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Sloth, Amazon

Navigate the Peruvian Amazon



11 Days

Prices Start from

£6,000 (ex. flights)

Discover the astonishing, intricate, and ever-changing landscapes of the Peruvian Amazon during a luxurious river boat cruising voyage, with time spent exploring the Inca sites of the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cusco.

Key Highlights of this Itinerary

Delfin II, Amazon, Peru 1

Delfin II

Explore the Peruvian Amazon on a high end vessel built in the style of a traditional river boat.

Brazilian Indian, Amazon, Brazil 2

Local Communities

Travel with guides from the local communities, experts on the flora and fauna of this region.

Squirrel Monkey, Amazon 3

Amazon Wildlife

Visit some of the most wildlife-rich place on earth along the Amazon River.

Inca Wall, Machu Picchu, Peru 4

Machu Picchu

Be immersed in Peruvian culture during explorations of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

Why we like it

The ideal journey for those who endeavour to explore the remote wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest in style, this lavish riverboat voyage traverses remote tributaries en route to 500-metre-tall canopy towers, forest trails and indigenous communities. Additional explorations of the dramatic snow-capped peaks of the Sacred Valley and a visit to the remarkable Inca citadel of Machu Picchu turn this adventure in to an all-encompassing snapshot of the highlights of Peru.

Explore our suggested itinerary

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
    Lima - Iquitos
  • Day 3
    Sailing the Peruvian Amazon: Yanayacu Pucate & San Regis
  • Day 4
    Sailing the Peruvian Amazon: Fundo Casual Jungle Trail
  • Day 5
    Sailing the Peruvian Amazon: Amazonas & the Yarapa River
  • Day 6
    Iquitos - Lima - Cusco - Sacred Valley
  • Day 7
    Sacred Valley
  • Day 8
    Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu
  • Day 9
    Machu Picchu - Cusco
  • Day 10
  • Day 11
    Cusco - Lima
Delfin III, Amazon Rainforest, Peru
Delfin III, Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Cruise in the Delfin

This navigation through the Amazon offers a great insight in to the reality of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, offering wonderful views of the continually evolving landscapes that surrounds the vessel. High-end land-based properties are non-existent in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, so explorations in a boat of this nature enable visitors to reach some of the most remote areas while also providing a lavishness that is otherwise impossible in this region. Have the best of both worlds by disembarking for adventurous excursions on land but returning to the comfort of the vessel to take in the views with a cooling drink in hand. This classic 30-passenger all-suite riverboat offers an upper deck observation platform, delicious gourmet dining, a wine bar, a small gym and wellness specialist.

Shaman Ceremony, Amazon
Shaman Ceremony, Amazon
Pink Dolphins, Samiria National Reserve, Amazon Rainforest, Peru
Pink Dolphins, Samiria National Reserve, Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Pink River Dolphins & Amazonian Shamans

The very concept of travelling through this area is unique, since it is a region solely accessible by boat, and on first entering the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve you will visit the exact point at which the Amazon River is born with the goal of spotting the world-renowned pink river dolphins. During the river navigation, embark on jungle walks in the untamed wilderness, visit local communities, meet a local Amazonian shaman or healer, try kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding, swim in the Amazon River and go piranha fishing.

Scarlet Macaw, Amazon Rainforest
Scarlet Macaw, Amazon Rainforest

What Is Given Back?

Providing outreach and support to some of the most overlooked regions in Peru is incredibly important work, and a voyage on the Delfin II contributes directly to their charitable foundation named Kuyapa. This non-profit organisation offers educational, medical and infrastructural support as well as sponsorships, all based on the specific needs of a number of hand-picked communities or villages. With the goal of being socially responsible and delivering solutions that integrate well with the existing society to ensure sustainability, the Peruvian owners of Delfin II work closely with the locals to safeguard and boost their respective societies.

Dugout Canoe, Amazon Rainforest
Dugout Canoe, Amazon Rainforest

Indigenous Communities

Community visits are operated in a very sensitive manner, and there is a tangible sense of respect between the locals and the Delfin II. Not only are a portion of the profits given back to the communities, but the Delfin II also proactively sends the onboard doctor in to the communities to attend to locals and supports the school children.

Morning River Cruise, Amazon Rainforest
Morning River Cruise, Amazon Rainforest


A no plastic policy is implemented on board the Delfin II, meaning there are no plastic straws or bottles throughout the vessel. Each cabin boasts a glass bottle containing filtrated water which is refilled throughout the day, while all soaps, shampoos and creams are 100% ecological. The vessel even utilises an ecological fuel named Biodiesel 5, meaning that it produces lower exhaust emissions and is less polluting than its counterparts.

Frog, Amazon
Frog, Amazon

Expert Naturalist Guides

The assembly of experienced naturalist and interpretive Amazon River guides are undoubtedly the most important aspect of a navigation in the Amazon. Their expert knowledge of plants and birdlife, as well as their passionate interest in the history of this part of the Amazon, combine to create an unforgettable and fulfilling experience in the jungle. With decades of invaluable experience, most of the guides were born and raised in the rainforest in small communities that are spread throughout the Peruvian Amazon. Many spent their childhoods walking the forest paths, climbing trees to pick fruit, fishing the small streams, and chasing iguanas along the shoreline.

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Once again, I would like to thank James for organising our trip. Our visit to Peru was perfect. Each of the expert guides in Peru made the whole thing run like clockwork, and I cannot thank all of you enough.

Destination: Peru
Travel Expert: James

Paul put together a spectacular trip through the highlights of Peru, and no detail was missed. His recommendations for acclimatising were particularly helpful, and something no one else I spoke to had mentioned.

Destination: Peru
Travel Expert: Paul

Our trip to Colombia and Peru, organised by James, exceeded all of our expectations! We travelled initially to see our eldest son who lives in California and then decided that (while close by) we would "nip" to Peru with the aim of visiting Machu Picchu, and onward to Colombia. A spectacular and memorable trip of a lifetime.

Destinations: Colombia & Peru
Travel Expert: James

Paul excelled himself in putting together our unusual itinerary to the Amazon Rainforest. He was conscientious, listened to what we liked and made excellent suggestions.

Destination: Amazon
Travel Expert: Paul

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