With an array of different activities available, Loisaba Wilderness really does offer something for the whole family. Whether spending a morning by the river, enjoying a family camel trek and bush breakfast; or pampering mum at the Spa while the kids learn traditional bush skills (with Loisaba’s Samburu guides), Loisaba is the ideal destination for those wanting to combine a traditional African safari with a rewarding child-friendly holiday.

Loisaba’s assortment of different accommodation options also means that families can choose to have a private safari experience at Loisaba House or Loisaba Cottage (their own exclusive home-away-from-home), or mix with other families and guests at Loisaba’s Lodge and Starbeds.

And for the cat-lovers out there? Loisaba is a proud supporter of the Laikipia Predator Project, which helps to conserve large carnivores by studying the behaviours, movements and ecology of predators living within Laikipia, monitoring predators’ response to conservation actions and improving livestock practices (to prevent human-wildlife conflict). As well as Loisaba’s Northern and Eastern plains, the kingdom of Loisaba’s lions, the bushy terrain in front of Loisaba Lodge makes it ideal leopard territory, with five leopards living in this vicinity alone.

Guests at Loisaba are able to become involved in Laikipia Predator Project’s research and monitoring activities – a fun, hands-on activity for families, as they track lions using receivers and antennae (approximately one lion per pride wears a VHF or GPS collar), identifying individuals and reporting their findings back at the lodge. Laikipia Predator Project’s key researcher, Marc Napao, is based at Loisaba and has spent many hours monitoring and identifying lions with Loisaba’s guides. Marc is now developing an online database which will allow guests to identify and report their lion sightings after each game drive. With the ability to track individual prides, learn about their movements and history, then upload images and report additional identification features online, Loisaba guests are actively playing a part in helping to conserve Laikipia’s lion population.

For more information about Loisaba or the Laikipia Predator Project, please contact our Africa consultants.

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Illona Cross, Tanzania

Author: Illona Cross