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Tropical White Beach, Sandbar, Caribbean, Grenada


Waking up to the sound of the sea is one of life’s simple pleasures. Whatever type of sand you want to feel between your toes, Steppes has a team of committed beach-bums who know where to find the best beaches in the world.

Three or four nights on a beach can be the perfect end to a busy holiday, giving you time to reflect on all you have seen and done while you recharge your batteries before heading home. But not all beaches are the same. And beaches aren’t just places to sit, read and soak up the sun.

For some, beaches are playgrounds – great for walking, running, swimming, snorkelling, kite-flying, fishing and surfing. So whether you want to just simply sit, read and relax or whether you’re looking to be more active, talk to our team of dedicated, beach-finders to find a piece of sand and sea that works for you.

Coral reef surrounded by clear blue ocean
Coral Reef, Ningaloo, Australia

Australia Beach Holidays

While sometimes, there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting on a beach and reading a good book, many beaches offer more than just sedentary pastimes. To stay at White Pearl Resorts or head to Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia where the deserted, soft, white sandy beaches have a thriving reef, just metres offshore. Snorkel with turtles and rays or travel beyond the reef to swim with whale sharks or humpbacks.

Australia Holidays 

Man of the Maasai tribe sits on the shore of the Indian Ocean
Maasai Tribesman, Kenya


When thinking of beach holidays in Africa, images of cloudless skies, endless white sand beaches and stunning crystal clear waters are conjured up. Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique, pair perfectly with a beach extension after a safari holiday. For those short on time after a safari, you’ll be surprised by how good the snorkelling opportunities can be on Lake Malawi’s beaches.

Africa holidays 

Boats float on clear water off a hidden beach on the Makarska Riviera in Croatia
Hidden beach, Makarska Riviera, Croatia


It is easy to forget some of the most beautiful beaches and coastlines in the world are located on our doorstep. Great long stretches of golden sand, secret coves, the calm blue-green waters of the Mediterranean. Driftwood walkways through the sand-dunes, pretty seaside villages and harbours clinking with sailing boats and wine glasses. From Croatia’s historic cities and sleepy Mediterranean villages to Turkey’s historic Lycian Coast, unquestionably one of the world’s finest cruising grounds and perfect to explore by privately chartered yacht for family groups and friends.

European holidays 


Family Destinations

Stay at the Constance Belle Mare Plage in Mauritius and take advantage of their beach which is a favourite for families. The shallow waters make it perfect for children to swim, splash around or just paddle – all in complete safety. Alternatively, head to Borneo and stay at the Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort, where a sandy beach stretching for two miles offers adventurous families the chance to try horse riding, kayaking or paddleboarding.

Family Holidays


Holiday Inspiration

Our experts have created and curated these tailor-made holiday ideas to get you started. Take the time to search through them and find something that is the spark for your unique adventure.


Not all beaches are the same, which one best suits you?

90 Mile Beach

Dig for native shellfish at low tide, fish or body board down the dunes at 90-mile beach.

Caribbean Beaches

Relax on one of Colombia’s beautiful beaches and discover secluded islands along the Caribbean coast.

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Discover Goa’s Beaches

Travel around the beaches of Goa, the most popular being Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Panjim and Agonda.

Radhanagar Beach

A wide arc of white sand and playful waves, visit Radhanagar Beach and relax.


Try your hand at Beachcombing and search the white sand beaches for shells, fossils and hidden treasures!

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Punta del Este Beaches

Relax on the golden beaches around the bohemian centre of Punta del Este.

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Camel ride on Essaouira beach

Take a camel ride on the beach.

Costa de la Luz Beaches

Sunbathe or surf on the Atlantic beaches of the Costa de la Luz.

Discover Grenada Beaches

Spend some time on the beach.

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Discover Kenyan Beaches

Discover the endless beaches, blue sea and swaying palm trees – the perfect end to a safari.

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Discover Beaches

Visit some of the most pristine and stunning beaches in Brazil on the undeveloped coastline of the Fernando de Noronha archipelago.

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Los Roques Beaches

Enjoy a few days on the Caribbean beaches of Los Roques.

Private Beach Villa

Rent a fully staffed, private beach villa with family and friends.

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Poneloya and Las Penitas Beach

Visit the beaches of Poneloya and Las Penitas with relentless pounding surf.

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Corn Island Beaches

Snooze under the coconut palms.

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Picnic on the Beach

Bundle up an beach blanket, a basket full of food and wine and a sun umbrella before being whisked by private boat to a deserted island for a beach picnic.

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Pristine Caribbean beaches

Beach comb along miles of golden Caribbean palm-fringed beaches

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Relax at the Beach

The Tuscan coastline offers some fabulous, clean and swimmable beaches. End a tour of Tuscany with some relaxation at the beach in Maremma.

Jumeirah Beach

Hang out on Jumeirah Beach with it’s beautiful, white-sand beaches and calm waters.

Beach Time

Relax on the DR’s long stretches of white sand and stay at one of the country’s top hotels on the eastern tip of the island

Sundowners on the Beach

Watch the sunset with a drink in hand, the perfect end to a day.

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Relax on the Beach

Sit on one of the country’s famous white sand beach and sip rum cocktails.

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Relax on Bahia’s Beaches

Take time to unwind on the golden palm-fringed beaches that dot the coastline, relaxing with a good book and cooling off in the salty water.

Relax on the Beach

Relax on a sun bed, being served delicious drinks and canapés.

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Relax on the beach

Stay at one of the stylish hotels and relax on Oman’s beaches.

Volcanic Beaches of Costa Rica

Wander along deserted volcanic beaches fringed by almond trees filled with Scarlet Macaws.

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Swim at Los Frailes Beach

Take in sweeping coastal views and paddle in the exclusive deep blue waters of Los Frailes Beach.

Relax on the beaches

Unwind on beautiful beaches in simple but chic shacks.

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Relax on the Beach

Spend a few days at one of the sublime coastal hotels.

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Turtles on Nevis’ Beaches

Take part with volunteers tagging the sea turtles that come to nest on Nevis’ beaches.

Relax on the Beach

Relax on the picture perfect, white sand beaches.

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Walk Barefoot on Sandy Beaches

Stroll down red or white sand beaches, stopping to sit next to slumbering sea lions and watch penguins frolick in the turquoise surf.

Snorkel with Marine Life

Don flippers and jump in the water to swim with playful sea lions, curious penguins and resting whitetip reef shark.

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Diving and Snorkelling

Go diving or snorkelling in the clear-blue waters surrounding the British Virgin Islands.

Snorkel on Ile St Marie

Snorkel over historical shipwrecks off the coast of Ile St Marie.

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Snorkel in Bonito

Join a snorkelling adventure in Bonito and marvel at the geographical features of the region that includes huge sinkholes and intricate caves.

Snorkel Adventure

Snorkel with manta rays and turtles.

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Snorkelling Adventure

Swim, snorkel and dive in unspoilt marine reserves, which are alive with turtles, rays and tropical fish.

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Snorkelling Adventure

Snorkel the pristine Mljet National park at sunrise before the other boats arrive.

Snorkel in San Blas

Snorkel in crystal waters.

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Snorkelling Adventures

Discover this underwater paradise, ideal for snorkelling and diving.

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Coral Reef Snorkelling

Find the natural pools that lie along the coast at low tide, don a snorkel and look for coral and other small marine life.

Snorkel in the Red Sea

Dive or snorkel in the translucent turquoise waters of the Red Sea.

Snorkelling Adventure

Explore Elephant beach, Turtle Beach and Nemo Reef for the best snorkelling spots.

Similan Islands Snorkelling

Spend the day exploring the Similan Islands National Marine Park – an archipelago in the Andaman Sea off the southwest coast of the country. One of the best snorkelling spots in Thailand, do it in style with a private yacht charter.

Snorkelling Adventure

Discover the best snorkelling in Costa Rica at Cahuita National Park.

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Snorkelling Adventure

Snorkel or dive in some of the clearest and coral-rich waters in the world.

Snorkelling Adventure

Snorkel over colourful coral gardens within the Bocas del Toro island archipelago.

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Diving and Snorkelling

Take advantage of the excellent diving and snorkelling with world-class marine reserves.

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Snorkel and Scuba Dive

Snorkel over an underwater sculpture park and scuba dive down to the largest ship wreck in the Caribbean.

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Snorkel Baja California

Go snorkelling, diving and fishing.

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Snorkels with Seals

Snorkel with playful seals off the waters of the Cape, in Hout Bay.

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Snorkelling Experience

Make the most of the great snorkelling opportunities on beautiful reefs.

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Snorkelling on the Ningaloo Reef

Walking 50 metres from soft sand into another world to snorkel with turtle and ray on the Ningaloo Reef.

Snorkelling Experience

Snorkel directly from your private pontoon.

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Snorkelling Trip

Hire a private boat and head for jungle beach for some safe and calm snorkelling. Perfect for children.

Diving in the Maldives

The clear, warm waters are home to an exceptional array of marine life. Complete the PADI diving course head out to one of the many reefs if already certified.


Head below water to a host of excellent dive sites along the east coast of Malaysia as well as the waters off Malaysian Borneo.

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Diving in Antarctic Waters

Don a dry suit and take a dip in the icy cold waters of Antarctica to dive or snorkel with curious penguins and marvel at the ice beneath the surface.

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Dive Wakatobi

Take a short journey to Sulawesi’s southwest corner to dive and snorkel on the untouched reefs of Wakatobi

Diving in Bequia

The diving from Bequia is fantastic. Surrounded by the coral reef, there are four sunken wrecks and 24 dive sites to explore.

Dive off Coral Reefs

Dive the tranquil waters that lie off Benguerra Island; spot turtles, reef fish and corals.

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Diving Adventure

Excellent snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities.

Diving Experience

Dive with turtle, manta ray and hammerhead sharks around some of the many island archipelagos.

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Experience world class diving in waters that are part of the Coral Triangle, an area named for its vast number of coral species.

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Learn to freedive with Hanli Prinsloo and meet dolphins face to face, beneath the waves.

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Diving on the Corn Islands

Head to the Corn Islands on the Caribbean coast and take part in superb snorkelling and diving.

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Diving the Red Sea

Dive and snorkel the waters of the Red Sea.

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Scuba Dive from Easter Island

Follow in the footsteps (or flippers!) of famed French explorer and conservationist Jacques Cousteau while diving past a submerged Moai statue, coral and endemic fish.

Shark Diving

Brave the shark-infested waters of Gansbaai with a shark-cage-diving day trip.

Diving Adventure

Go diving in the crystal blue waters.

Diving in Indonesia

Snorkelling and scuba diving in Indonesia where I saw manta rays, sea horses and some elusive sunfish.

Diving in Indonesia

Having learnt to dive on the Gili islands, I jump at the chance to be underwater and have been lucky enough to explore the waters around many of Indonesia’s islands.

Scuba Dive in Marine National Park

Take to the crystalline waters of the Marine National Park to scuba dive amongst rich wildlife, watch dolphins frolic and witness the natural sanctuary for sea turtles.

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Tufi Dive Resort

Stay at Tufi Dive Resort with spectacular views over the fjords and mountains of Tufi and Cape Nelson.

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Sulawesi Diving

Experience scuba-diving off the undeveloped northern coast of Sulawesi.

Swimming with turtles in the Maldives

One I have ticked off my bucket list, after conquering my fear of wearing a snorkel.

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Katie Benden

The excitement of travelling the world has always hugely appealed. Largely cemented from my first solo trip to Egypt and the Middle East. The crazy hustle and bustle of Cairo was a huge assault on the senses, scrambling through the claustrophobic tunnels of the Great pyramid took me out of my comfort zone and I was left humbled by the warm hospitality of the Nubian people in Aswan as we shared dinner together.

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Bridget Cohen

Aged five and with my Curious George toy safely tucked under my arm, I set off with my family to travel around Europe in an orange VW minibus. Looking back on the adventures we had along the way, I now know that this was where my love for travel and exploring began.

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Amy Waters

After my degree in Fine Art I didn’t really know what career I wanted or what path I would take. The only thing I knew is that having spent a summer in America it had given me the desire to explore and see as many places as possible before becoming a grown up and entering the real world.

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