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Snorkelling with sea lions

Sail the Galapagos Islands



9 Days

Prices Start from

£4,300 (ex. flights)

Suitable for

Couples Romantic/Honeymoon Adventure Traveller Family Gatherings Solo Traveller Photographers Families

A transformative sailing voyage around the world’s most treasured archipelago, staying aboard anything from a whimsical sailboat to a state-of-the-art catamaran, an exploration of the Galapagos Islands is the quintessential adventure for wildlife-loving wayfarers.

Key Highlights of this Itinerary

Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador 1

Sail the Seas

Take to the seas and navigate in a modern or traditional boat around the iconic archipelago.

Land iguana, Galapagos Islands 2

Iguanas & Sea Lions

Explore remote islands on foot, stepping over land iguanas and sidestepping sea lion pups.

Roberto Plaza, Guide, Galapagos Islands 3

Expert Guiding

Travel with naturalist guides, learning about the biodiversity and history of the islands.

Snorkelling with Penguin, Galapagos Islands 4


Snorkel with playful penguins, curious sea lions and fast-paced white-tipped reef sharks.

Why we like it

A sailing voyage around the pristine Galapagos Islands, with their explosion of unmatched biodiversity, is an enchanting and remarkable adventure that brings a series of complex micro worlds to the fore. Accompanied by our team of expert naturalist guides, find yourself surrounded by the world’s most peculiar wildlife scenes as penguins swim beneath turtles, blue-footed boobies congregate with sally lightfoot crabs, and sea lion pups play with marine iguana tails. When you book a trip to the Galapagos Islands with Steppes Travel, you will also benefit from a complimentary, six-month membership to the Galapagos Conservation Trust.

Explore our suggested itinerary

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
    Quito - Galapagos Islands
  • Days 3-8
    Sailing the Galapagos Islands
  • Day 9
    Galapagos Islands - Guayaquil
Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands

Why Sail the Seas?

These historically and geologically dense islands cannot be experienced in their entirety without taking to the seas and navigating around the archipelago, witnessing their incredible diversity of terrains and respective indigenous wildlife populations. Since these remote and uninhabited islands are only accessible by zodiacs, those who choose to sail can get up close and personal with the native flora and fauna of the region in almost complete tranquillity.

Evolution Boat, Galapagos Islands
Evolution Boat, Galapagos Islands
Yacht and Kayaking, Isabela Island, Galapagos Islands
Yacht and Kayaking, Isabela Island, Galapagos Islands
Mary Anne, Galapagos Islands
Mary Anne, Galapagos Islands

Which Boat?

Your chosen vessel will be your floating home – a place to sleep, eat, unwind and learn about the fascinating archipelago during evening lectures and offshore excursions. However, as there are numerous vessels sailing around the Galapagos Islands, knowing which to travel on can be difficult. Using our years of experience and personal island travels, we have hand-picked a selection of vessels that range from intimate traditional sailing boats to spacious contemporary catamarans, suitable for everyone from solo travellers (who can travel on some vessels without single supplements), to honeymooners, to families with young children.

Isabela Island, Galapagos Islands
Isabela Island, Galapagos Islands

Navigating the Islands

Set itineraries that are regulated by the Galapagos National Park are utilised by all vessels to minimise the number of visitors at any given site at any given time, so which islands you visit will depend on which itinerary you choose. We have visited each of the stunningly eclectic mix of islands – from the white sandy beaches of Floreana and the black lava fields of Fernandina to the dense cloud forests of San Cristobal and the volcanic sea cliffs of Genovesa – so we can help you choose the itinerary that best suits you.

Snorkelling with sea lions
Snorkelling with sea lions
Hammerhead Sharks, Galapagos Islands
Hammerhead Sharks, Galapagos Islands
Rays, Genovesa Island, Galapagos Islands
Rays, Genovesa Island, Galapagos Islands
Snorkelling with Penguin, Galapagos Islands
Snorkelling with Penguin, Galapagos Islands

Ocean Experiences

As the vessel anchors in far-flung waters off the coast of dramatic islands, disembark to snorkel in deep blue waters where silhouetted sharks can appear in the distance and elusive sun fish may even make an appearance. In shallower turquoise waters with white sandy floors that are teeming with marine life, perhaps free dive to marvel at the starfish or dart out of the way of a fever of golden rays. Take a kayak out before lunch as the vessel rests in anchor, watching as graceful green Pacific turtles glide by, or simply swim through calm waters next to darting penguins.

Blue footed bobbies, Galapagos Islands
Galapagos islands, Galapagos islands
Galapagos penguin, Isabela island, Galapagos Islands
Galapagos penguin, Isabela island, Galapagos Islands

Island Experiences

Choosing to sail the Galapagos Islands certainly does not mean being confined to the boat and waters – in fact the opposite is true, since the boat navigates through the night to different islands and coastlines. Partake in leisurely daily walks on these remote islands, bypassing the fearless creatures that play and bask in the sunshine, pausing to discuss the fascinating evolving archipelago with your expert naturalist guides or to sit in sandy solitude and observe the magnificence of the islands.

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We would recommend Steppes for anyone travelling to the Galapagos Islands- they are lovely company to deal with from start to finish, and James not only listened but went out of his way to accommodate our requests. Thank you!

Destination: Galapagos Islands
Travel Expert: James

John at Steppes has been excellent, brilliantly helpful, so knowledgeable and always happy to answer questions. He was brilliant at really listening to us in our first conversations, and tailored a trip that suited us perfectly.

Destination: Galapagos Islands
Travel Expert: John

What a wonderful trip. I especially enjoyed snorkelling with playful sea lions, swimming with penguins, seeing a huge manta ray and spotting the occasional shark.

Destination: Galapagos Islands
Travel Expert: Roxy

Roxy was excellent at knowing what we needed from our family trip to the Galapagos Islands. Despite booking it with little time to spare, everything was seamlessly arranged with very little effort from us.

Destination: Galapagos Islands
Travel Expert: Roxy

Roxy recommended that we should add on a trip to the Amazon ahead of our Galapagos Islands journey, and what a brilliant addition it was. We loved every moment of our time in both places, and were impressed with Roxy's advice.

Destination: Amazon & Galapagos Islands
Travel Expert: Roxy

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