Tibetan Flags, Annapurna Base Camp 4200m, Nepal


Nepal is a country offering incredible variety. Lush jungles creep in from the Indian plains and glacier-fed rivers swerve between rolling hills – and then, there’s the monumental Mount Everest.

At just 124 miles wide, Nepal is a small country; however, it encapsulates a varied terrain, from the Indian plain’s lush jungles to the soaring snow-capped heights of Everest at 8,848m. Between these two points, low stone villages nest in isolated valleys and rushing glacier-fed rivers chicane in this land of charmingly warm people.

Himalayan Mountains, Nepal
Himalayan Mountains, Nepal

What to expect on your Nepal holiday

The Nepalese people are fiercely proud and are committed to perfection in all things. Nowhere is this more obvious than when trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is nothing short of a miracle that you can wake to the smell of freshly-baked bread and eat toast and marmite for breakfast when you are miles from nowhere, and overlooking some of the most magnificent mountains in the world.

Mother and Baby Rhino, Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Mountains more to discover

But a holiday to Nepal is not just about trekking. There is river rafting, elephant conservation and the opportunity to spot the one-horned Indian rhinoceros, or possibly even a tiger.

Sadhus, Kathmandu, Nepal

Making a difference

Nepal is firmly back on the map and open for business again in a very big way. Nepal sits in the 5th position among the “ten destinations you cannot afford to miss” as declared by Lonely Planet. It is heartening to see Nepal firmly back on the radar for discerning travellers. Visitors are returning, length of stay is increasing and the enthusiasm of travellers for Nepal’s cultural riches and scenic beauty remains unquenched.

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Explore Nepal

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It’s all here. Things to see and do, places to explore and moments to discover.

Gurung Honey Hunters collecting honey, Annapurna, Nepal

Witness The Honey Hunting Harvest

Trek in the Annapurna Mountains during Spring or Autumn when locals embark on a perilous cliff descent to harvest chunks of honeycomb from cliffside bee colonies.

Holiday Idea

Trekking, Bella Somerset, Himalayas, Nepal

Trek the Himalayas

Enjoy an incredibly exhilarating adventure in the Himalayas.

heron type bird flying at the chitwan national park

Wildlife Safari

Stay at Chitwan or Bardia National Park, and take a safari in search of wildlife.

Trek, Annapurna, Nepal

Annapurna Adventure

Spend some days river rafting, camping out at night, and walking the valleys of Annapurna.

Himalayan View, Pokhara, Nepal

The Himalayas

Stay at Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge and enjoy a sundowner whilst overlooking the Himalayas.

Old Statues, Bhaktapur Square, Kathmandu, Nepal


Wander the streets and squares of old Kathmandu, where intricately carved temples have survived for 500 years.

Helicopter, Mountains, Nepal

Everest Heli-Adventure

Experience Everest on a thrilling helicopter adventure.

Rhododendron Forests, Nepal

Trekking Experiences

Trek along the ridges of pine and rhododendron forests.

Butter Lamps, Nepal

Dwarika’s Resort Spa

Enjoy the spa facilities at Dwarika’s Resort, including Chakra Sound Therapy Chamber and Salt Room.

Himalayas, Nepal

Himalayan Wellness Trekking

Experience wellness trekking and realign your mental and physical health goals and intentions.

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