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Feel in your element in the great outdoors. The Swedes have perfected living in frozen conditions – which is why a trip to Lapland for dog sledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing is an absolute must for the family.

Sweden is a country with much more to offer as a holiday destination than some of the popular stereotypes might suggest, especially for lovers of wilderness and wildlife or those wanting some fun in the snow.

The great outdoors is a way of life in Sweden and the locals don’t allow the inconvenience of 12-foot snow drifts and extended hours of darkness to get in the way of making the most of what nature has given them.


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Forest trails at the aurora safari camp, Sweden

Winter Activities

Dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice sculpting, snow biking, ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and sledging are all great fun and perfect for active travellers of any age.

Skidoo, Sweden

Electric Snowmobile Safari

Explore the frozen reaches of Sweden on an extended snowmobile adventure.

Nothern lights, Aurora Safari Camp, Sweden, JK

See the Northern Lights

The northern lights – the Aurora Borealis – are particularly spectacular during the winter months in Lapland.

Aurora over aurora safari camp, Sweden

Why we like Sweden

Our favourite part of Sweden is Lapland. To fully appreciate this remarkable region you should visit between December and March when you are guaranteed snow. The Swedes thrive in such conditions and you can expect every activity under the sun available at this time. Dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice sculpting, snow biking, ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and sledging are all great fun and perfect for active travellers of any age but especially families.

Wildlife viewing and photography are also highlights at this time of the year with moose, reindeers, wolves and an array of birdlife all to be found in Lapland and beyond. Another big draw is the northern lights – the Aurora Borealis – which are particularly spectacular during the winter months in Lapland, painting the night sky with a dazzling display of green, purple and red illumination.

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Brown Bear Cubs, Sweden

Sweden in the Summer

Sweden is not just about frolicking in the snow. In the summer, Sweden’s bear population make an appearance having avoided the cold, winter months by hibernating in well hidden and insulated dens. During the summer, the midnight sun means bear watching can take place at any time during the day and we know a great hide from where bears can be seen and photographed, under the guidance of Sweden’s finest bear whisperer, Hakan Vargas.

Scenic summer aerial panorama of the Old Town (Gamla Stan) pier architecture in Stockholm, Sweden

What to expect on your Swedish holiday

There are several extraordinary accommodation options in Swedish Lapland, perfect for anybody looking for a more quirky and unusual place to spend a few nights. The Ice Hotel is well known and has been operating for many years but more recently the Tree Hotel has been turning heads with its innovatively designed tree-houses and Aurora Safari Camp offers an African-style tented camp in sub-Arctic Sweden.

Remember that the cost of living is high in Sweden, so taking a taxi or eating out can put a large dent in your wallet. A bottle of beer will set you back £5 or £6 while a bottle of wine is more like £40. Booking activities locally can also be very expensive, so you’re better off booking a package with Steppes that includes all your activities. That said, getting to Sweden can be very affordable due to its proximity to the UK, especially if you book in advance

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Where to stay

Some of the wonderful places to stay that we frequently recommended.

Aurora Safari Camp £££££

  • Sweden
  • Wilderness

When the owner, Fredrik, told his friends in Kenya that he was going to build an African style tented camp in Swedish Lapland, they’d thought he’d been drinking Aquavit for breakfast. But Fredrik is a man that follows his dreams and knew the perfect spot for such a venture.

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Brandon Lodge £££££

  • Sweden
  • Wilderness

Located on the edge of the Baltic Bay, Brandon Lodge is an activity centre for children and grown-up kids that like nothing more than to play in the snow. Stay in the purpose-built family lodges and take advantage of Brandon Lodge’s menu of winter activities, ranging from ice fishing to skidooing and snowshoeing to dog sledding.

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Treehotel £££££

  • Sweden
  • Wilderness

Sweden’s most talked about hotel, Treehotel has 6 imaginatively designed tree houses in the middle of a large forest in Lapland. The most famous tree house is the mirrored cube: a suspended box covered on all sides with mirrors which reflect the trees, the snow and the blue skies all around.

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