Seals on ice floe, Antarctica

Antarctica Holidays

Follow in the footsteps of great explorers. Discover a remote world filled with gigantic penguin rookeries, towering icebergs and stories of pioneering feats.

For the biggest variety of wildlife, visit the Antarctic Peninsula; for huge icebergs and emperor penguins, sail the Weddell Sea; or for sheer scale and remoteness, take to the Ross Sea. 

For travellers to Antarctica, the continent’s giant proportions and pristine white wilderness leave a profound impression. Our Antarctic cruises will take you through towering glacial scenery and introduce you to a plethora of species, frozen landscapes and glassy waters. Nothing quite prepares you for this experience; as you cruise past sheer ice faces, and the cold air drawing into your lungs invigorates your mind, you will feel that same sense of adventure that Shackleton did.

Our Antarctica Guides

We know that travellers bound for Antarctica tend to have a lot of questions – from what you’ll see to what socks you should wear – and our Polar Experts are always on hand to answer your specific questions. But in the meantime, we have compiled a series of guides to the Great White Continent to get you started. So have a pen and paper handy, and jot down any other unknowns you might have, ready for your next e-mail or phone conversation with your personal specialist.

The Ultimate Antarctica Packing List

How to Pick your Antarctic Voyage: Which Trip is Right for You?

When to Go to Antarctica:
A Seasonal Guide

Weddell Seal, Antarctica
Antarctica, Antarctica

Antarctica with Steppes

Steppes Travel was one of the first UK-based tour operators to offer holidays and cruises to Antarctica. Since then we’ve built an impressive reputation for detailed first-hand knowledge and long-standing partnerships with all the leading small ship boat operators. This vast expertise means we can pick the boat, cabin and experiences which perfectly match your unique brief.

Why Steppes?

Polar Flight on Ice Runway, Antarctica
Polar Flight on Ice Runway, Antarctica

Fly to Antarctica

Traditional cruises begin in Ushuaia, Argentina (otherwise known as “The End of the World”), with the first two days spent crossing the infamous Drake Passage. This stretch of water can be rough, so those prone to seasickness might want to avoid it. Enter: the fly-cruise. With travel to and from Antarctica completed in just two hours each way, the trip is cut down by up to four days. Simply a must for anyone short on time and looking to maximise the opportunities to get snow on their boots.

Fitz Roy mountain near El Chalten, in the Southern Patagonia, on the border between Argentina and Chile
Patagonia, Argentina
Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Extend your Voyage

For those travellers wishing to make more of their time in South America before or after an Antarctic expedition, we offer a plethora of tailor-made extensions. Perhaps spend time in Argentina, taking a scenic flight over Iguazu Falls or joining a wine-tasting workshop in Mendoza. Travel to Chile to hike in Torres del Paine or board a flight to Easter Island with its remote mythical Moai. For the ultimate wildlife holiday, join a cruise in the Galapagos Islands or consider travelling to Antarctica from New Zealand and add an extension to the Pacific Islands of Tonga, Fiji or Tahiti.

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Antarctica, Uncovered
Browse the Great White Continent

We have created and curated these voyage ideas to get you inspired. Browse through them and find something that is the spark for your unique adventure to Antarctica.


Things to do, places to explore and moments to experience.

Scroll to discover some of our most remarkable travel experiences in Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, from diving to photographing busy penguin rookeries.

Diver, Antarctica

Diving in Antarctic Waters

Don a dry suit and take a dip in the icy cold waters of Antarctica to dive or snorkel with curious penguins and marvel at the ice beneath the surface.

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Camping in Antarctica

Camp near the South Pole

For a truly extraordinary and utterly unique experience, fly in to a specially constructed camp near the South Pole.

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Polar Plunge, North Pole

The Polar Plunge

Plunge in the icy Antarctic waters of Paradise Bay, a completely exhilarating (and somewhat bonkers) way to experience the cold continent.

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Adelie penguins, Antarctica

Penguins of the Weddell Sea

Discover the clearest sea waters on earth, home to millions of penguins that include Adélies and emperors.

Trekking, Antarctica

Snow Adventures in Antarctica

Try snowshoeing across the icy white plains of Antarctica, a challenging but exhilarating sport.

Leopard seal, Antarctica

Aperture on Cuverville Island

Head out on a photography tour on Cuverville Island, known for its deafeningly noisy penguin rookeries.

World War 2 Gun Relic, Ordnance Point, Falkland Islands

Falkland Battlefields

Explore the battlefields of the 1982 conflict.

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Gypsy Cove, Falkland Islands

Walk on Gypsy Cove

Explore the stunning coastal paths and inland hills for magical sea views.

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King Penguins, Volunteer Point, Falkland Islands

Photography in the Falklands

Make the most of the light clarity in the Falkland Islands, as it provides wonderful opportunities for photographers and artists.

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Emperor Penguins, Antarctica

Navigate the Ross Sea

Sail through the remote ocean region that is home to emperor penguins, orca whales, and leopard seals, and see the largest floating body of ice in the world.

Ernest Shackleton's Grave, South Georgia

Explorers of Antarctica

Learn the fascinating history of the early explorers, perhaps visiting both the iconic huts and graves (and snow tombs) of Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Kayaking, Icebergs, Antarctica

Icy Water Kayaking

Navigate alongside icebergs in Wilhelmina Bay, looking out for curious penguins and whales, or embark on an overnight camping expedition.

Find the Boat that's Right for You

The vast majority of people experience Antarctica by cruise, and choosing the right vessel for you is key. From expeditionary vessels to luxurious ships to sailing boats to state-of-the-art carriers, there is a boat to suit every type of traveller. We have stepped foot on almost all of the vessels that travel to the continent, so you can rest assured that we can match you to your ideal floating home. No matter your requirements, our hand-picked selection of vessels are varied enough to suit solo travellers, honeymooners and adventurous families alike.

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Explore Antarctica

  • Antarctic Peninsula
  • Falkland Islands
  • South Georgia
  • Weddell Sea
  • Ross Sea
  • Elephant Island

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