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Antarctica Cruise - Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula

19 days

from £13,995pp
  • Antarctic cruise including the wildlife hotspots of South Georgia and the Falklands
  • Five-star Antarctic expedition ship, the RCGS Resolute gives comfort and expertise at a great price
  • Experienced crew of Polar experts plus our extra hosts Stephen Venables, Sue Flood and Wade Davis
  • Ultimate travel experience - towering ice cliffs, gigantic glaciers, bergs the size of skyscrapers

If you have a love of wildlife and wild places, an expedition voyage to the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula is the ultimate travel experience. Nothing quite prepares you for the epic scale or the amazing sense of space. Towering ice cliffs, gigantic glaciers, bergs the size of skyscrapers – little wonder that Roald Amundsen wrote of Antarctica that “the land looks like a fairy-tale”.

Antarctic itinerary with a difference

South Georgia is famed for its stunning scenery and spellbinding wildlife. It would be remiss of us to allow you to travel so far south and not visit this staggering island. Huge numbers of fur seals and the larger elephant seals can be found on the dark, volcanic sandy beaches. Seabirds are abundant. However, it is the vast penguin colonies that are perhaps the most enthralling – the visual spectacle of hundreds of thousands of king penguins is extraordinary.

Added to the landscape and wildlife of South Georgia is its history. In particular that of Shackleton and his remarkable crossing of South Georgia.

The Falkland Islands are also full of history. So too wildlife with a variety of penguins from gentoo to rockhopper, from macaroni to Magellanic. However, it is as a birding destination that the Falklands should be best known with large, easily accessible colonies of some of the world's rarest and most enchanting birds, in particular, the black-browed albatross.

The Antarctic Peninsula is breathtakingly beautiful. Such magnificence is best epitomised by Paradise Bay. Wildlife on the peninsula is remarkable and at this time of year chinstrap, gentoo and Adelie penguins can be seen rearing young chicks. Marine wildlife is also rich in this area with humpback, minke and orca whales frequently seen.

Steppes Travel’s Antarctic expertise

We know what makes a fantastic holiday to Antarctica. We have been arranging expeditions and cruises to Antarctica for over 15 years and the team has visited 11 times so far. 
Our Antarctic charter in 2017 was a huge success with 98% of our clients rating the trip as ‘excellent’. For our Antarctica cruise in 2019, we have made a few refinements to give you the very best Antarctic experience.

Does this trip offer value for money?

There are of course cheaper ways to travel to Antarctica but we are confident our voyage offers excellent value for money. This cruise offers a comprehensive 19-day Antarctic package which includes not only the Antarctic Peninsula but also the mountainous wildlife hotspot of South Georgia and the rugged beauty and history of the Falkland Islands. We are offering the excitement of an expeditionary style cruise, where you get off the boat and get snow on your boots but travel in the comfort of a luxury boat. Complimentary use of expedition gear (jacket, trousers and boots), binoculars, trekking poles and waterproof backpacks are also included.

In addition to the regular experts on board which include expedition leaders, naturalists, historians, ornithologists, marine biologists, photographers and artists you will also have, exclusive to Steppes Travel, three additional experts -  Stephen Venables, mountaineer and South Georgia expert: Wade Davis, anthropologist and ethnobotanist; and wildlife photographer and filmmaker, Sue Flood.

Your Antarctic vessel

The RCGS Resolute is an ice-strengthened luxury ship. With two separate bar and lounge areas featuring 180-degree views, she has space and facilities to maximise your comfort on board. The cabins are spacious and all have a comfortable seating area and ample storage. There is a choice of two dining rooms, one offers a popular bistro menu with quick and easy meals so you can spend more time out on deck. Other facilities include a theatre-style presentation room, gymnasium, wellness centre, hot water spa, sauna and steam room and saltwater pool.

Your onboard Antarctic Expertise

The team and crew of the Resolute have years of experience. They are experts in operating safe, informative and exhilarating Antarctic experiences.  On board, they will delight you with a fascinating programme of talks and lectures, ranging from natural history to the history of polar exploration.

Expeditionary cruising is about making the most of every opportunity; stopping to see wildlife when it appears and changing the order of landing sites to better suit weather and sea conditions. The emphasis on our Antarctic cruise is to get you off the ship as much as possible, to get Antarctic snow on your boots. We aim to get you off the ship at least twice a day when not at sea. Zodiac safaris, hiking, kayaking, camping on the ice and polar plunges are all possible on our Antarctic cruise.

January-February: The best time to visit Antarctica

Travelling to Antarctica in late January/early February is the best time to visit:

  • Heightened whale activity - at the very beginning of the season the whales are only intent on feeding and so sightings are less frequent. As the season progresses the whales become more inquisitive, making for memorable sightings and exceptional photographic opportunities. 
  • Reduced sea ice - by late January, the sea ice is less thick making access to some of Antarctica's more secluded sites possible. The bigger bergs are visible all year round and are a favourite subject for photography.
  • Penguin chicks are active - the chicks are gaining in strength and confidence by this time in the season and so are very mobile and active. Interaction with parents and other chicks makes for great sightings.
  • Good time for seeing massive numbers of king penguins - by the time our Antarctic charter reaches South Georgia, the king penguin colonies will be heaving as the birds will have all returned from feeding in the Southern Ocean. Some will already have chicks while others will be mating.
  • Beaches in South Georgia are more accessible - elephant seals mate during November and December and so at this time, access to South Georgia's beaches can be a challenge. When our Antarctic charter anchors off South Georgia the mating should be over and so access to the rugged beaches will be less hazardous - it is not advisable to get in between a two-tonne elephant seal and the object of his affection.

Departing on:
  • 30th January 2019

For a detailed itinerary or to book your place on this tour, please contact us.

STARTFINISHPrice Excluding Flights £Flight cost fromSingle SupplementTour ExpertStatus 
30th Jan 2019 17th Feb 2019 £ 13,995 call £ 6,997.50 Sue Flood Limited
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what is included

  • A wealth of experts on board, including expedition leaders, naturalists, historians, ornithologists, marine biologists, photographers and artists.
  • All excursions and landings
  • Complimentary use of binoculars, trekking poles and a waterproof backpack.
  • In-cabin mini bar replenished daily, contents dependant on cabin type
  • Loan of wellington boots, expedition jacket & over trousers
  • Optional overnight camping inc equipment; subject to weather
  • Post voyage photographic expedition log
  • Services of expedition staff onboard
  • Travel with additional experts - Stephen Venables, Wade Davis and Sue Flood
  • Use of Steppes Travel app
  • Voyage on a full board basis

what is excluded

  • Airport taxes payable locally
  • Drinks, laundry and items of a personal nature
  • Flights to and from the UK and Ushuaia
  • Pre and post voyage accommodation package
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Travel insurance
  • Visas


Itinerary at a glance

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Day 1

Welcome aboard in Ushuaia
Have the morning at leisure to explore Ushuaia, the most southerly town in the world. The location is fantastic, with views over the Beagle Channel and across to the Chilean Island of Navarino

Later today transfer to the pier and embark the comfortable expedition ship - RCGS Resolute. Meet with the captain and crew then settle into your home for the next couple of weeks and enjoy a welcome drink. Set sail in the early evening charting a course through the scenic Beagle Channel, plan to be on deck for this part of the journey as the light of the late, setting sun is a photographer's dream.

Situated on the southern shore of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia is the most southerly town in the world. Founded in 1884, the town was a penal colony until 1947. The location is fantastic, with views over the Beagle Channel and across to the Chilean Island of Navarino. Ushuaia can be either the jump off point for Antarctic cruises or the base from which to explore Tierra Del Fuego National Park and The Beagle Channel.

Expeditionary Cruising
This is an expeditionary voyage so the itinerary is flexible. Expeditionary cruising is about making the most of every opportunity, stopping to see wildlife when it appears, changing the order of landing sites to better suit weather and sea conditions. The emphasis is on getting off the ship as much as possible and the aim is to be off at least twice a day when not at sea.

There will be a team of naturalist guides leading the daily excursions and giving daily lectures and informal talks during the trip. Having spent many years guiding in Antarctica they have many tales to tell and are always happy to share their experiences. There will be plenty of time to pick their brains during sea crossings or when they join you for meals.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 2

Southern Ocean towards the Falklands
Today is at sea, sailing northeast towards the Falkland Islands. During the journey watch as hundreds of seabirds fly near the ship, you are likely to see the wandering albatross, giant petrels and smaller Cape petrels. Photographing these magnificent birds from the deck of the ship takes patience and skill but your onboard photography expert will be on hand to demonstrate the best techniques.

During the sailing spend time with the onboard Antarctic experts. Learn about the wonders of Antarctica through a series of lectures on the environment, wildlife and history of the locations that will be visited in the coming days.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 3

West Falkland Islands
During the night you will arrive in the Falkland Islands. After breakfast, set out on your first shore excursion to explore the islands of the west Falkland archipelago, home to a wide range of avifauna, including the black-browed albatross.

Have the chance to spot penguins for the first time, including the comical rockhoppers, on the island of West Point. On Carcass Island, observe nesting Magellanic penguins, as well as oystercatchers, geese, striated cara cara and flightless steamer ducks - all permanent Falkland residents.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 4

East Falkland Islands
Today make a stop in Stanley, the charming capital that resembles an English village complete with pub, red telephone and post box. Wander through the quaint streets of brightly painted houses, have a look in the small shops or stop for a pint in the pub. Consider a stop in Stanley's famed philatelic museum, with its impressive collection of historic stamps or choose to take a walk along the harbour front, which is lined with a range of monuments, including the mast of the SS Great Britain.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 5

At Sea Sailing to South Georgia
Continue southeast heading for the wild and remote island of South Georgia which is rich in wildlife. Pass the time scanning the horizon in search of whales and other marine mammals, as well as seabirds that are constant companions wheeling around the ship.

The on-board experts will continue their informal lectures during these days at sea. Learn of the daredevil exploits of some of the earliest Antarctic explorers in whose footsteps you will be following.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 6

Sailing to South Georgia
Feel the anticipation grow as the ship crosses the Antarctic Convergence and the temperature drops dramatically. The jagged spikes of Shag Rocks may be your first sighting of South Georgia's westernmost extreme.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 7

Discovering South Georgia
Welcome to South Georgia, an island that has been described as 'the most staggering wildlife show on earth'.

Your three days of exploration of South Georgia begin in the vicinity of Elsehul Bay where majestic snow-covered mountains dominate the skyline. Large numbers of fur seals and the much larger elephant seal line up on the dark sand beaches. The landings in the next few days will be determined by the local weather conditions.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 8

South Georgia
One of the highlights of South Georgia is the king penguin colonies. Living in the tussock grass, king penguins and their chicks may number up to 200,000 birds in some locations, including Salisbury Plain, St Andrew's Bay and Gold Harbour. As you wander among the penguins, don't be surprised if the inquisitive creatures come and peck your boots as their curiosity gets the better of them. Nothing can quite prepare you for the cacophony of noises and smells of these huge colonies.

The island is also home to large numbers of nesting albatross which can be seen filling the skies, coming and going from the nest.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 9

South Georgia
As well as the wildlife, South Georgia is a thrilling location for history buffs. During your time on the island visit the graves of the Antarctic explorers, Sir Ernest Shackleton (known as 'The Boss') and Frank Wild.

The rusting relics of the early whaling industry can be seen slowly disintegrating at old stations on the beaches at Leith, Husvik and Stromness. A highlight is a visit to Grytviken - the largest of the whaling stations, situated at the head of Cumberland Bay. There may be an opportunity to spend time exploring the small museum and accompanying church with its fascinating library.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 10

Three Days Sailing to Antarctica and Elephant Island
Today, the Resolute begins the longest sea crossing of the trip, sailing from South Georgia to the Antarctic Peninsula. There will be time to look through your photos from South Georgia and prepare for time on the Antarctic peninsula. Weather and ice will dictate the crossing of the Scotia Sea, taking in the South Orkney Islands or Elephant Island.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 11

Sailing to Antarctica
Depending on the route you may pass by the South Orkney Islands. The isolated islands represent the peaks of a submarine mountain range called the Scotia Arc, connecting South Georgia to the South Shetland Islands.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 12

Sailing to Antarctica and Elephant Island
Sailing ever closer to the frozen continent, large icebergs announce the ship's arrival into Antarctic waters. If conditions allow see the dark cliffs of Elephant Island appear on the horizon. Shackleton and his men were encamped here for many months, having lost HMS Endurance in the thick sea ice, far to the south in the Weddell Sea in 1915. From the tiny beach at Point Wild, Shackleton and six companions set off on the rescue mission to South Georgia, aboard the tiny lifeboat, James Caird. To this day, the epic ocean crossing is considered one of the greatest in history. If conditions allow, attempt a landing at Point Wild on Elephant Island.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 13

Exploring the South Shetlands
Around 60 miles off the coast of the Antarctic mainland lie the South Shetland Island chain. To explore this archipelago, landings will be attempted at either King George Island, Half Moon Island, Yankee Harbour or Hannah Point. Weather conditions permitting, sail into the flooded volcanic caldera of Deception Island. There are some outstanding hikes at these locations and the old whaling station and aircraft hangar at Deception Island are fascinating sites.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 14

Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula
After much anticipation enter the icy waters of the Antarctic Peninsula close to Mikkelson Harbour or Cierva Cove. Over the next three days there will be a choice of activities on offer, dependent on weather and ice condiitions, ranging from walks and zodiac rides to kayaking (this is at an extra cost and needs to be booked before travel).

In the bays and harbours of the peninsula lives an incredible abundance of wildlife. Large rookeries are home to chinstrap, gentoo and Adelie penguins and seals live on the ice floes, including the powerful leopard seal. Gulls, skuas and cormorants are also found nesting and feeding at many sites along the Antarctic Peninsula.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 15

Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula
Take to the zodiac boats to explore the spectacular bays and coves of the peninsula before landing ashore to explore on foot. While the weather and ice conditions will determine where is best to visit, highlights include Wilhelmina Bay, Orne Harbour, Cuverville Island and the Errera Channel.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 16

Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula
When on land there are numerous activities one can pursue. Spend time with photographer, Sue Flood to capture memorable images of the landscape and the wildlife of the peninsula or take a hike to the top of a snowy mountain saddle to simply take in the peace and solitude of Antarctica. One of our favourite past times is to sit quietly to watch the comings and goings of a penguin colony. At this time of year the chicks are gaining in strength and confidence and so are very mobile and active. Interaction with parents and other chicks makes for great sightings.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 17

Drake Passage
Today leave the enchanting landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula behind and head north, across the notorious Drake Passage. Renowned as being the point where the Pacific collides with the Southern Ocean, this stretch of water is often seen as a rite of passage for all Antarctic travellers. If the crossing is a rough one (a 'Drake Shake') then there will be plenty of activity on board (such as lectures and photographic workshops) to keep you entertained. If the crossing is calm (a 'Drake Lake') then spend time out on deck to watch the sea birds and look for whales.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 18

Drake Passage
Tonight, raise a toast to Antarctica with a special farewell dinner. If the weather is good travel around Cape Horn before heading back into the Beagle Channel towards Ushuaia.

You will be staying at RCGS Resolute, full board

Day 19

Arrive back in Ushuaia early in the morning. Disembark after breakfast and transfer to the airport for the flight to Buenos Aries. Depending on the flight times you may have some time to explore Ushuaia.


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RCGS Resolute

RCGS Resolute

Built in Rauma, Finland, the RCGS Resolute has a modern stabilization system and an unsurpassed ice classification offering comfortable expedition cruising for up to 146 passengers....

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"James was brilliant and all the advice was spot on."

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Tour Expert

Wade Davis

Wade Davis
Wade Davis is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker whose work has taken him from the Amazon to Tibet, Africa to Australia, Polynesia to the Arctic.

Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society from 1999 to 2013, he is currently Professor of Anthropology and the BC Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk at the University of British Columbia. Author of 20 books, including One River, The Wayfinders and Into the Silence, winner of the 2012 Samuel Johnson prize, the top non-fiction prize in the English language, he holds degrees in anthropology and biology and received his PhD in ethnobotany, all from Harvard University. His many film credits include Light at the Edge of the World, an eight-hour documentary series written and produced for the National Geographic Channel.

Davis is the recipient of 11 honorary degrees, as well as the 2009 Gold Medal from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, the 2011 Explorers Medal, the highest award of the Explorers’ Club, the 2012 David Fairchild Medal for botanical exploration, the 2015 Centennial Medal of Harvard University, the 2017 Roy Chapman Andrews Society’s Distinguished Explorer Award and the 2017 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Medal for Exploration. In 2016, he was made a Member of the Order of Canada.

Stephen Venables

Stephen Venables
Stephen Venables made mountaineering history in 1988 when he climbed a new route up the massive East Face of Everest with a four man Anglo-American team. He was the first Briton to reach the summit without supplementary oxygen. He has also made many other first ascents throughout the Himalaya, in the Andes and on South Georgia. During one of his eight visits to the island he took part with Reinhold Messner and Conrad Anker in the IMAX film ‘Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure’. He has also skied and climbed on the Antarctic Peninsula. He has published twelve books, including ‘Island at the Edge of the World – A South Georgia Odyssey’ and has appeared in several BBC documentaries. He is a past president of the South Georgia Association and of the world’s oldest mountaineering organisation, the Alpine Club.

Sue Flood

Sue Flood
Your guide on the trip is Sue Flood, a photographer, author, wildlife filmmaker and conservationist. Sue was an Associate Producer on the award winning BBC series 'The Blue Planet', and also more recently worked on Planet Earth. Both The Blue Planet and Planet Earth featured several animal behaviours which were filmed for the first time, and Sue obtained unique images for the series. Her photographic highlights include diving with humpback whales in the South Pacific, face-to-face encounters with leopard seals in the Antarctic, filming polar bears in the Arctic, and photographing the wildlife of Zambia. But above all, Sue is great fun to be with - while your photographic prowess will improve under her tuition, you are also guaranteed a fun and rewarding time in her company.

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Group Size:

Min 33 / Max 146

Tour Expert:

Stephen Venables, Sue Flood, Wade Davis

Departure Date (S):

  • 30th January 2019 - Guaranteed to run

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