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Icebergs, Arctic

Polar cruises

For memorable experiences at the ends of the earth, join an ice-strengthened ship, crewed by a dedicated team of experienced polar experts. Steppes Travel has worked with the best polar operators for over 15 years and so can match the right ship and itinerary with your individual needs.

Incomparable scenery, an exotic cast of wildlife and a rich history of exploration has long made the poles irresistible to intrepid travellers. Our team of polar experts have unrivalled first-hand knowledge of Antarctica and the High Arctic, and can provide tips and useful pointers you simply won’t find in any guidebook or website.

We offer a comprehensive range of smaller sized ice-strengthened boats, which accommodate between 20 -150 passengers. Whether you’re looking to trace the footsteps of Shackleton in South Georgia or photograph polar bears on a glacier in Spitsbergen, we know how to turn these aspirations into memories that will endure for many years to come.


Polar Bear on Ice, Spitsbergen

Arctic cruises

The Arctic is a near-perfect negative of Antarctica on the top of the world, an ocean surrounded by countries. Whether you’re heading north for Arctic expedition cruises in search of polar bears in Spitsbergen, for a historic Northwest Passage cruise, to explore the little-visited Russian Arctic or to stand at the North Pole itself, there are no wilder, less touched places on earth. The Arctic’s vastness is as spellbinding as it is diverse and offers incredible opportunities for the inquisitive traveller with a taste for cooler climes, amazing wildlife encounters and incredible scenery.

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Magellan Explorer, Antarctica

Antarctic cruises

Antarctica is an incredible place of epic proportions, and a cruise to this vast continent of pristine white wilderness will not fail to take your breath away. With towering icebergs and a huge variety of wildlife, the Antarctic has a rich history dating back to the early explorers. One of the best ways to holiday in Antarctica is onboard a cruise or expedition ship and choosing the right vessel is key to a successful Antarctic cruise. There are many different ships available from expeditionary vessels through to the more luxurious ships. At Steppes Travel we have over fifteen years’ experience planning cruises to Antarctica and you can be assured of a once in a lifetime experience.

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Shackleton Hut, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Shackleton Hut, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

Expert-led Ross Sea cruise

Follow in the wake of the early explorers, Scott, Shackleton, Mertz and Mawson, travelling to one of the remotest places on the planet. The Ross Sea is synonymous with the history of polar exploration and has epic landscapes to match the endeavours of men like Scott and Shackleton. This epic 32-day day voyage travels from Bluff, New Zealand across to Ushuaia, Argentina and has been put together in conjunction with The Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI).

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About our boat selection.

Ortelius, Antarctica


Magellan Explorer, Exterior View, Antarctica

Magellan Explorer

Sea Explorer, Amongst icebergs, Antarctica

Hebridean Sky

Greg Mortimer, Antarctica

Greg Mortimer

MS Quest, Spitsbergen

MS Quest

S/V Noorderlicht, Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen


Quark Expeditions, Ocean Adventurer, Exterior

Ocean Adventurer

Ocean Endeavour Arctic Exterior

Ocean Endeavour

Spirit of Enderby

Spirit of Enderby

Quark Expeditions, Ocean Nova, Exterior

Ocean Nova

The Plancius boat


Rembrandt Van Rijn © Katja Riedel, Greenland

Rembrandt Van Rijn

Quark Expeditions, 50 Years of Victory, North Pole

50 Years of Victory

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Sue forewarned us that there would be no words to describe South Georgia and that our photos wouldn’t do it justice, and how right she was. All we can say is “see for yourself”. Thank you, Sue, for your indispensable advice.

Destination: Antarctica
Travel Expert: Sue

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A passion for travel runs right through every one of our experts - meaning they're always ready with first-hand insight about their specialist countries.

Sue Grimwood

Sue has visited Greenland on a number of occasions, exploring the colourful communities that cling to fjords, learning the skills of the local Inuit, kayaking amongst the great icebergs of Disko Bay and flying across its great icecap.
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James Armitage

James has been lucky enough to visit Antarctica by boat, crossing the infamous Drake Passage and flying down to Antarctica, allowing time to visit the 7th white continent, observe charismatic penguins and kayak beside a breaching humpback whale.
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John Faithfull

It is not often that John struggles with words, but this is a destination that left him speechless.
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