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Petra at night, Jordan

Jordan Holidays

Take the slow road – known as the King’s Highway – and you’ll have plenty of time to explore Petra, prehistoric villages and Christian Byzantine mosaics.

Jordan is a remarkably easy and sophisticated country to visit. From the moment you arrive at Amman airport, the system works smoothly and effortlessly. Excellent hotels, good roads and charming guides all go to make any holiday in Jordan a memorable experience.

Jordanian food is delicious and there are enough attractions and sites to visit to make each day a new adventure for adults and children alike. What’s more, it is easily accessible from London.

Treasury Temple (Al Khazneh), Petra, Jordan
Petra, Jordan
The Seven Pillars, Wadi Rum, Jordan
Wadi Rum, Jordan
Wadi Rum Landscape, Jordan

What to expect on your Jordan holiday

Jordan’s small size sometimes takes people by surprise. From north to south it is just 150 miles long and so with the good motorway, it is easy to cover the distance quickly. However, like all motorways, its very existence can spoil the opportunity to truly experience all that Jordan has to offer. It is a good idea to take the slow road, known as the Kings Highway, in at least one direction so that you can really take the time to explore some of the crusader castles and biblical sites along the way.

A highlight of any holiday to Jordan is the rose pink Nabataean city of Petra. Although no longer the lost city that was rediscovered by Johann Burckhardt but an incredibly busy site, it is still magnificent and there are ways to avoid the crowds.

Further south lies the desert wilderness of Wadi Rum, home to Bedouin families and ancient rock art before reaching the southernmost city of Aqaba, the gateway to the Red Sea and some wonderful diving opportunities.

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Scuba diving, Jordan
Hot air balloon, Wadi Rum, Jordan
Wadi Rum, Jordan
Tetrapylon, Jerash, Jordan
Amman, Jordan

Some ideas for a Jordan holiday

  • Spend a couple of days being pampered in a spa beside the Dead Sea, benefitting from the mineral-rich mud.
  • Jerash is a much underestimated impressive Roman site.
  • Rise early and visit Petra just as the sun comes up. Beautiful, and you will miss the crowds.
  • Camp out in Wadi Rum beside T. E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars.
  • Drive along the King’s Highway dropping down into Wadi Mujib — Jordan’s Grand Canyon.
  • Do some trekking in the Dana Valley ending up at the charming Feynan Eco Lodge.
  • Dive, snorkel or windsurf in the waters around Aqaba.

Explore Jordan

  • Amman
  • Jerash
  • Petra
  • Dead Sea
  • Wadi Rum
  • Aqaba and The Red Sea


Jordan offers incredible experiences that will help us to create a bespoke and memorable journey for you.

Amman Citadel

Walk to the ancient citadel of Amman, situated high on a hill, boasting 360-degree views of the city and the surrounding area.

Suggested Holiday Idea


Wander the colonnaded streets of Jerash and explore the citadel and amphitheatre.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Islamic Desert Ruins

Head east to explore the early Islamic desert complexes of Qasr Azraq and Qasr Amra.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Amman Amphitheatre

Visit the magnificently restored Roman amphitheatre containing 6000 seats and dating back to the second century.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Diving the Red Sea

Dive and snorkel the waters of the Red Sea.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Wadi Rum

Head to this desert wilderness to experience Bedouin hospitality.

Suggested Holiday Idea

The Dead Sea Spa

Spend a couple of days being pampered in a spa beside the Dead Sea, benefitting from the mineral-rich mud.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Stay with a Bedouin family

Take tea with a nomadic Bedouin family under the shelter of their goat hair tent.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Petra Monastery

Hike the 850 steps up to the monastery. Built in the 3rd century BCE as a Nabataean tomb, the monastery is one of the legendary monuments of Petra.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Wadi Rum Rock Art

Discover 4,000-year-old rock art.

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Katie Benden

The excitement of travelling the world has always hugely appealed. Largely cemented from my first solo trip to Egypt and the Middle East. The crazy hustle and bustle of Cairo was a huge assault on the senses, scrambling through the claustrophobic tunnels of the Great pyramid took me out of my comfort zone and I was left humbled by the warm hospitality of the Nubian people in Aswan as we shared dinner together.

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Katie Benden was extremely professional and helpful with all aspects of the trip which was a surprise for my husband. Katie replied to emails and phone calls in a very prompt manner and provided excellent advice and guidance on travelling to Jordan.


Frequently asked questions about Jordan

What is the food like in Jordan?

Expect traditional middle eastern food using lots of meat and poultry. Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan which is a lamb dish with a sauce of fermented dried yoghurt (sounds unappetising but is delicious!) Ordering a mezze (a selection of small dishes) is a good way to try out a variety of things and these include common appetisers such as hummus and tabbouleh. Desserts tend to be a choice of fresh fruit or the wonderfully rich and sweet pastries such as baklava, made from layers of filo pastry, chopped nuts and honey.

When is is possible to visit Petra at night?

It is possible to visit Petra at night on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening.

When is the best time to travel to Jordan?

The best time to travel to Jordan is from March to June and September to November. The summer months can be extremely hot and believe it or not, the winter months can be very cold with snowfall quite common in higher regions. The Dead Sea and Aqaba, due to their low altitude, maintain a year-round warm climate, so it can be quite a strange experience in the winter coming from temperatures of around 8 degrees centigrade in Amman to up to 20 degrees centigrade on the Dead Sea.

Are there opportunities for hiking in Jordan?

Definitely. There are some wonderful treks available in and around Petra and within the Dana and Feynan Valleys. There are walks for all abilities ranging from a few hours to a full day and it is a
really wonderful way to explore less-visited parts of the country.

Can I stay in boutique hotels in Jordan?

There are not many true boutique hotels in Jordan and the choice of accommodation is generally between a 5* international standard hotel or a 3-4* more local option. There are also one or two lovely eco-lodges which can really enhance any holiday to Jordan.

Do I need a visa to travel to Jordan?

Yes, but for most nationalities, this is easily arranged on arrival at Amman airport and is free of charge. For no UK passport holders please ask for further information.

Is it possible to combine a holiday to Jordan and Israel?

Jordan and Israel make a lovely combination. The border crossing at Allenby bridge, located between Amman and the Dead Sea, connects the West Bank with Jordan.

Should I spend a night in the desert at Wadi Rum?

We would normally recommend a day trip to Wadi Rum. There are a selection of camps to choose from where it is possible to overnight; however, there are lots of them and they can be quite touristy with inconsistent service. If you really wish to experience the desert at night, we can arrange to stay in a private camp which is a much more special experience but can be quite an expensive addition to a holiday to Jordan.

What activities can I do in Wadi Rum?

Hiking, camel trekking and rock climbing are all possible in Wadi Rum or it is also possible to see this beautiful landscape from the air by hot air balloon or light aircraft.

Will alcohol be available in Jordan?

Alcohol is served at most restaurants and bars in the cities, except during Ramadan (non-Arabs can still get a drink in a hotel). Locally brewed Amstel beer is available as well as excellent wines made in Jordan. Alcohol can also be purchased in supermarkets and some shops.

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