Bahia Beach, Brazil

Bahia Beaches

Bahia is an enormous and vibrant state with a strong African-Brazilian character that influences the food, the music, the language and just about everything else you encounter.

The relaxed attitude seems to be in its element when you reach the coast, as does the Bahian cuisine which uses deliciously fresh fish and seafood, combined with the local dende oil to make signature dishes such as Moqueca (describing it as a fish stew would be an injustice).

Barra Beach, Bahia, Brazil
Barra Beach, Bahia, Brazil

A little more about the coast of Bahia

The small laid back fishing town of Trancosco in the south of Bahia is a popular place to visit. The Quadrado (town square) is the charming central point of town bordered by traditional colourful houses, casual bars and rustic restaurants. The area is famous for its beaches with white sand and emerald seas and the coast, mainly protected by reefs which form natural pools at low tide, is a great place to snorkel or just relax and soak up the surroundings.

Praia do Forte Beach, Bahia, Brazil
Praia do Forte Beach, Bahia, Brazil


Another beach to consider close to Salvador is the sleepy fishing village of Praia do Forte, home to the Tamar Sea Turtle project, or take a short scenic flight to the Marau Peninsula, with its more remote beaches. Further afield there is Itacare with endless adventure activities. Here you find the Atlantic rainforest, the Contas river, waterfalls and mangroves and activities include surfing, rafting, canyoning, trekking and mountain biking. In addition, we can offer a selection of wonderful private villas along the coast of Bahia.


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Surfing, Barra Beach, Salvador, Brazil

Culinary Experience

Indulge in al fresco dining in Trancoso’s atmospheric quadrado, a village green that is illuminated with fairy lights in the evening.

Snorkel, Bahia Beach, Brazil

Coral Reef Snorkelling

Find the natural pools that lie along the coast at low tide, don a snorkel and look for coral and other small marine life.

Kitesurfing, Bahia Beach, Brazil

Partake in Water Sports

Partake in water sports off the coast, trying paddle boarding, kite surfing, diving and swimming when not lounging on the sand.

Bahia beach, Brazil

Relax on Bahia’s Beaches

Take time to unwind on the golden palm-fringed beaches that dot the coastline, relaxing with a good book and cooling off in the salty water.

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