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Camp set up in Antarctica

South Pole: Private Jets & Expedition Camps



5 Days

Prices Start from

£43,800 ex. flights

Our journeys to the southernmost point on Earth encompass private jets that land on blue ice runways, sub-zero snowmobile tours, camping on the continent and a monumental arrival at the geographic South Pole. What’s more, we can turn what is a highly unique adventure in to a fully tailored expedition bursting with extraordinary experiences.

Key Highlights of this Itinerary

South Pole 1

Fly to the South Pole

Bypass the Drake Passage and take a private jet to the geographic South Pole.

Union Glacier base camp view 2

Expedition Camping

Live like a polar explorer, sleeping overnight at the extreme South Pole Camp in expedition tents.

Emperor penguins and their chicks, Antarctica 3

Emperor Penguins

Live amongst the emperor penguins for the ultimate photography experience.

Union Glacier 4

Glacier Exploration

Walk, ski and snowmobile across frozen fields, peaks and ridges around the Union Glacier Camp.

Why we like it

An extraordinary alternative to expedition cruising in Antarctica, a land-based discovery of the Great White Continent (including a pilgrimage to the South Pole) is a once in a lifetime experience that is quite unlike other polar voyages. From climbing the most remote peak of the Seven Summits to running an ice marathon, our polar expertise allows us to curate an array of exceptional adventures in the wild heartland of the seventh continent, far beyond the coastline. Wildly different to sailing voyages and highly customisable, journeys to the interior unveil an otherworldly beauty that has to be seen to be believed.

Don't forget, we will customise this journey to suit you.

Explore our suggested itinerary

Internal Flight
  • Day 1
    Punta Arenas - Antarctic Peninsula
  • Day 2
    Camping on the Antarctic Peninsula
  • Day 3
    Antarctic Peninsula - South Pole
  • Day 4
    Camping in the South Pole
  • Day 5
    South Pole - Antarctic Peninsula
  • Day 6
    Camping on the Antarctic Peninsula
  • Day 7
    Antarctic Peninsula - Punta Arenas
Ariel View of Union Base Camp, Antarctica
Ariel View of Union Base Camp, Antarctica

Camp at 90 Degrees South

Reachable by a five-hour private jet flight from the Antarctic Peninsula, the Amundsen-Scott Research Station and its exclusive South Pole Camp are the most southerly on Earth. A far cry from s’mores over an open fire or a hammock swung between trees, this is true expeditionary camping at the extreme. Take a jaunt to the geographic South Pole, perhaps attempting a ceremonial cartwheel or “walking around the world” before returning to the basecamp. Come nightfall, revel in the notion of mingling with pioneering adventurers and leading polar scientists before retiring to your tent for a sleep like no other.

Emperor Penguins on the Frozen Sea, Antarctica
Emperor Penguins on the Frozen Sea, Antarctica

Camping with Emperors

In this remotest of environments, characterised by high altitude and bitter cold, it is easy to embrace the spirit of exploration. From camping next to an emperor penguin rookery to climbing Mount Vinson, we can arrange some truly spectacular experiences on the Great White Continent. In an area unmatched in terms of scale and utter isolation, the thought of joining a 60-mile skiing expedition to the South Pole might not seem so far-removed – but how about partaking in the Antarctic Ice Marathon?

Mount Vinson, Antarctica
Mount Vinson, Antarctica

Acclimatise at Union Glacier

As part of a small and exclusive group, spend a couple of days acclimatising to the challenging conditions at Union Glacier Camp in Antarctica’s sweeping Ellsworth Mountains. When not absorbing panoramic views from the top of Charles Peak, discovering ice pools in Elephant Head Valley, or trying your hand at snow sculpture carving, learn about the private expeditions and National Antarctic Programmes that are conducted from this seasonal base camp.

Sastrugi Ice Formation, Antarctica
Sastrugi Ice Formation, Antarctica

Ski the Sastrugi

In a landscape comprised of wind-sculpted snow features and a thousand shades of blue and white, the more adventurous might like to try cross country skiing over frozen fields of sastrugi. Alternatively, go ice climbing on the continent’s iconic windscoop, cut through the frozen interior on a snowmobile or grab a fat tyre bike to cycle a 6-mile loop in temperatures that range from -24° to -1°C.

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Sue's in-depth knowledge of Antarctica, the route options and each of the vessels was invaluable in our preparation for the trip and was a strong differentiator when we were choosing a travel agent. When talking with Sue, we quickly got an honest perspective.

Destination: Antarctica
Travel Expert: Sue

Both telephone and e-mail responses were excellent and all of Sue's expert advice was very much appreciated. She was prompt, supportive and engaging throughout and our expedition to Antarctica was spectacular.

Destination: Antarctica
Travel Expert: Sue

Sue’s extensive first-hand knowledge of Antarctica was so apparent from our first phone call. She was able to help us select the ideal route and vessel for our needs, and with her guidance we were able to see the emperor penguins!

Destination: Antarctica
Travel Expert: Sue

Sue forewarned us that there would be no words to describe South Georgia and that our photos wouldn’t do it justice, and how right she was. All we can say is “see for yourself”. Thank you, Sue, for your indispensable advice.

Destination: Antarctica
Travel Expert: Sue

We were blown away by Sue’s in-depth knowledge of everything from endemic species to the history of Shackleton and his men. No question we had went unanswered, and no little detail was missed.

Destination: Antarctica
Travel Expert: Sue

A note on price

Prices will vary depending on the time of year you are travelling. Prices do not include international flights. Please ask one of our Travel Experts for an accurate quote. Flights purchased through Steppes Travel departing from the UK are ATOL protected.

This Itinerary
From £43,800 Per person

When to travel

Antarctica in February

Arguably prime time to visit Antarctica, with substantial daylight hours and average temperatures of -6°C. The sea ice melts enough to allow access and it is one of the best times to spot whales, sea birds and fledgling penguin chicks.

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Our knowledge and expertise sets us apart. So too our curiosity. A curiosity of the world and of you, and your passions. It is this that drives us to create a journey that is really bespoke to you.

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