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Gritty and wild; this is Africa for the true travellers out there. You won’t find many luxurious hotels – but you will discover riches in the form of untamed wildlife, imposing volcanic mountains and ancient tribal kingdoms.

Diversity of environments and people defines Cameroon. Undoubtedly a little rough around the edges, it nonetheless offers experiences that are hard to find elsewhere. Captivating cultural practices blend with remarkable wildlife encounters – both rife with challenges, but still richly rewarding.

Standards in Cameroon are markedly different to elsewhere in Africa and there are very few established properties or operators. However, after a successful group tour that departed in December 2018, we are now offering tailor-made trips to the central and southern regions. Enquire for more details.

Beach bar view, Hotel Illomba, Kribi
Hotel Illomba, Kribi, Cameroon
Lobe Falls and boat, Kribi, Cameroon
Kribi, Cameroon

A little more about Cameroon

The south of Cameroon boasts tropical rainforests and deserted golden beaches, whilst the northern parts are dominated by lakes, savannah and great expanses of desert. Volcanic mountains and game-viewing areas are scattered throughout the country, offering ample opportunity to observe some impressive wildlife, including lowland gorillas, leopards, lions, elephants and chimps.

Additionally, there is a rich cultural heritage found in ancient tribal kingdoms and forest pygmies. A lack of prosperity ensures that the infrastructure is at best haphazard with roads frequently washed away after rains.

However, these minor inconveniences – all of which add to the adventure – are more than compensated for by experiences that unfold and the genuine welcome of the friendly population.

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Mosque, Foumban, Cameroon
Foumban, Cameroon

Cameroon - Nguon Festival and Baka Communities

Explore this remarkable and diverse country. Spend time at the heart of one of Africa’s last feudal kingdoms, experiencing the centuries-old Nguon Festival. Head deep into the forest to meet Baka hunter-gathers, before spotting rescued primates and experiencing Cameroonian beach life at Kribi.

  • Visit the 500-year-old royal Nguon Festival, which only happens every two years
  • Spend time with the iconic Baka people, deep within the Central African rainforest
  • Explore Cameroon’s highlands, forests and coastline
  • Spot rescued Central African chimpanzees on the islands of Pongo Songo

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Parade during Nguon, Foumban, Cameroon
Foumban, Cameroon

The Nguon and Only Tourist

“Shielding my eyes from the West African sun, it is not the red and yellow harlequins that catch my eye. Nor is it the pink feathered dancers, reeling through the crowd or the boys wrapped from head to toe in coloured cloth, like psychedelic mummies. What really holds my attention is the 40-foot-high model spider, complete with fangs and hair, riding a two headed snake.”

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  • Kribi
  • Foumban

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25 years ago, my first trip to Africa took on a life of its own. I planned for three months, I stayed for two years. Whilst there, I was mistaken for a priest, attacked by sharks and arrested. Yet the countless, clattering journeys opened my eyes to the beauty of the landscapes and the grace of the people. My recent trips are undoubtedly more comfortable, but the welcome is as warm as ever and the best experiences are still those I never see coming.

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