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Myanmar Holidays

A gentle nation that’s rich with remote tribes and blissful landscapes. Myanmar’s beaches – long streaks of brilliant white sands – are an essential inclusion to any bespoke itinerary in the country.

Steppes Travel has been crafting and designing Myanmar holidays for over 20 years. Despite having endured years of isolation and dictatorial rule, the people of Myanmar have retained a gentleness and charm.

There is still an innocence that has not been corrupted by western ideals and the remote tribal areas, which are now opening up, is a vanishing example of times gone by.


A selection of activities and experiences you could consider including in your holiday to Myanmar.

Mandalay Market

Stroll through the towns bustling market, a place few visitors reach, for an insight into real daily life.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Gokteik Viaduct

Journey by train over the staggering 250 metre high Goteik Viaduct. Shipped from America to Myanmar and built by the Pennsylvania Steel Company in 1900 it expanding the British Empire’s influence in the region.

Inle Lake Leg Rowers

See the famous Inle Lake leg rowers. Their iconic one legged stance allows them to wrap one leg around the oar to guide their boat while keeping both hands free to cast their conical net into the water

Suggested Holiday Idea

Cycling in Bagan

Explore hidden temples by e-bike stopping for a picnic.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Inle Lake’s Five Day Market

Visit the five-day market, which travels from village to village based on the lunar calendar.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Bagan by Air

Take to the air over Bagan in a hot air balloon for an aerial view of the ruins at dawn.

Mergui Adventure

Journey into the remote Mergui archipelago for a stay at Wa Ale Island Resort. Walk through pristine rainforest, snorkel in azure waters and kayak through mangroves.

Suggested hotel

Shan State History

Explore this eastern province of Myanmar bordering China and Laos – discover little visited rural villages, monasteries and palaces and delve into the history of the last Shan Princess.

Cruise the Irrawaddy

Explore the shores of the Irrawaddy from the comfort of a luxury cruise.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Sagaing Pagodas

Explore the hundreds of golden pagodas and mingle amongst the pink and saffron clad monks of Sagaing.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Experience Myanmar with Steppes Travel and Pandaw

Explore Myanmar

  • Hsipaw and the Shan State
  • Mandalay
  • Bagan
  • Inle Lake
  • Irrawaddy River
  • Yangon
  • Mergui Archipelago

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A passion for travel runs right through every one of our experts - meaning they're always ready with first-hand insight about their specialist countries.

Paul Craven

Paul is the Conde Nast Traveler chosen Specialist for Central Asia and the Silk Route.

Being from a family with Army connections I can from an early age remember travelling. From camping in Europe and then later being sent to boarding school when we lived in Germany at the age of eight, complete with shorts, long socks, a cap and my suitcase. In appearance not too dissimilar to the children evacuated to the countryside during the blitz.

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Your expertise helped us with our choices of activity, and we were often pleasantly surprised by some of the things arranged - the boat building at Inle was fascinating, we loved eating in the Burmese houses and thought that a real highlight and adored the ballooning in Bagan.


Frequently asked questions about Myanmar

Does Myanmar have good hotels and road transportation?

You might be surprised to find a handful of very good hotels. Although Myanmar doesn’t claim to be competing in the luxury hotel market there are a number of new hotels springing up in the cities and Inle Lake. Be prepared for a more modest offering in the hill villages. The road system is fragmented making the surprisingly good internal airline the transportation of choice, although modern luxury river boats are also providing a relaxed and comfortable way of visiting other areas. Where road travel in remote regions is essential 4x4s are available.

Is the country now safe to travel around?

Having only recently opened its doors to the western traveller, Myanmar is one of the safest places to travel in Asia. Having been closed off to the outside world for so long, its people are genuinely pleased to share their country.

It is more likely you will be chased down the road for leaving your wallet behind rather than falling foul of a pick-pocket however we always advise caution wherever you are in the world.

Is there a dress code I should follow?

When visiting monasteries and pagodas, there is a strict dress code. Bare shoulders and legs should be covered up, and shoes must always be removed so bringing a bag with you to put them in is a good idea as it may take a while to find them again! For women, a shawl is great for covering up shoulders and arms.

During the hotter days when touring, loose shirts and trousers/skirts are ideal, although in Yangon, which is more up to date with the western world, skirts below or on the knee are acceptable and now replacing the traditional Longyi by some younger women.

Must I book a holiday to Myanmar in advance?

The current popularity of Burma holidays has stretched the infrastructure to breaking point and we cannot stress enough the importance of booking well ahead. Hotels are few and far between and the good ones are even more scarce – hence if comfort is important, start talking to us a year before you plan to visit Burma on holiday.

What can I do to make sure my money does not all go to the Government and large businesses?

It is hard to ensure that all of your money does not go to the Burmese Government or larger businesses. Eating at locally run boutique restaurants and shopping at local markets is a good way to start, and talking to locals is a great way to find out if you are looking for something specific.

Remember to shop around as well – paintings that can be bought in local markets go for more than double the price in some of luxury hotel galleries.

Will my mobile phone work in Myanmar?

Myanmar currently has no international roaming agreements with any other country so your mobile phone won’t work. It is possible to purchase a pre-paid SIM card for USD $50 that will allow you to keep in touch with friends and family. There is also WIFI at many hotels but this should not be relied upon as it can be rather intermittent.

Do I need any immunisations or malaria tablets?

The best person to speak to is your doctor or nurse practitioner as the advice can change. Malaria is not present in Yangon and Mandalay, although it is throughout the rest of the country.

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Lampi Foundation, Wa Ale Island, Myanmar

Lampi Foundation - Wa Ale

We support projects right across the planet. Explore below to see where and how we’re making a difference – in some cases, we can even arrange a visit as part of your tailor-made itinerary.

The Lampi Foundation was founded to help fund social welfare and conservation projects in and around the Lampi Marine National Park. The donation from The Steppes Fund for Change will help the project offer mainland education for the children of Wa Ale Island – known to be a hub for illegal activities.

Read more about The Steppes Fund For Change

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