Damaraland, Village, Firelighting, Namibia, Illona FAM 2018

Living Culture

Not all classrooms have walls…

Empathy and understanding. That’s what travel gives you. A real picture of the world we live in and the people we share it with.

We all love to learn, and learning together simply adds to the fun. Food, architecture, history, ritual, superstitions, and traditions vary greatly across different places, combining to create recipes for constant wonder. Our world is complex, and for the sake of the future, we need to understand it better. Our Travel Experts can help deliver the kind of education your young people truly need – an education that fills them with the knowledge necessary to bring us all closer together. It’s the kind of knowing we all require.

Bridging Cultures

Below are a handful of our favourite cultural experiences from around the world, designed to connect and immerse into the heart of a destination.

Family walking, rice terraces, Ubud, Indonesia

Bali’s Cultural Heart

Discover Ubud, Bali’s cultural hub. Cycle through craft villages, rice fields and temples or opt for a vintage convertible Volkswagen ride. Immerse in local life, mastering traditional crafts like batik, kite making and wood carving.

Market Square at Dusk, Marrakesh, Morocco

Sunset Tasting Tour

Experience the magic of Jemaa El Fna Square at sunset and join the locals to experience the rich cuisine of Morocco alongside an expert food guide. Tailored to the appetite and palate of the whole family, sample regional specialities at street food stalls amidst the night-time ambiance of Marrakech.

Exterior of new Egyptian Museum, Cairo

No Ordinary Museum

The new state of the art Egyptian Museum, overlooking the pyramids of Giza, offers an immersive journey through Egypt’s colourful history. Explore interactive exhibits and grand displays, coming face to face with mummies and unravelling the lives of pharaohs, from King Tutankhamun’s iconic death mask to the details of his daily life.

Aparthied Museum, Johannesburg, South Africa
South Africa

A Walk with Nelson Mandela’s Prison Guard

Spend a morning in the company of former prison warden and close friend of Nelson Mandela, Christo Brand. Gain privileged access to Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison where Mandela was held after 18 years on Robben Island, and learn more about the fascinating alliance that grew and endured between prisoner and warden.

Chocolate making course in Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Chocolate Making with the BriBri Community

Experience the ancestral chocolate-making process with the BriBri community in Talamanca, learning the bean to bar techniques of roasting and grinding the cocoa beans. Talk to the local people about how they use cocoa and medicinal plants in their everyday lives.

Bread making with local family, Fez, Morocco

Family Connections in Fez

Spend time in the company of a local family, immersing yourselves in their daily life; join them to shop for seasonal ingredients in the souq, cook alongside them and prepare bread before taking it to the local faran to be baked. Finally, dine with them Moroccan style – an authentic experience and a chance to make genuine connections.

Damaraland, Village, Firelighting, Namibia, Illona FAM 2018

Living Desert Cultures

Immerse your family in Namibia’s rich cultural tapestry, spending time with some of the country’s oldest communities – the Damara, Himba and San people. Embrace their daily routines, connecting through shared experiences and laughter. Gain insights into their hunter-gatherer and herder lifestyles and actively contribute to the preservation of their rich cultures.

Interior of Rameses Tomb, Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Tomb Exploring

The unremarkable exteriors of the many burial chambers along the Nile belie their incredibly preserved interiors. Descend into these tombs to encounter colourful frescoes and hieroglyphics, evoking Indiana Jones-like adventures, while your Egyptologist guide narrates tales of pharaohs, mummification and historical intrigue.

Warriors in Evening, Samburu, Kenya

The Samburu Warriors and The Special Five

Share stories with the Samburu Warriors on a walking safari through the Kalama Conservancy as you look out for the Samburu Special Five: gerenuk, the reticulated giraffe, the Grevy’s zebra, the Somali ostrich and the beisa oryx.

Volubilis, Roman Site, Morocco

A Roman for the Day

Explore the ancient Roman site of Volubilis, a beautifully located site that is still under excavation by Moroccan archaeologists. Retreat to the shade of a local farm in the shadow of the ruins for a picnic feast of age-old Roman recipes, fit for Anthony and Cleopatra themselves!

Children with Kalahari bushmen, Botswana

Desert Wisdom

Join the San Bushmen of the Kalahari desert for a humbling insight into their remarkable yet vanishing way of life. Track and forage with them, master fire making skills and experience a simpler existence, far removed from our own.

Sri Lankan curry
Sri Lanka

A Curry Banquet

Experience a unique take on a takeaway – feast on over ten varieties of curry against a backdrop of rice fields close to the UNESCO site of Polonnaruwa. Sample a raft of unique flavours and ingredients prepared in authentic Sri Lankan style.

Callao Monumental District, Lima

Lima Graffiti Tour & Workshop

Walk with the residents of Lima’s Callao Monumental neighbourhood as they share their experiences of living through a turbulent history marked by violence and poverty, now reflected through vibrant graffiti murals throughout the district. After this insightful tour, get involved in a graffiti class led by a local artist from the community.

Llama Trekking, Peru

Soft Trekking with Llamas

Hike through the Sacred Valley accompanied by an Andean family and their own llama pack, finishing with a traditional lunch cooked in a huatia, an earthen oven made using hot stones and hardened earth, a cooking technique used in Inca times.

Family Holiday Inspiration

Explore our suggested holiday ideas that allow busy families to reconnect, rejuvenate and encounter character-building experiences for a fulfilling family escapade. No two family holidays are the same, so talk to our experts to kickstart your adventure planning process.

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