Local, Cotopaxi, Avenue of Volcanoes, Ecuador

Ecuador Holidays

Three is the magic number for travellers looking to explore Ecuador. It serves up a stunning trio of alluring mountain landscapes, serene beaches and all the mystery that comes with the Amazon jungle.

Ecuador is the second smallest country in South America and yet within its borders, you can find a microcosm of the entire continent – hence the joy of an Ecuador holiday.

Not surprising then that Ecuador’s tourist board coined the phrase ‘All you need is Ecuador’ given that they have mountains and beaches as well as the Amazon. Although the Galapagos Islands attract large numbers of visitors, not so many take the additional time to explore the Ecuadorian mainland. There you can find villages and markets which are truly local and not catering to tourists. It is just a delight.

Regions of Ecuador

Poison Frog, Napo, Ecuadorian Amazon
Poison Frog, Napo, Ecuadorian Amazon

Ecuador: What to Expect

One of the biggest benefits of a trip to Ecuador is that you don’t get the same concentrations of visitors that can be found in surrounding countries. Quito, the second highest capital in the world at 2,800m, was one of the world’s first UNESCO Heritage Sites, dates from 900AD and is well worth a visit. Outside the capital, you will find small villages with weekly markets where foreign faces are rare and traditional clothes prevail. Culture aside, the landscape is gorgeous and displays the lush green beauty of the tropics with brightly coloured birds flashing in the trees. From Quito, it is easy to reach the Amazon, the Andes, the Cloud Forest and the Galapagos.

Explore Ecuador

  • Avenue of the Volcanoes
  • Cloud Forest
  • Cuenca
  • Ecuadorian Amazon
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Quito
  • Guayaquil
  • Loja
  • Machalilla National Park
  • Otavalo


Discover suggested activities to include on your Ecuador holiday

Cotopaxi Volcano, Avenue of Volcanoes, Ecuador

Summit Cotopaxi Volcano

Travel by foot up the active Cotopaxi Volcano in the Andes, the second tallest volcano in Ecuador.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Chorongo Monkeys, Ecuador

Climb a Canopy Tower

Trudge to the top of a tall canopy tower for up close encounters with magnificent birdlife, listening for approaching monkeys.

Pastaza River Basin, Amazon Rainforest

Amazonian Country-Hopping

Consider exploring the Amazon in more than one country, moving between Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Colombia or Bolivia to experience the remotest corners of the Amazon Basin.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Discover Las Peñas

Take a trip to the colourful neighbourhood of Las Peñas to photograph its streets during the golden hour, staying to absorb the vibrant social atmosphere in the evening.

Horse Riding, Cotopaxi Volcano, Avenue of the Volcanoes, Ecuador

Andean Horse Riding

Saddle up for to ride over the undulating Andes, with a view of the active Cotopaxi Volcano.

Condors Project, Hacienda Zuleta, Otavalo region, Ecaudor

Birding at Mojanda Lake

Journey to Mojanda Lake in the summit caldera of the inactive stratovolcano. Look out for Andean condors and chestnut-winged cinclodes.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Wooden House Machalilla, Ecuador

Discover Ancient Ruins

Visit the small archaeological museum, Museo de Agua Blanca, that houses a collection of arrowheads, animal figurines and stone seats.

Poison dart frog, Ecuadorian amazon

Go Wildlife Spotting

Explore the protected bays, long beaches and tropical dry forests of Machalilla National Park, brimming with wildlife that includes armadillos, arrow frogs, and black howler monkeys.

Fabrics, Otavalo Market, Ecuador

Peruse the Otavalo Craft Market

Shop for artisan carvings, colourful llama wool blankets, ponchos, jewellery and freshly baked breads at the largest craft market in South America.

Pink Dolphins, Samiria National Reserve, Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Search for Pink River Dolphins

Head out to try and find the elusive and magnificent pink river dolphins, which only live in the fresh waters of the Amazon Rainforest.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Gardens, near Quito, Ecuador

Visit the Botanical Gardens

Travel to the extensive Botanical Gardens that sustain native pine trees and orchids, a working farm and a collection of meticulous gardens.

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Grefa, Kichwa Anangu Community, Napo Wildlife Centre, Ecuadorean Amazon
Grefa, Kichwa Anangu Community, Napo Wildlife Centre, Ecuadorean Amazon

Supporting the Kichwa Anangu Community

We support projects right across the planet. For example, in Ecuador, the support from Steppes Travel enabled the Vicente Mamallacta Educational Unit in the Kichwa Anangu Community of Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park to receive whiteboard markers, pencils, filing cabinets, Spanish reading books, and a television for early childhood education. When planning your trip speak to our experts about how you can also support the destinations you are visiting.

Read our blog An Education in the Amazon.

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