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Hellshire, St Catherine, Jamaica

Jamaica Holidays

A Caribbean favourite. Be sure to take in everything Jamaica offers on your tailored itinerary – there’s shining golden beaches, forest trails, crocodile excursions and a whole island of options to explore.

This iconic Caribbean island has been a favourite for British travellers since the early 1900s. What might surprise you is the size of Jamaica.

The third-largest island in the Caribbean, it measures 146 miles long and rises to a height of 2,200m in the Blue Mountains of the interior. From here, rivers tumble down the island’s famous waterfalls emerging on palm-fringed shorelines with white sand beaches and turquoise water. Jerk chicken, reggae, rum and Bob Marley, where else could you be but Jamaica. Rocky coves, stunning white beaches, a vibrant capital and the outstanding scenery of the Blue Mountains makes Jamaica one of the most interesting Caribbean islands to visit. Excellent boutique hotels such as GoldenEye, Strawberry Hill or The Caves ensure a very comfortable stay.

Floyd's Pelican Bar
Floyd's Pelican Bar, Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Highlights of Jamaica

Striking a careful balance between exploration and relaxation, our journeys to Jamaica aim to move beyond the tourist trail and offer an in-depth and highly customisable insight into the Caribbean island.
Encompassing everything from farmland horseback rides to private beach lounging, we can curate a fully-tailored trip bursting with extraordinary experiences for solo travellers, honeymooners and families alike.

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Tropical Beach, Jamaica

Why we like Jamaica

White sandy beaches, a lush tropical interior, a whole range of hotels and villas catering to every level of budget and a never-ending supply of rum. Frequent flights and some really gorgeous places to stay. It is time to take another look.

Green Turtle, Caribbean

Jamaica: What to Expect

Travelling around Jamaica is fun and well worth the odd pothole, common on the bone-rattling roads. Jamaica’s somewhat turbulent colonial past is evident in Spanish and English place names, as well as in the architecture of the plantation houses built by their British owners, and whose continued production links past and present. Modern Jamaica is a proud independent nation that marches to a fantastic soundtrack of reggae, ska and dancehall washed down by Jamaican rum.


Discover some of our suggested activities to include on your Jamaica holiday.

Sail in Montego Bay Marine Park

Cruise to the Montego Bay Marine Park, an area of protected ocean on Jamaica’s northern coast, to learn about habitat restoration projects and coast clean-ups. This stretch of coastline is a beautiful spot to go swimming or snorkelling, and there are some delicious eateries on land.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Picnic at the YS Falls

Travel to YS Falls, one of the best waterfalls in Jamaica, to witness its cascades and natural pools and swim in the mineral-rich waters. Nestled in the hills of St. Elizabeth, the falls really feel like a secret paradise and are an ideal spot for picnicing.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Go Rafting on Martha Brae

In the company of an experienced raft captain, float on a thirty-foot-long bamboo raft along a three mile stretch of the Martha Brae River. During the hour-long traverse, learn about “The Legend of Martha Brae” or perhaps take a dip in the cool water.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Hampden Estate Rum Tour

Journey into the heart of a working distillery that has been operating since 1753 to learn about the 260-year-old rum-making process that is still in use today. Be sure to taste the award-winning Rum Fire and Hampden Gold varieties and explore the picturesque grounds.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Night Sailing on Luminous Lagoon

See one of the world’s largest concentrations of bio–luminescent microorganisms at the Luminous Lagoon in the town of Falmouth.
Board a sunset boat tour and travel through the mangrove-surrounded lagoon  to see the glowing water up close. Put the camera down and watch as silhouetted fish dart around and even hope for rainfall – rain lights up the lagoon as the drops of water dance on the surface.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Coffee Tour at Craighton Estate

Embark on a one-hour tour the 200-year-old Craighton Coffee Estate, walking around its working coffee farm and historic great house while learning all about the history of coffee production in Jamaica (and taking time to sample a cup or two).

Suggested Holiday Idea

Jamaica’s Last Remaining Wilderness

Hike the Burnt Hill Nature Walk to Cockpit Country, the rugged natural paradise located in the heart of the island, to observe endemic species, understand the ecology, learn about the medicinal herbs and get insights into the local folklore of Maroon traditions.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Port Antonio with a Guide

Tour Port Antonio, the island’s third largest port, which was once an epicentre of banana, spices and coconut shipping and learn all about how it is one of the most important ecological preservation locations in Jamaica.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Meet the Maroon Tribe

Set off in dugout canoes to experience the traditions and daily life of the Maroon tribe and old colonial plantations.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Meet our experts

A passion for travel runs right through every one of our experts - meaning they're always ready with first-hand insight about their specialist countries.

John Faithfull

On an early Caribbean jaunt, John was lucky enough to stay in the Ian Fleming residence at the author’s iconic Caribbean home, Goldeneye, eschewing the beach to spend hours with rum in hand at the famous corner desk where many of the Bond books were penned.

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Frequently asked questions about Jamaica

Can I use my mobile phone in Jamaica?

Jamaica has excellent mobile phone coverage. As always, roaming charges will apply and these can be quite expensive. However, it is cheap and easy to obtain a local SIM card, which will offer far cheaper rates.

What is the time zone in Jamaica?

Jamaica is five hours behind GMT. It does not observe daylight saving time.

How long are the flights to Jamaica from the UK?

From London to Kingston, direct flights take approximately 10 hours.

Is Jamaica safe to travel around?

Jamaica suffers from high crime levels, but is still a reasonably safe destination. However, it is important to take precautions. Leave valuables behind at the hotel and avoid visiting isolated areas alone, even during daytime. Be extra vigilant when
in crowds or withdrawing money.

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John unveiled a side of Jamaica that we had not expected - while we knew the beaches would be spectacular, we were blown away by the opportunities to spend time in the mountains. Aside from the holiday itself, we were so impressed with the communication with John throughout.

Destination: Jamaica
Travel Expert: John

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