Coastline at sunset, Beirut, Lebanon


Sophisticated and cosmopolitan, this magnificent country enjoys beaches and ski resorts less than an hour apart.

Steppes Travel first visited Lebanon when the whole company travelled to Beirut for a long weekend. Since the recent unrest in the Middle East, the rebuilding of Beirut continues and much of the lifestyle and vibrancy associated with Lebanon is returning.

Steppes Travel can tailor-make your Lebanese holiday to your exact requirements, be it a family adventure, a luxury holiday or venturing slightly off the beaten track.

Pigeon Rocks, Beirut, Lebanon
Byblos, Lebanon
The Old Medieval Pedestrian Souk, Byblos, Lebanon

An Iconic Coastline

Lebanon has a lot to offer a wide selection of travellers. The coastal regions are stunning and some of the world’s oldest towns line it. The ancient harbour of Byblos, with its attractive yellow stone walls and red tile roofs, and Tripoli, which as the name suggests, is three districts in one city, are beautiful spots to visit.

Temple of Bacchus, Baalbek, Lebanon
Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek, Lebanon

Head deeper into Lebanon

Inland, one must visit the Qadisha Valley, which has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The remains at Aanjar and, of course, a visit to the gigantic and magnificent temples at Baalbek are musts for any trip to Lebanon.


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Byblos, Lebanon

Crusader Castles

Visit the castle of Byblos with its fine keep and enormous stones.

Coastline at sunset, Beirut, Lebanon

Explore Beirut

Spend a few days exploring Beirut, considered the ‘Paris of the East’. Beirut is a modern, vibrant city with sophisticated cafes, fine dining restaurants and luxury hotels and shops.

Oriental Sweets, Lebanon

Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese food is famous around the world for its exceptional range of dishes that are hard to equal. You could visit Lebanon just for the food itself!

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