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Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil Holidays

South America’s largest country is also big on variety. Tread carefully through dense rainforests on one of our group tours, soak up the samba spirit on the streets of Rio or go back in time and visit historic Salvador.

Brazil’s incredible landscapes, rich history and extraordinary wildlife are as diverse as the country is vast. Stretching from the Amazon basin in the north to the colossal Iguazu Falls in the south, and from the wildlife-rich wetlands of the Pantanal in the west to the 2,000 beaches along the coast, there is plenty to explore.

The Brazilians are innately relaxed which adds to the quintessentially Latin American vibe and with direct flights from the UK, you can be in buzzing Rio with all of its iconic sights by nightfall.

Hyacinth Macaw, Pantanal, Brazil
Hyacinth Macaw, Pantanal, Brazil

What to expect on your Brazilian holiday

Brazil is the largest country in South America (it’s more than twice the size of India) and thus distances are huge and careful planning is needed when devising a holiday.

There is more to Brazil than sun, sea, and samba. It is home to the greatest rainforest in the world and the world’s largest tropical wetlands, the Pantanal. But more than the abundance of its natural wonders, it is the extraordinary diversity and richness of the people of Brazil that will strike you when on holiday in Brazil. With a strong African influence, music and colour stimulate the senses and lift the soul. A far cry from Britain on a wet winter day.

Explore Brazil

  • Pantanal
  • Iguacu Falls
  • Brazilian Amazon
  • Bahia Beaches
  • Fernando De Noronha
  • Buzios
  • Paraty
  • Salvador


Tell us what you love doing and we’ll curate a journey that’s perfect for you.

Christ the Redeemer

Take in the magnificent views from Corcovado’s iconic Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Attend Rio Carnival

Party the night away during Rio Carnival, the largest carnival on earth that boast colourful displays of dancing, impressive beaded outfits and loud music.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Experience Rio

Spend a couple of days in Rio de Janeiro soaking up the atmosphere, bustling streets, popular beaches and delicious foodie hotspots.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Visit Petrópolis

Visit the Imperial House and Museum belonging to the royal family, the former palace of 19th century emperor Dom Pedro.

Hire a Bicycle

Hire a two-wheeler and cycle along the famous beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, plus the inland Lake Rodrigo.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Cruise the Amazon

Sail on the world’s mightiest river during an authentic Amazon cruise that navigates far off the beaten track.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Search for Pink River Dolphins

Head out to try and find the elusive and magnificent pink river dolphins, which only live in the fresh waters of the Amazon Rainforest.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Amazonian Country-Hopping

Consider exploring the Amazon in more than one country, moving between Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Colombia or Bolivia to experience the remotest corners of the Amazon Basin.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Swing in a Hammock

After a morning of adventure, head back to your cabin to swing in a hammock to read a good book (or simply for a siesta).

Suggested Holiday Idea

River Cruise on Rio Negro

Spend a few days cruising up the Rio Negro, a tributary of the Amazon, deep into the Rainforest on a small but comfortable riverboat.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Need Inspiration?
Browse our Brazil holiday ideas.

Our Brazil experts have created and curated these holiday ideas to get you started. Take the time to search through them and find something to spark ideas for a unique adventure.

Meet our experts

A passion for travel runs right through every one of our experts - meaning they're always ready with first-hand insight about their specialist countries.

James Armitage

The largest country in South America, James has sailed all the way down the Amazon, travelled the length of the coastline and explored the beautiful interiors of the Pantanal and Iguazu falls. However, it is the relaxed and full of life people that make this country so special.

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Roxy Dukes

Roxy loves to delve into South American culture, so Brazil is always at the top of her hit list. From eating tapioca served from local food carts to the art of capoeira dancing, she loves to find new experiences to share with her wayfaring clients.

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Frequently asked questions about Brazil

Where are the best beaches in Brazil?

A difficult question. The coast line of Brazil is huge with many stunning beaches. The time of year that you are travelling may dictate which areas will be best. Also which other parts of Brazil you will be exploring and the beach experience you are looking for such – remote hideaway, a luxurious resort or a thriving town.

I’d liketo experience the Carnival. Are all of the celebrations in Rio?

Carnival is celebrated across the whole of Brazil so wherever you go, there will be festivities. Some cities and towns are particularly extravagant in their Carnival processions, costumes and events such as Salvador, Recife & Olinda.

Whilst in Rio the main processions now take place in the Sambadrome and entrance tickets are expensive, in other locations such as Recife & Olinda, everything takes places in the centre of the cities and so you can join in as much or as little as you want.

Is Brazil safe?

Rio does retain an image of being dangerous and crime is around but if you travel sensibly you should be absolutely fine. Whilst there is the reputation this is something concentrated in particular areas, around the favelas; things are moving forward with police taking control of favelas. Of course, we still suggest taking the normal precautions as you would in any big city and do ask your guide for advice.

What can I expect travelling in Brazil?

Travelling involves huge journeys, lots of internal flights and it is an expensive destination, but you will be rewarded with incredible beaches, wildlife, culture and fun.

What clothing should I take to Brazil?

It is always best to pack light and while casual dress has become more acceptable in recent years, Latin Americans tend to devote great care to their clothes and appearance. A laundry service is available at most if not all hotels.

Depending upon where you are travelling to in Brazil this will dictate what is best to wear. We find that a good fleece, waterproof jacket, layers and zip-off trousers tend to work well for most destinations. Walking sandals which do not slip are good for slippery pavements in the cities.

What is the typical food and drink in Brazil?

Brazil’s typical restaurants are churrascarias where meat is very much on the menu much like a barbeque. Seafood also features highly with the traditional Moquecas being served in Bahia. Typically the traditional drink is a Caipirinha but beer is drunk throughout the day as well as many delicious exotic fruit juices.

What is the time zone in Brazil?

Brazil has three time zones. The one used mostly on holiday is Brasilia time (BRT) which is three hours behind GMT. When observing daylight saving time, it becomes BRST and the difference is just two hours behind.

How long are the flights to Brazil from the UK?

Brazil is lucky enough to be one of few countries in South America which has direct flights with British Airways and TAM, the Brazilian carrier. A direct flight from Heathrow takes 12 hours.

Do most hotels have hair dryers?

Most hotels supply these in the rooms, or you can ask for a ‘secadora de pelo’ at reception.

Is Brazil safe?

Rio does retain an image of being dangerous and crime is around but if you travel sensibly, you should be absolutely fine. Whilst there is the reputation, crime is concentrated in particular areas around the favelas. As the police take over favelas, the threat level is draining away. Of course, we still suggest taking the normal precautions as you would in any big city and do ask your guide for advice.

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What excellent service from James - he was very knowledgeable and booked the perfect trip for us to Brazil.

Destination: Brazil
Travel Expert: James

Roxy did a truly wonderful job at arranging our itinerary, which was very unique.

Destination: Brazil
Travel Expert: Roxy

What a fantastic trip to Argentina, Chile and Brazil superbly organised by James.

Destination: Argentina, Chile & Brazil
Travel Expert: James

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