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One that you will find in few travel brochures. But don’t let that deter you – the rare endemic West African species of Zakouma National Park, combined with Ennedi’s spectacular geology, more than justify a visit.

Little visited, Chad has for too long been a blank on the map. We are delighted that this is no longer the case and we now offer both group trips and tailor-made itineraries to this wonderful country. Justin, our Managing Director, has travelled to Chad several times to see the incredible work that African Parks are doing in Zakouma.

Camping under arch, Ennedi, Chad
Ennedi, Chad

Why we like Chad

We love Chad because it is little known and virtually unexplored (and thus also sadly misunderstood). We love the people – the nomads en route are a sight to behold – the animals and the incredible landscapes.

One of the best things about Chad is that you will mostly have the country to yourself. Travel brochures are not known for their restraint when it comes to effusive superlatives, but in Chad’s case, they would be valid.

elephants from the air, Zakouma, Chad
Elephant herd, Zakouma, Chad

Discover the Big Five at Zakouma National Park

Aside from its elephants and lions, Zakouma has big populations of Kordofan giraffes and West African savannah buffalos and a great variety of smaller cats. A particular highlight is the birdlife of Zakouma. It is definitely the safari destination for those who are looking for something beyond the infinity pool.

Sundowner Stop, Illona , Chad FAM 2016
Sunset, Africa Parks, Chad, Illona FAM, 2016
Camels, Dust, Chad, Illona FAm 2016

Zakouma’s Safari Chariots

“On a dusty morning on 13th April 2006, a heavily armoured convoy of Toyota Land Cruisers, converged on N’Djamena, the capital of Chad. These war chariots of the Third World, were top heavy with truck-mounted rocket launchers and determined Nubian men, their faces covered with turbans. They billowed dust behind them as they sped towards the city.”

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Explore Chad

  • Ennedi
  • Zakouma


Tell us what you love doing and we’ll curate a journey that’s perfect for you.

Aloba Arch, Ennedi, Chad

Discover Ancient Rock Arches

Journey to the far north of Chad and the desolate landscape of Ennedi. These rock arches and formations are amongst the most spectacular in the whole of the Sahara.

N'Djamena, Chad

Watch the N’Djamena Races

Spend a Sunday in N’Djamena and witness the city’s most popular social event – the weekly horse races.

elephants from the air, Zakouma, Chad

Discover Zakouma’s Elephants

Track Zakouma’s elusive elephants on game drives through the park. Nearly poached to extinction, these skittish creatures survive in a giant swirling herd made up of hundreds of individuals.

antlope, , Zakouma, Chad

Visit Zakouma National Park

Travel to Zakouma National Park and see the vital conservation work that African Parks are undertaking.

Where to stay

Some of the wonderful places to stay that we frequently recommended.

Camp Nomade £££££

  • Chad
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

This nomadic camp stays in a superb position in Rigueik for as long as possible, moving only when the seasons make this difficult. The camp then follows the game for the best viewing opportunities. Nomadic in style and function but beautifully decorated with Chadian flair. In short, it is luxurious simplicity personified. The attention to detail is exquisite. There is a maximum of eight tents, each of which has a large mosquito net with a canvas roof for shade, providing a 360° view of the wilds. Water in a flask. The shower and loo are set ten paces behind the tent, privacy provided by straw matting. Bucket shower. At night the tents and camp look wonderfully atmospheric as they are lit by lanterns.

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Tinga Lodge £££££

  • Chad
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

An old government-style lodge of some 50 years ago overlooking the Rosse River. It is a pretty spot although none of the rooms looks out directly to the river. Most rooms have recently been renovated and upgraded. All are en suite and can be arranged as double or twin rooms. Being thatched and round, these rooms are cool as the temperature can reach almost 40 degrees Celsius in the peak season. All have 24 hours of electricity with plug sockets in the rooms.

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Illona Cross

Born in a small South African town, I have always followed my passion for nature and discovery. After studying Nature Conservation in Pretoria, I was one of the first women to complete a very tough cadetship in the Natal Parks Board. It was here where I cut my teeth in African wildlife management.

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