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Our motto is ‘discover extraordinary’ and that idea lives at the core of every holiday we create, expert that we work with and new experience that we dig up. As is the way with every new edition of our magazine, the Steppes Travel team has brought you the very latest from our world of captivating travel.

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New ship in the Galapagos Islands – M/V Conservation

A new ship is scheduled to set sail in the Galapagos which promises to set benchmarks in sustainability. The ship will feature fuel-efficient engines that will allow it travel at 16 knots – 35% quicker than other similar vessels. A cabin will also be set aside for use by researchers from the Charles Darwin Research Centre and clients can meet with them to get insight into their work.

Galapagos Sea Lions,  Gardner Bay, Espanola, Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands

Nicaragua’s wild coast

“I have finally found what I’ve been looking for in Costa Rica – it’s in Nicaragua.”

We recently sent Chris Haslam from The Sunday Times to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and he was blown away by the wild landscape, the fascinating people and the exceptional wildlife. The east coast has a distinct feel from the more colonial west. Trek through jungles, go fishing for snapper in the mangroves, kayak the San Juan River and relax on the exquisite beaches of the Corn Islands. 

Nicaragua's Caribbean coast
Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast

Sangha Lodge – Central African Republic (CAR)

Combine Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve with Congo’s Odzala National Park, thanks to new flight and boat connections. Staying at Sangha Lodge, visit the incomparable Dzanga Bai, venture into the forest with the Ba’Aka and meet pangolin researchers. The bai – or forest clearing – is regularly visited by forest elephants, forest buffalos, sitatunga, red river hogs, bongos and western lowland gorillas. This is wild Africa where the elephants and lowland gorillas outnumber the tourists.

View of the river, Sangha Lodge, Dzanga Sangha
Sangha Lodge, Dzanga Sangha, Central African Republic

Electric safari vehicles park up in Kenya

The peace and quiet of the bush just got quieter at Lewa Wilderness Lodge, based at the foot of Mt. Kenya. The lodge has recently taken delivery of East Africa’s first electric-powered safari vehicle (which uses solar energy to charge the batteries). The vehicle is as powerful as its fuel-guzzling counterparts but does not startle the wildlife with the sound of a diesel engine. Carbon-free safaris are fast becoming a reality.  

Pool, Lewa Wilderness Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya
Lewa Wilderness Camp, Laikipia, Kenya

PurePods spring up in New Zealand

Set in six secluded locations on New Zealand’s South Island, each PurePod is a luxurious glass cabin surrounded by the elements. The units stand alone and are made from heavy duty glass, so you can feel a complete sense of immersion in the natural surroundings. Lie in bed at night and count the stars in the endless southern sky. Each PurePod is solar powered and wi-fi free to ensure complete tranquillity.

Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealands
Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand

New boat in Raja Ampat

Komodo National Park is likely to close for a year in January 2020 in order to restore the habitat and prey base of the eponymous dragons. Raja Ampat makes for a spectacular alternative to Komodo – especially now that Aqua have launched their new impressive yacht. Previously the Royal Navy’s HMS Beagle, Aqua Blu is a long-range luxury yacht with 15 individually-designed suites and an expansive sundeck.

Aerial view of yacht on water amidst rainforest covered inlets and islands.
Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Eastern Turkey returns to Steppes Travel

Home to some of the most fascinating archaeological sites found anywhere in the world, eastern Turkey has a strong allure for the curious traveller. Visit the world’s first temple, Gobekli Tepe, the world’s largest alkaline lake and one of the highest peaks of the Mesopotamia, Mount Nemrut. This area is certainly not new to Steppes Travel, but with the FCO now moderating its travel advice, we are delighted to be offering trips to this region again.

Lake Van, Turkey
Lake Van, eastern Turkey

Bucolic Bhutan – Khotokha Valley

Throughout the Himalayan kingdom, hidden valleys known as baeyuls can be found. These are revered by local people and believed to be watched over by supernatural beings. One such valley not yet on the tourist trail is Khotokha, in western Bhutan. Our partner and good friend in Bhutan is converting an ancestral farmhouse in Khotokha into the Namo Retreat – a wellness getaway that promises impeccable eco-credentials, a bucolic setting and spectacular views of the valley.

Bridge crossing in Bhutan

New luxury, temporary camp in Gujurat

Kaafila operate mobile, luxury camps which to date have been set up for Steppes Travel clients in the Himalayan foothills of Ladakh and the open plains of Central India. We have been working with the owners to come up with an journey that covers Gujurat and they have found a spectacular site on the salt flats of the Great Rann of Kutch. Visit remote tribal villages, search for Gujurat’s endemic wildlife and discover the exquisite textiles of Bhuj.

Jain Temples, Palitana, Bhavnagar, Gujurat, India
Gujurat, India

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