Sea turtle in the waters of Bocas del Toro

Panama Holidays

One of the world’s eco-tourism hotspots. Speak to our travel experts and create a Panama experience that certainly isn’t recycled – there’s coral gardens, volcano views and untouched forest all waiting to be ticked off.

Until recently Panama has not figured as a major holiday destination, but it is now re-inventing itself as an eco-tourism destination and its popularity is going to explode. For the moment it remains slightly quirky – which of course appeals to us enormously – with some interesting places to stay and things to do. For those with a love of travel and adventure then Panama must move up the list of places to go.

Resplendent Quetzal
Resplendent Quetzal

What to expect on your Panama holiday

Panama is best known for its iconic piece of engineering, the Panama Canal, but there is so much more to this beautiful country. Few realise the biodiversity found in Panama. Panama acts as a natural biological corridor connecting North and South America, and with a third of the country protected by reserves and national parks, it is not surprising that it plays host to over 1,000 species of bird (the largest number in Central America), 10,000 species of plant, 218 species of mammal and 226 species of reptile.

Embera Village, Panama
Embera Village, Panama

What is surprising, perhaps, is the stark contrast between the wealth of Panama City and the fact that a short distance away from the indigenous Embera tribe still travels by canoe. You will find other tribes in Panama’s remote regions, including the Kuna, with their pre-Columbian heritage, who inhabit a semi-autonomous area which includes 365 Caribbean islands.

Don’t expect to find Panama hat weaving – Panama hats are actually made in Ecuador!

Explore Panama

  • Darien National Park
  • Colon
  • Boquete
  • Bocas del Toro


Panama offers incredible experiences that will help us to create a bespoke and memorable journey for you.

Kuna Woman Creating Molas, Panama

Kuna Culture

Immerse yourself in the Kuna culture and traditions.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Canopy Camp, Humming Bird, Dari�National Park, Panama

Hike the Rainforest

With a Kuna guide, explore and hike the rainforest in the San Blas Archipelago.

Suggested Holiday Idea

San Blas, Kuna Yala, Panama

Snorkel in San Blas

Snorkel in crystal waters.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Miraflores Locks, Panama City, Panama

Panama Canal

Visit the famous canal, an extraordinary feat of engineering.

Hummingbird, Chiriqui, Panama

Camino de Cruces

Walk part of the historical trail, Camino de Cruces, that connects the Pacific to the Atlantic coast; a well-trodden path by merchants, slaves and gold seekers alike.

Sea turtle in the waters of Bocas del Toro

Turtle Watching

Observe sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs.

Darien Embera, M/V Discovery, Panama

Darien Rainforest Experience

Discover this pioneering region of endless rainforest, winding rivers and indigenous people.

Caribbean Houses, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Bocas Town

Experience the Caribbean nightlife of Bocas Town.

Sacred green bird

Canopy Lodge

Stay at Canopy Lodge for superb birding and photography experiences.

Suggested lodge

San Felipe Church

San Felipe Church

Visit San Felipe Church, home to the life size effigy El Cristo Negro (Black Christ) since the 17th Century.

Where to stay

Some of the wonderful places to stay that we frequently recommended.

Islas Secas £££££

  • Panama
  • Beach and Island Escapes

Islas Secas is a luxurious private island resort located amid a beautiful archipelago off the Pacific Coast of Panama. Offering sandy beaches, glassy waters and a wealth of marine diversity, it is an eco-hotspot and exotic hideaway.

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Tranquilo Bay £££££

  • Panama
  • Beach and Island Escapes

Tranquilo Bay is an owner-operated eco adventure lodge located on Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro, Panama. The lodge is an all-inclusive adventure with eco-tours and relaxation. Tranquilo Bay is adjacent to Bastimentos National Marine Park. There is over a kilometre of Caribbean coastline covered in coral gardens teaming with tropical fish.

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Canopy Camp £££££

  • Panama
  • Tented Camps

Canopy Camp is a wilderness camp made up of eight spacious safari-style tents. Each tent is solar-powered, sits on a raised platform and has a private bathroom including a shower with views of the rainforest. A shaded decked area surrounding each tent is the perfect place for observing the jungle and birdlife or just to relax and read a book.

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El Otro Lado £££££

  • Panama
  • Beach and Island Escapes

El Otro Lado private retreat occupies a stunning location on Panama’s Caribbean coast, surrounded by the tropical forest of Portobelo National Park. This luxury boutique hotel comprises of just 5 comfortable (1, 2 and 3 bedroomed) houses, each individually designed with a local tropical twist. Houses surround The Gazebo, which contains the restaurant, bar, lounge, games room and library. Fresh seafood is available daily and the restaurant’s theme is Fusion Cuisine, using the best of locally sourced ingredients. A range of activities is on offer including boat trips to nearby deserted beaches, fishing, diving, kayaking and exploring Portobelo itself. Savour the delicious Caribbean fusión cuisine and relax at the gazebo with a chilled passion fruit mojito.

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American Trade Hotel £££££

  • Panama
  • City

The American Trade Hotel is the latest development in the regeneration of Panama City’s Casco Viejo. The property was built in the early 20th Century to house the American Trading Company department store and was an iconic building within the city. When ATC closed its doors the building was subject to gang rule and dereliction for decades.

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Canopy Lodge £££££

  • Panama
  • Wilderness

Canopy Lodge is a hotel in the verdant foothills of El Valle. Accommodation is next to a stream in the cloud forest canopy right in the centre of the protected area of Cerro Gaital Natural Monument.

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