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The Pantanal is one of nature’s last frontiers and the largest freshwater wetland area in the world. Set along the far western tip of Brazil towards the Bolivian border, the Pantanal is an enormous region, encompassing an array of ecosystems including swamp, savannah grasslands and forest.

The wildlife on offer is incredible, with hundreds of bird species such as the purple/blue hyacinth macaw, the lanky jabiru stork and the rare pygmy kingfisher. Not forgetting the mammals and reptiles that include herds of the guinea pig-like capybara, giant otter, monkeys, ocelot, jaguar, the maned wolf and millions of caiman. Combine the three ecosystems of Mato Grosso, the Pantanal, the southern Amazon (Cristalino Lodge) and the Chapada dos Guimaraes tablelands for an interesting and varied wildlife holiday.

Hyacinth macaw, Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, South America
Hyacinth macaw, Pantanal, Brazil
Southern Pantanal, Brazil
Southern Pantanal, Brazil

A little more about the Pantanal

The Pantanal is roughly split into north and south, with Cuiaba and Campo Grande as the respective gateways to each area. Trips to the north are usually based along the Transpantaneira Highway, a dirt road which dissects the region from Pocone to Porto Jofre on the banks of the Cuiaba River.


Whatever your interests we can help you get the most from your Pantanal holiday.

Jaguar, Pantanal, Brazil

Boating on the Cuiaba River

Take a boat trip from Porto Joffre along the Cuiaba River and its tributaries during the dry season to spot elusive jaguars.


Jaguars of the Pantanal

Track jaguars in the wetlands of the Pantanal, where chances to spot this elusive creature are best.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Aerial View of the Pantanal, Brazil

Flight over the Pantanal

Discover the Pantanal from the air, taking in spectacular views of the lands that are home to endangered animals such as jaguars, ocelots, giant anteaters and tapirs.

Cayman, Pantanal, Brazil

Activities in the Pantanal

Head out on horseback, jump in a 4×4, go on a photography safari or venture out in cover of darkness for a night tours led by an expert naturalist guide.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Piscina Baiazinha Swimming pool, Caiman Ecological Refuge, Pantanal, Brazil
Caiman Ecological Refuge, Pantanal, Brazil
Aerial view of Baiazinha Lodge, Caiman Ecolodge, Pantanal, Brazil
Caiman Ecological Refuge, Pantanal, Brazil
Araras Eco Lodge, Pool & Lodge at night, Pantanal, Brazil
Araras Eco Lodge, Pantanal, Brazil

Staying in the Pantanal

Stay at simple yet comfortable lodges, time permitting we suggest staying at two or more lodges to experience the different landscapes and habitats as some are based on the rivers whilst others offer lakes, forest and savannah and hopefully different species too. Visits to the southern Pantanal are usually based at one of the small, excellently run lodges reached by car, 4×4 or small plane. We feel that these lodges offer a more safari-like experience to those in the north.

Where to stay

Some of the wonderful places to stay that we frequently recommended.

Mutum Expeditions £££££

  • Americas - South

If you are captivated by the idea of spotting jaguars in the wild, the Mutum houseboat is for you.

View Boat

Pousada Trijuncao £££££

  • Americas - South
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

Pousada Trijuncao is beautiful, boutique property located in the heart of the cerrado. Discover one of the richest biomes in the world and enjoy the highest standards of hospitality.

View Property

Caiman £££££

  • Brazil
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

Caiman is a private reserve located on 53,000 hectares in the southern Pantanal, renowned for its strong focus on conservation. It consists of the main Casa Caiman, plus an exclusive-use lodge, with a restaurant, pool and own guide.

View Property

Araras Eco Lodge £££££

  • Brazil
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

Nestled amongst vast, lush wetlands, Araras Eco Lodge was constructed to blend in with its natural surroundings and is committed to local environmental initiatives such as inhibiting deforestation along the banks of the Rio Clarinho and encouraging hyacinth macaws to nest in the Northern Pantanal. The 19 rooms are simple and furnished in a rustic regional style with ceiling fans and screened windows.

View Property

Pousada do Parque £££££

  • Brazil
  • B&B, Motel and Guesthouse

Pousada do Parque is located on the border of the Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park overlooking its own private reserve away from town. The eight comfortable rooms are ensuite and air-conditioned and located within the main building where guests may use the cosy lounge and terrace with its hammocks and comfortable chairs. Guests will find a swimming pool and sauna. The lodge is excellently located for those wishing to explore the Three Ecosystems of Mato Grosso: the Chapada dos Guimaraes, Pantanal and the Amazon.

View Property

Baia das Pedras £££££

  • Brazil
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

Baia das Pedras was built in 1960 as a working cattle farm before being converted into a charming ecolodge in 2003. Retaining its traditional style, the lodge has just two double and three triple rooms, each of which is simply but comfortably furnished and all with air conditioning. The farm kitchen specialises in traditional Pantanal cuisine, cooked on a wood-fired oven and when not exploring the Pantanal there are hammocks dotted throughout the property to relax in. The owners of the lodge raise Pantaneiro horses as well as cattle and a stay here is a great chance to learn more about the culture and life of the cowboy.

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