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Sambhar Deer in Tadoba Reserve

Tadoba National Park

A treasure for wildlife enthusiasts. Roaming this land is a rich collection of tigers, leopards and deers.

In the heart of Central India and two hours south of Nagpur is the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, one of India’s most exciting and best-protected tiger reserves.

Tiger, Tadoba, India, JK
Tadoba National Park, India


Dominated by teak forest and bamboo, it’s a rugged landscape comprising cliffs, caves, marshes, perennial lakes and boulder-strewn streambeds that cater to a host of biodiversity, not least the tigers, which number from 75 to 100 by the last count.

Tadoba has a series of camera traps set up around camps that continually monitor the comings and goings of the local wildlife. As the waterholes dry up in the summers and the grazing areas diminish in the upper reaches of Tadoba, herbivores like the gaur descend to the Chighghat Valley and can be seen in abundance. A leopard has been regularly sighted around the Khatoda Meadows. This area is also frequented by six tigers, including the dominant male tiger Crooked Tail and the newest entrant, the male tiger, Halleghat.


Canoe, Tiger Trails, Tadoba National Park, India
Canoeing, Tadoba National Park

How to get there

Accessed by flight from Mumbai to Nagpur, followed by a two-hour drive, Tadoba is an excellent park option to include in your itinerary if you are keen to see a tiger. The only drawback at Tadoba is that the accommodation options are not extensive and what is on offer is rather simple; however, the wildlife experience is probably the best you will have in India.

Tadoba management is proactive in offering new experiences for visitors and now includes walking trails in the buffer area and kayaking on the Irai Lake beside the park boundaries. Furthermore, machans and hideouts are planned at some waterholes.

Where to stay

Some of the wonderful places to stay that we frequently recommended.

Svasara Jungle Lodge £££££

  • India
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

Situated close to the gates of India’s ‘Secret Tiger Park’, this lodge has a monopoly on comfort. With well-equipped rooms and chunky mattresses, this lodge stands head and shoulders above the other lodges in this region. In the evening you can lounge around, listen to the chefs beat naan onto the Tandori oven, watch wildlife films under the stars or take a night walk around the buffer zone of the park.

View Property

Tiger Trails £££££

  • India
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

Tiger Trails near Tadoba National Park is for wildlife enthusiasts who want to be in the heart of the park, only two minutes’ drive from the park’s most central gate.

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Tadoba is a very friendly and family orientated park. It was the best for tigers, with nine different tiger spottings during our stay. Birds and other wildlife was also great. Our drive, Richin, was very knowledgeable, both in India history and world politics as well as being a great naturalist and spotter.

Tadoba National Park

Charlotte knows India extremely well. Very happy to answer even the most trivial of questions. Nothing is too much trouble.


Outlining a trip and having Joe fill in the details and make suggestions or changes meant we had a wonderful experience.


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