Ruins of the ancient Apollonia town, Albania


Albania is one of the most fascinating countries emerging from within the Balkan Peninsula. Discover the ancient city of Butrint with archaeological remains spanning 2,500 years and the Ottoman cities of Gjirokastra and Berat.

Albania is an immensely diverse country with a multitude of options for a holiday. Archaeology enthusiasts can spend hours in the complex sites of Butrint and Byllis, while history lovers have plenty of ancient castles, Ottoman fortresses and museums in places such as Berati and Gjirokastra.

Art connoisseurs should visit the little-known medieval churches, with their beautiful frescoes, and the icon collections in Tirana, Korca and Berati. All of these towns and cities have a backdrop of mountains that cover 70% of the country. Cliched though it may be to say it, it is the friendliness and humour of the Albanian people that will remain with you.

Gjirokaster Village, Albania
Gjirokaster, Albania
Butrin National Park, Albania
Berat Old Town, Albania
Berat, Albania
Kruja, Durres, Albania
Waterfall, Eye of Thethi, Albanian Alps, Albania
Waterfall, Alps, Albania, Kruja, Albania

Why we like Albania

We think that Albania is emerging as one of the most fascinating countries within the Balkan Peninsula. Far from being the stereotyped socialist satellite that one might expect, today Albania is more culturally allied to Greece and Turkey than it is to Russia. There is no denying Albania has a long way to go, but if you thrive on being one of the first, then we urge you to explore it now.

Mountain Lake, Theth National Park, Albanian Alps, Albania
Theth, Albania
Pepper, food stall, Albania
Vegetable market
Dhermi Beach - Albania
View at Albanian nature from Rozafa Castle
Shkodra, Albania
Kruja Castle, Albania
Castles, Albania

What to expect on your holiday or tour to Albania

The essence of Albania is to stay in small family-run hotels or guest houses in idyllic little mountain villages where delicious lamb, fresh vegetables and excellent Albanian wine are always on the menu.

Mountain lakes in Albanian Alps, Albania

The Essence of Albania

Albania is a short-haul destination that is emerging as one of the most fascinating countries within Europe. It is an eighth of the size of the UK, and the entirety of the country is accessible by road, enabling easy exploration.

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Butrint, Albania

Visit Butrint

Don’t miss the ancient city of Butrint, with archaeological remains spanning 2,500 years.

Gjirokastra roofs

Explore Gjirokastra and Berat

Discover these Ottoman cities, with their unique domestic architecture and their imposing hilltop castles.

Rozafa Castle, Shkoder, Albania

Rozafa Castle

Built before the Roman conquest, Rozafa Castle was last used for military purposes as recently as 1913.

Kruja, Durres, Albania

Visit Kruja

Discover the family seat of Albania’s 15th-century hero, Skanderbeg.

Explore Albania

  • Tirana
  • Kruja
  • Durres
  • Berat
  • Saranda
  • Gjirokastra

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