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Ibera Wetlands

One of the greatest natural reserves in Argentina, boasting unique landscapes and wildlife that includes a variety of aquatic birds and alligators, the protected Ibera Wetlands is an area of particular importance to naturalists and birdwatchers.

Hosting a warm and humid climate, the wetlands feature the world’s second-largest body of freshwater as well as grasslands, marshlands and lagoons. The wetlands have formed an important part of a large wildlife reintroduction initiative, so the region is now home to the swift swimming marsh deer, giant anteaters, jaguars, pumas, maned wolves and giant otters.

Ibera Wetlands, Argentina
Ibera Wetlands, Argentina

A little more about Ibera Wetlands

Twice the size of the Florida Everglades, these are the second-largest wetland in South America after the Pantanal in Brazil and one of the most important freshwater reservoirs in the continent.

From May through to November, during the dry season, rare species of birds and other animals seek shelter along their shores and cluster around the diminishing pools. A myriad of different flowers bloom during the rainy season from December through to April and attract all sort of insects, birds, reptiles and amphibians as well as mammals.


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Water Navigations

Join a guided boat exploration or paddle a kayak with the goal of spotting remarkable wildlife including caimans, anacondas, armadillos and rare marsh deer.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Horseback Ride through Forests

Discover the unique lake and marsh landscapes on horseback, travelling into tropical forests that are inhabited by noisy howler monkeys.

Birding in the Ibera Wetlands

From the comfort of a swinging hammock, experience the dawn chorus as thousands of colourful birds awaken and begin to flit around.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Search for Jaguars

As jaguars have recently been reintroduced to the Ibera Wetlands, head out with an expert naturalist guide in search of these majestic and elusive big cats.

Night Jeep Safaris

Under cover of darkness, head out in a 4×4 to experience the Ibera Wetlands at night, observing its nocturnal critters under torchlight.

Suggested Holiday Idea

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Paul Bird

Paul has visited Argentina several times, taking in everything from the mighty Iguazu Falls to the dazzling Perito Merino Glacier. According to him, any country that boasts one of Earth’s most dramatic waterfalls, magnificent salt flats, exquisite wines and a vibrant capital is more than worth a visit.

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Thanks to James for planning this trip of a lifetime through Argentina, a place we have always wanted to see. We were able to visit everywhere from Patagonia in the south to the Iguazu Falls in the north, and all with very little effort on our part.

Destination: Argentina
Travel Expert: James

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