Persepolis, Fars Province, Iran

Iran holidays

Expect the unexpected with Iran. The country and its people both bring equal measures of beauty, charm and warmth.

Iran is quite simply one of the most fascinating countries you can visit on holiday. Birthplace to one of the world’s great empires, Iran has been subsequently dominated and influenced by a host of cultures whose architectural remains lie scattered across the country.

We have been sending people to Iran continuously for over two decades on group tours and tailor-made holidays. Our experts have travelled there extensively and will be able to give you all the little-known knowledge you need to get the most out of your visit.

Bakery, Shushtar, Iran
Bakery in Iran

Why we love Iran

Over many years of organising Iran holidays, our experience is of a friendly, hospitable and cultured nation that will extend a warm welcome to you. It’s one of the many ironies of this complicated country that a nation with an international reputation for hostility should be inhabited by people of such generosity.

Golden Eagle Train, Iran
Golden Eagle Train in Iran
Spice market, Kerman, Iran
Spice market in Iran

What to expect on a holiday to Iran

The cuisine in Iran is delicious with freshly cooked food and plentiful fruit. Internal transportation will typically involve some longish journeys in 4×4 vehicles, with some internal flights. Hotel accommodation is best described as being adequate and functional; however, it is possible to travel through Iran in luxury on the Golden Eagle Train.

In today’s Iran, glossy shopping malls are de rigueur. The girls and boys who stroll contentedly along are worlds apart from general impressions of Iran. They are young, beautiful and fashionable – their hair coiffed and styled as if on a fashion shoot. This society is young and modern and so different from the images that look down from billboards of men dressed in robes and turbans.

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  • Tehran
  • Isfahan
  • Shiraz
  • Yazd
  • Persepolis


A selection of activities and experiences you could consider including in your holiday to Iran.

Shiraz, Iran


Visit Shiraz, the city of poets, and birthplace of Hafez and Sa’di.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Mosque, Isfahan, Iran


Isfahan’s central square is an architectural wonder, follow it with a stroll through the nearby sprawling bazaar.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Amir Chakhmaq, Yazd, Iran


Visit the oasis town of Yazd renowned for its Zoroastrianism community and unique architecture.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Carpet, Iran

Persian Carpets

Explore the traditional centre of the carpet trade in Hamedan.

Khaqani Poet Statue, Tabriz, Iran

Tabriz Churches

Hidden away close to the Turkish border, visit the remote Armenian churches near Tabriz.

Persepolis, Marv Dasht, Iran

UNESCO Persepolis

Built by Darius the Great and then sacked by Alexander the Great, Persepolis is an impressive archaeological site.

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Being from a family with Army connections I can from an early age remember travelling. From camping in Europe and then later being sent to boarding school when we lived in Germany at the age of eight, complete with shorts, long socks, a cap and my suitcase. In appearance not too dissimilar to the children evacuated to the countryside during the blitz.

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Is Iran safe to travel around?

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