Family on game drive, Kenya

Generation Wild

Let nature take centre stage, from the open savannah to the jungle canopies…

The greatest adventures are to be found outside, and our wild places are our greatest treasure.

Nothing fosters empathy and understanding like our natural world. Nothing makes us appreciate beauty and value like time spent in an empty wilderness, seeking The Big (and the little!) Five, watching birds, spotting lizards, experiencing the familiar and the new, marvelling at the vast Circle of Life. For families seeking the wilder side, our travel experts deliver safari, wilderness, and animal experiences that’ll excite, educate, and enthrall, while ensuring safety and security are continually catered for. It’s time to embrace the khaki adventure!

Wild Adventures

Below are a handful of our favourite wild experiences from around the world, designed to both thrill and enlighten.

George Laing with Meerkats, Kalahari, Botswana

Tête-à-tête with Timon

Stay at Jack’s Camp on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and spend time with a habituated group of meerkats. From one family to another, always alert and busy, these meerkats are part of a research project and while still wild, they’ve grown accustomed to human presence, often using visitors as lookout posts!

Walking with Baboons, Shompole Wildnerness Camp, Kenya

Walk with a Baboon Researcher

Walk with a troop of 90-strong habituated olive baboons, the largest primates on the Savannah, accompanied by a specialist guide who knows each baboon by name. Learn about their behaviour as you walk through the bush near Shompole Wilderness Camp. A thrilling family experience.

Rhino Family, South Africa
South Africa

Conservation in Action

Work together, learn as a family and make a positive impact on the environment in a thrilling hands-on conservation experience. Join a team of professionals in South Africa, getting involved with notching and microchipping rhinos, collaring elephants, collecting samples and counting species. Foster a deep connection with the natural world and instil a sense of pride in every family member.

Orangutan, Borneo

Jungle Cruise

Immerse yourselves in the sights and sounds of Indonesian Borneo’s rainforests. Stay aboard a traditional wooden houseboat for three nights, navigating the remote jungle waterways of Tanjung Puting National Park. Witness jungle life unfold, from exotic bird species to the antics of swinging monkeys and the exhilarating sight of orangutans in their natural habitat. While simple accommodations, humidity and bugs may present challenges, this adventure is immensely rewarding for families with a spirit of adventure.

Humpback whale near Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Whales, Bears & Wilderness

Replace alarm clocks with the morning sound of a humpback whale’s blow, spending three days at a wilderness camp in Vancouver Island. By kayak, paddle along the rugged coastlines in search of whales, seals and porpoises. Spend a day bear-viewing in Knight Inlet, home to the largest concentration of grizzlies in western Canada.

Walking, Pafuri, South Africa
South Africa

Roaming with the Wild Ones

Connect with the gentle rhythm of nature exploring Kruger National Park on foot. Accompanied by expert rangers, experience the sights and sounds of the African bush up close. Access remote areas and camp out in this exciting and enriching experience.

Red Eye Tree Frog, Belize
Costa Rica

The Rumble of The Jungle

Listen for red-eyed tree frogs, coatis, insects and reptiles on a jungle night walk; 80% of the wildlife is most active at night. An expert guide will point out animals hiding in the canopies, as well as creepy crawlies scouring the jungle floor.

Charles Darwin Research Centre, Santa Cruz, GPS
Galapagos Islands

Science and Conservation

Go behind-the-scenes of the Galapagos Science Centre to meet the scientists and hear about their important projects and community awareness programmes for the future generations, or visit the Charles Darwin Research Centre to learn about the biology, ecology and conservation of the archipelago.

etosha waterhole, Etosha National Park, Namibia

Big Five Viewing

Stay in a lodge with its own private waterhole and watch with your family as family groups from the natural world gather to drink. A haven for elephants, rhinos, zebras and lions, these essential water sources are busy throughout the day and night so there’s always something to see.

Yawning cheetah, Okonjima Nature Reserve, Namibia

On The Prowl

Track rehabilitated leopards and cheetahs across the undulating plains of Okonjima Nature Reserve. Delve into the conservation efforts of the AfriCat Foundation with dedicated guides who share their mission to protect Namibia’s large carnivores.

Game drive, Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

Leopard Trails

For a veritable jungle book experience, explore Wilpattu National Park on private game drives in search of leopard, sloth bear, elephant and crocodile. Retreat from the heat of the day to swing in a hammock by your camp pool.

Night Game Drive, Kenya

Moonlit Game Drive

Shuffle the deck and see which card nature plays on a night game drive in a private conservancy. Eagle-eyed guides use night vision cameras and night torches to find a whole new cast of creatures, from aardvarks, bat-eared foxes and galagos, to honey badgers, leopards and hyenas.

Wild Accommodation

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