One often hears how digital technology has made photography more accessible, however the above takes the biscuit and gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘wildlife photography.’

Our friend Paul Goldstein from Kicheche Camps witnessed an amazing scene when out on safari and took this remarkable photograph. Here is Paul’s account of what happened:

“Two Belgian photographers dropped their tripod and camera and some playful Marsh lions swooped on it. The comedian Bob Newhart once said ‘give a million chimps a typewriter and one will write the complete works of Shakespeare’; this must have been the one in a million lion.

Not only did he get the tripod erected but also (photographers take note) he had the camera in the correct portrait format. He also took four shots. Sadly after this impeccable preparation they were really very poor with the ISO too high and the horizon shockingly uneven. The camera survived with some cracks, the photographers got it back and did not see the funny side at all. They were the only ones who didn’t. Normally any sort of interaction with animals is wrong, but this was extraordinary, nothing or no-one was harmed and those who saw it, particularly the three Kicheche guides that day: Amos, Joseph and Jackson are still laughing now.”

Kicheche has 3 camps in the Mara and they have a reputation for delivering the goods when it comes to game viewing, but feline photographers?! This is exceptional, even by Kicheche’s high standards…

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Author: Steppes Travel