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Children, Vietnam

Vietnam Holidays

Vietnam is a country of delicious food,  magnificent hotels and unquestionably friendly people.

A holiday to Vietnam is all about variety – combining culture, friendly people and beautiful landscapes.

Vietnam also offers fabulous hotels which reflect the culture and architecture of each region and some superb beach resorts to unwind at the end of your trip. The food, even in the simplest of restaurants, is divine.

Small Boat on the Mekong, Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Rural waterway in Vietnam

What to expect on your Vietnam holiday

There are five major regions in Vietnam. The northern highlands, which form a ring around the second region, the Red River Delta, the Truongson Mountain range, the central coastal strip and finally the Mekong Delta. With over 1,800 miles of coastline, you will find very different weather patterns from north to south at different times of the year.

The further north you travel, the more authentic the feel, with thousands of bicycles, women wearing the traditional ao dai and delicious street food for which the area is famous. It is also in the north that the French influence is most noticeable, particularly in the architecture of old Hanoi.


A selection of activities and experiences you could consider including in your holiday to Vietnam.

Dong Ba Market

Explore the hundreds of stalls at Dong Ba market in Hue, selling everything from household items to fresh produce and handicrafts.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Vietnamese Cooking Class

Learn how to cook in true Vietnamese style on a cookery class in any one of the countries main cities.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Cruise the Mekong Delta

Take a luxury cruise on the Mekong River between Vietnam and Cambodia.

Suggested cruise

Explore By Bike

Travel by two wheels among the villages, farming landscapes and waterways of rural Vietnam.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Cruise the Thu Bon River

Depart Hoi An on a sunset cruise along the Thu Bon River.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Visit Vietnamese Communities

Trek in the northern hills and visit the minority tribes.

Halong Bay Cruise

Cruise through the emerald waters and limestone karsts peaks of Halong Bay.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Cu Chi Tunnels

Take a tour through the Cu Chi Tunnels, a network of tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the war.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Hue Architecture

Discover the amazing architecture of Hue with its 18th century citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda and tomb of Khai Dinh.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Halong Bay by Air

Reach Halong bay by seaplane, saving hours of road travel and incorporating a scenic flight over this World Heritage Site.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Halong Bay & Red River Experience with Steppes Travel

Explore Vietnam

  • Hanoi
  • Halong Bay
  • Hue
  • Hoi An
  • Nah Trang
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Mekong Delta

Meet our experts

A passion for travel runs right through every one of our experts - meaning they're always ready with first-hand insight about their specialist countries.

Clare Higginson

It was my passion for languages that first encouraged me to leave the UK behind and grab my rucksack. Since then, it’s been a mixture of intriguing cultures, jaw-dropping landscapes and the wonder of seeing animals in their natural habitat that sees me continuously extending my travel wish list.

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Paul Craven

Paul is the Conde Nast Traveler chosen Specialist for Central Asia and the Silk Route.

Being from a family with Army connections I can from an early age remember travelling. From camping in Europe and then later being sent to boarding school when we lived in Germany at the age of eight, complete with shorts, long socks, a cap and my suitcase. In appearance not too dissimilar to the children evacuated to the countryside during the blitz.

Talk with our experts
  • 1 740 4000644

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We could not have arranged this holiday to such a high standard without Steppes. The drivers must be some of the best I have ever encountered and both guides we had were superb, the service was impeccable and I doubt I could add any improvements.


The app was great and really useful whilst we were away. The information on tipping was perfect, we are never sure what to do in different countries so we just followed its advice. We have loved both the holidays we have booked through Steppes.


Paul's knowledge and expertise was invaluable when planning this trip. I told him where we wanted to go and the sort of hotels and things we wanted to do and everything was spot on - more than we ever expected! We will definitely be using Steppes Travel for future trips.

Thailand and Vietnam

Frequently asked questions about Vietnam

Do I need a visa for Vietnam?

British citizens do not require a visa for a stay of up to 15 days in Vietnam. The exemption period is from July 1st 2015 to June 30th 2017 and also applies toGerman, French, Spanish and Italian citizens. If visitors from these five nations wish to travel in Vietnam for more than 15 days, they will still need to apply for a visa, as no extensions to visa waivers will be granted.Please note that after visiting Vietnam with a visa waiver, and after exiting the country, visitors will need to wait at least 30 days before re-entering Vietnam again,visa free.

I read crossing the road is terrifying.

Crossing for the first time is pretty breathtaking, ideally take your guide’s lead until you get the hang of it. Basically follow the crowd as zebra crossings and pedestrian lights don’t really exist. It will feel as though you’re walking into oncoming traffic but the numerous cars, motorbikes and bicycles will avoid you.

Is it safe for tourists?

Vietnam is relatively safe, with only incidents of theft being the worst menace to travellers. We advise keeping an eye on your belongings when out and about in busy crowds, and leaving any valuables behind.

Is the Street Food safe to eat?

The street food in Vietnam is some of the best in the world and a trip to this country should include trying some of the local cuisine. Eating at stalls which are busy and popular with the locals is our best tip, along with making sure food is fresh and has not been sitting around all day in the heat.

Is there a certain dish I should try?

During your visit, try a bowl of the popular ‘Pho’ pronounced fur which is eaten at all times of the day, every day. Made up of rice noodles in a broth flavoured with plenty of fresh herbs and meat, each Pho you try will be slightly different depending on its city of origin.

Should I have any clothes made?

Yes. While there are many places to have a suit made the best tailors are still found in Hoi An. It is worthwhile taking something to be copied also – a quick and easy way of recreating your favourite item.

How long are the flights to Vietnam from the UK?

From London to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, direct flights take approximately 12 hours.

What is the international dialling code?


What is the time zone in Vietnam?

Vietnam is seven hours ahead of GMT. Due to its position close to the equator, it does not observe daylight saving time.

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