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Canadian Arctic Holidays

A space in which wildlife can flourish with little human influence. Become one with an Inuit community and seek out the elusive narwhal, or head out onto open waters in search of whales and polar bears.

The Arctic region of Canada is a vast, wild territory of tundra, ice packs and isolated towns and villages together with an Inuit community set on preserving their culture and customs. The Canadian Arctic is also one of the few true wilderness places where wildlife can thrive unencumbered by human interference.


Sea ice in the Northwest Passage, Canadian Arctic
Northwest Passage, Canadian Arctic

Why we like the Canadian Arctic

Despite being one of the world’s sophisticated countries, a great swathe of Canada’s northern territory remains a vast ice-bound wilderness ripe for adventure. Hudson Bay, Baffin Island and the infamous Northwest Passage are all intriguing names remembered from school days and are now accessible by small, comfortable, expeditionary ships, or by staying in remote lodges and camps.

Artic Foxes, Quebec, Canada
Artic Foxes, Quebec, Canada

Canadian Arctic: What to Expect

With a limited supply of income-earning resources, tourism, and particularly polar bear viewing, has become a major industry in the Canadian Arctic and several towns have become famous tourist hot spots, but with 5,000 miles of coastline to choose from, there is plenty of scope to find isolation. Move away from the towns and you find a barren wilderness which harbours a rich variety of wildlife, where orcas, walruses and narwhals swim the cold oceans and musk ox, arctic foxes and polar bears rule the frozen lands.


What do you really love doing? We curate your itinerary especially for you.

Inuit Community, Canadian Arctic

Visit Inuit Communities

Learn about the Inuit traditional and modern ways of life.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Northern Lights, Yukon, Canada

View the Aurora Borealis

With very little light pollution, watch the Aurora Borealis.

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Franklin Strait, Nunavut, Canadian Arctic

The history of Franklin

Learn more about the fate of Franklin, his men and their recently rediscovered ship.

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Polar Bear on Ice, Canadian Arctic

Join an Expedition Vessel

Explore areas only accessible by small expedition vessel.

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Inukshuk Statue, Mountain Summit, Canadian Arctic

Learn Inuit History

Visit the fascinating Inuit cultural museum and learn all about Inuit history.

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View to Arctic Watch Camp, Somerset Island, Canadian Arctic

Stay in a Polar Lodge

For a true wilderness experience, stay in one of the exclusive polar bear lodges, a short flight from Churchill.

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Camp on the ice-floe edge

Stay the night in luxury camps on the ice-floe edge with Inuit guides. Search of the elusive narwhal.

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Polar Bear, Canadian Arctic

Photography Tour

Photograph bears in spring flower meadows along with prolific birdlife.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Reindeer, Arviat, Canada

Reindeer Migration

Travel to the edge of Hudson Bay and follow the reindeer migration.

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Arctic Fox

Search for Arctic Wildlife

Take tundra vehicle excursions out into the wilderness in search of bears and other wildlife.

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Where to stay

Some of the wonderful places to stay that we frequently recommended.

Dymond Lake Eco Lodge £££££

  • Canada
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

The eight rooms at Dymond Lake are split between two lodge buildings which offer great views through the picture windows out over the lake and towards the treeline. Wildlife in the region includes large numbers of polar bears but there are also frequent sightings of wolverine and occasionally wolves along with other Arctic wildlife. Excursions are taken on foot along the extensive nature trails all accompanied by expert guides.

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Arctic Premium Safari Camp £££££

  • Canada
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

The Premium Safari Camp is inspired by the African mobile camps, bringing style and elegance to the Arctic. Yurt style tents are erected with double walls for insulation to provide a warm home away from home in one of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth. Configurations can include either two twin beds or one king-size bed. Each bed is complete with mattress, duvets, pillows and comforter. Large windows provide sweeping views so that you can still be part of the arctic while enjoying the creature comforts of your yurt.

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Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge £££££

  • Canada
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

Nanuk’s star attraction is the polar bears. You are likely to encounter more here than anywhere else on earth. This is due to the fact that Nanuk Lodge is located in very close proximity to significant polar bear denning activity. The lodge itself has just eight rooms all with en-suite facilities. There is a large dining area with communal tables and panoramic views across the bay where the wildlife is frequently sighted during meal times. After a walking safari or taking a low impact ATV buggy ride return to the cosy living room with is roaring fire, for storytelling and wildlife presentations.

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Seal River Heritage Lodge £££££

  • Canadian Arctic
  • Safari and Wildlife Lodge

Boasting panoramic views of the surrounding tundra and sea, the Seal River Lodge offers fantastic opportunities for bear viewing and spotting wildlife. Polar bears roam the area and the lodge has a large fenced space at the rear, which almost guarantees an up-close encounter with one of these powerful creatures.

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Ocean Endeavour £££££

  • Canada

Launched in 1982 as a purpose-built vessel for remote environments, Ocean Endeavour boasts a 1B ice-class that enables her to navigate freely throughout the Arctic summer. At 453-foot-long, she is a stable and spacious vessel with a shallow draft and impressive manoeuvrability that allows her to access isolated fjords, bays and secluded communities. Accommodating up to 199 passengers, Ocean Endeavour has cabins arranged over multiple decks and offers outdoor dining spaces, a swimming pool, a sauna, a hot tub and three lounges.

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