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Spectacular landscapes, an exotic cast of wildlife and a rich history of exploration make Antarctica a firm favourite of Steppes clients. Banish any preconceptions you might have of a mainstream cruise and open your mind to the prospect of joining an Antarctic expedition voyage.

We offer a variety of expedition cruises to Antarctica including fly-cruise options to the Antarctic peninsula, specialist whale watching or emperor penguin cruises, cruises that incorporate South Georgia and the Falkland Islands and extended expedition cruises to the legendary Ross Sea.

There is no average day on board an expeditionary boat as the day’s activities will be very much determined by the prevailing weather conditions, ice and the wildlife encountered. Flexibility here is the key. If you are looking for a strict and structured itinerary then Antarctica is probably not for you. But if you like the thought of exploring a pristine wilderness, stepping foot onto the world’s most remote continent escorted by a team of expert guides and specialists then speak to our polar team about an expedition cruise.

Kayaking, Icebergs, Antarctica
Kayaking in Antarctica

Small boats and an active itinerary

We offer a comprehensive range of smaller sized boats, accommodating between 7-150 passengers. Travel onboard a specially designed yacht or travel on a small, ice-strengthened vessel with state of the art stabilisers, extensive viewing platforms and a helicopter onboard.

Daily landings by zodiac allow for complete immersion in the continent. Plenty of time is set aside for things like watching penguins in their rookery and treks to spectacular viewpoints. Kayaking is available on most of the voyages we offer and some even include the option to spend a night camping on the continent. The extended daylight hours are put to full use to ensure your time is fully maximised when in Antarctica.

Humpback Whale, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica
Humpback whale, Antarctica

Exceptional guides and polar experts

Unless you are taking a fly-cruise option, you’ll need to expect a couple of days at sea, crossing the Drake Passage to reach the Antarctic continent. During extended periods at sea, you can attend a series of lectures that are given by the expert team on board, on a range of subjects from wildlife and conservation to photography, polar history and exploration.

All landings are accompanied by expeditionary staff who are experts in their field. Ask our polar team about our own private charters where we place our own team of experts on board. In the past, we have put together Antarctic cruises with experts such as Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Stephen Venables and Sue Flood.

Flight landing on King George Island

Fly-cruise for clients short on time

Take a flight from Chile to King George Island – just off the tip of the Antarctic peninsula, and board a comfortable, small expedition ship to explore the White Continent.

Traditional Antarctic cruises begin in Ushuaia, Argentina and the first two days are spent crossing the infamous Drake Passage. This stretch of water can be rough so those prone to seasickness will want to consider a fly-cruise option to visit Antarctica.

Fly-cruise is also an excellent option if your time is limited. The flight from South America to Antarctica takes just over two hours rather than spending two days to cross the Drake Passage by sea. With no long sea crossing at the start or end of your Antarctic holiday, the trip is cut down by up to four days, meaning a cruise in Antarctica can be as short as six days.

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Ernest Shackleton's Grave, South Georgia

Explorers of Antarctica

Learn the fascinating history of the early explorers, perhaps visiting both the iconic huts and graves (and snow tombs) of Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott.

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Kayaking, Icebergs, Antarctica

Kayaking in Antarctica

Paddle your kayak through the brash ice and berg bits being your own mini icebreaker. Silently approaching leering leopards seals as they lounge on ice flows. Proposing penguins are often curious and will approach for a better look before diving and speeding away like torpedoes. If you are really lucky then watch in awe as a whale slips gracefully under your kayak, with crystal clear water you can see every detail on its barnacled back.

Trekking, Antarctica

Snow Adventures in Antarctica

Try snowshoeing across the icy white plains of Antarctica, a challenging but exhilarating sport.

Diver, Antarctica

Diving in Antarctic Waters

Don a dry suit and take a dip in the icy cold waters of Antarctica to dive or snorkel with curious penguins and marvel at the ice beneath the surface.

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Sue Grimwood

The vast continent of Antarctica is Sue’s happy place. Immune to the pungent smell of penguin poo and the halitosis of elephant seals, she fell in love with its seemingly endless snowscapes, icebergs the size of stadiums and fascinating history of the explorers.

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John Faithfull

It is not often that John struggles with words, but this is a destination that left him speechless.

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