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Leopard, South Luangwa, Zambia

Zambia Holidays

A land which encapsulates the traditional safari experience. Cross the Liuwa Plains and meet lions, watch millions of bats streak across the sky during migration and see the sunset over the Victoria Falls.

With a feeling of untamed nature, Zambia is a country that draws people back, time and time again. To many, a Zambian safari represents the real Africa – a still undiscovered wilderness where exploration on foot reaps the greatest rewards.

From the plains of Liuwa and the savannah of Luangwa to the thundering majesty of Victoria Falls, Zambia encapsulates the idea of an African adventure.

Liuwa Plains National Park, Zambia
Liuwa Plains National Park, Zambia
Lilac Breasted Roller, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia
Lilac Breasted Roller, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Walking safaris in Zambia

Home of the walking safari, Zambia offers some of the best walking in Africa. With an expert guide, explore magnificent South Luangwa on foot and walk from camp to camp, as part of a specialised walking safari.

Canoe trip, Livingstone, Zambia
Livingstone, Zambia

Highlights of a holiday to Zambia

  • Stay in the South Luangwa National Park, renowned for its superb wildlife
  • Try your hand at tiger fishing on the Zambezi River
  • Explore the Lower Zambezi by boat or canoe
  • Combine the majestic views of Victoria Falls with the elephant herds of Chobe National Park, in neighbouring Botswana
  • Explore the wild landscapes of Kafue National Park – Zambia’s largest protected area.
  • Search for rare shoebills in the rarely visited Bangweulu Wetlands
  • Track packs of wild dogs from Konkamoya Lodge in Kafue National Park
  • Visit the Shiwa Ng’andu estate in North Luangwa – an English manor house dating back to 1920s – for a quirky twist on safari.
Victoria Falls, Zambia
Victoria Falls, Zambia

Adventure in Zambia

The Victoria Falls are a hub for adventure in southern Zambia. Take a heli-flip over the falls at sunset or feel the spray in a microlight. And why not explore the Zambezi river by canoe, testing your mettle by rafting the rapids?

Explore Zambia

  • North & South Luangwa
  • Lower Zambezi
  • Livingstone
  • Kafue National Park
  • Liuwa Plain National Park

Experiences to consider

Zambia offers incredible experiences that will help us to create a bespoke and memorable journey for you.

The Wildebeest Migration

Witness the second largest wildebeest migration in Africa.

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Bird Watching

Spot 300 species of birds, including the rare and endangered wattled and crowned cranes.

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Encounter the park’s huge clans of hyenas – some as large as 60 individuals.

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Plains Wildlife

Admire the game that flourishes here, with red lechwes, zebras and wildebeests, all seen in their thousands.

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Kabwata Cultural Village

Visit Kabwata Cultural Village for some curio shopping.

Fruit Bats

Witness millions of fruit bats fill the skies in Kasanka.

Spot Shoebills

Spot rare shoebills nesting in the Bangweulu Wetlands. Stay at the beautiful Shoebill Island Camp.

Wetland Wildlife

Encounter wetland species, such as the black lechwe and rosy-throated longclaw.

Remote North

Explore remote and wild North Luangwa. Home to endangered black rhinos, this little-visited park is very different from its southern namesake.

Walking Safari

Experience the thrill of approaching big game on foot – accompanied by one of the best walking guides in Africa.

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Meet our experts

A passion for travel runs right through every one of our experts - meaning they're always ready with first-hand insight about their specialist countries.

Jackie Devereux

I was born in Zimbabwe. With a dad who was in the police force, we moved from place to place. I have always been passionate about travel. My grandparents mentioned that our ancestors set off from the Horn of Africa – Ethiopia – looking for better cattle pastures. They ended up settling in the south-eastern hills of Zimbabwe, in the Great Zimbabwe area.

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Illona Cross

Born in a small South African town, I have always followed my passion for nature and discovery. After studying Nature Conservation in Pretoria, I was one of the first women to complete a very tough cadetship in the Natal Parks Board. It was here where I cut my teeth in African wildlife management. My desire to see more led me to work as a guide for AndBeyond, first in South Africa, then in Tanzania as the company expanded. Here, I lived and worked in the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro, guiding and running safari camps.

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Bridget Cohen

Aged five and with my Curious George toy safely tucked under my arm, I set off with my family to travel around Europe in an orange VW minibus. Looking back on the adventures we had along the way, I now know that this was where my love for travel and exploring began.

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Chris Johnston

25 years ago, my first trip to Africa took on a life of its own. I planned for three months, I stayed for two years. Whilst there, I was mistaken for a priest, attacked by sharks and arrested. Yet the countless, clattering journeys opened my eyes to the beauty of the landscapes and the grace of the people. My recent trips are undoubtedly more comfortable, but the welcome is as warm as ever and the best experiences are still those I never see coming.

Talk with our experts
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Frequently asked questions about Zambia

What makes a Zambian safari so different?

The flagship of Zambia is South Luangwa National Park, which is one of the oldest parks in Africa, with a rich tradition of excellent guiding. Zambia is often considered a second safari destination, usually for those who have caught the “safari bug” in South Africa or Kenya. The abundance of wildlife, in a very typical Africa bushveld setting, and the stylish simplicity of the camps make Zambia special.

However, it is the walking that really makes Zambia stand out. South Luangwa is one of the few national parks in Africa where you can walk – often from camp to camp – and it is not unusual to view the Big Five on foot.

In addition to this, many professional photographers rate South Luangwa as a special photographic destination. The wide winding river, the dust at sunset and the phenomenal game viewing make it easy to take wonderful photographs both from a vehicle or on foot.

Elsewhere, Kafue National Park can – in the right season – be explored by mokoro like the Okavango Delta, the Bangweulu Swamps are home to the prehistoric-looking shoebill stork and North Luangwa National Park only has three permanent lodges, making it one of the remotest experiences in Africa.

When is the best time to see the Victoria Falls?

Despite regular news headlines suggesting that the falls have dried up, the truth is that water levels fluctuate on a seasonal basis – with this schedule rarely changing much from one year to the next.

The falls are fed by rains in Angola, Zambia and even Congo, far away from the falls themselves. Due to this distance, water levels peak well after the rains begin, usually reaching their peak in April and May. During these months, the falls become a mass of crashing water with spray often obscuring them completely. This means that views on foot can be less spectacular than you might expect, but the views from the air are staggering.

Either side of these peak months – so January, February, June, July and August – a tremendous amount of water still flows over the falls, but the spray is less, meaning views on foot are much better. The sight from the air remains spectacular. For the best all-round experience, we would recommend travelling during these months.

Water levels fall to their lowest point between September and December. As this coincides with some of the hottest weather in October, many people prefer not to visit at this time. During these months, it is quite common for the Zambian side of the falls to dry up almost completely; however, the Zimbabwean side continues to flow and the lack of spray can make for excellent photographs.


What is the minimum age for a walking safari in Zambia?

Only children aged 12 years or older can go on a walking safari in Zambia.

How different is the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls?

Both sides offer different perspectives and we recommend that, regardless of whether you stay in Zimbabwe or Zambia, you cross the border to see the other side. Therefore, it is not hugely important which side you chose – both offer similar activities and a wide range of excellent accommodation.

The Zimbabwean side does have the greater flow of water, so when water levels are particularly low, this side remains more spectacular. However, the Zambian side can lay claim to the Devil’s Pool, where you can take a dip right at the edge of the falls – an exhilarating experience.

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