgia

Explore the old streets of Tbilisi

Stroll through Tbilisi’s old streets where colourful 19th-century houses with wooden balconies are strangely reminiscent of New Orleans.

Daisies of Chaukhi, Chaukhi Mountains, Kazbegi, Georgian Military Highway, Georgia

Self-Drive the Military Highway

Travel up along the Georgian Military Highway towards Mount Kazbegi.

Vardzia Cave Town, vardzia, Samtskhe Javakheti, Georgia

Religious Cave Cities

Explore the ancient religious cave cities of Vardzia and Uplishtikhe that saved thousands of Christians from persecution.

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  • Kvareli
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