Colourful Buildings, Salvador, Brazil


Salvador is the vibrant and historically rich capital of Bahia, overlooking the magnificent All Saints Bay on the north-eastern shores of Brazil.

One of Brazil’s oldest cities, it was also incredibly wealthy thanks to the cultivation of sugarcane and tobacco which relied heavily on the slave trade. The vast majority of slaves came from Africa and brought their unique culture with them.

Surfing, Barra Beach, Salvador, Brazil
Barra Beach, Salvador, Brazil

A little more about Salvador

African culture dominates every niche of Salvador’s colourful lifestyle from the pulsating rhythm of drums to the spicy aroma of its cuisine, the martial art dance of capoeira, and the incessant need to party! Salvador’s crowning glory is the historic downtown area, the Pelourinho; a UNESCO World Heritage Site made up of narrow cobblestone streets lined with beautifully coloured colonial houses and dotted with some of the prettiest churches in the country.


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Afro Brazilian Drummers, Pelourinho, Salvador, Brazil

Live Music in Pelourinho

Experience the unique African-influenced culture of Salvador, ever-present in the music and dance scene, on Tuesday evenings when live bands play in Pelourinho.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Carnival, Salvador, Brazil

Attend Salvador Carnival

Partake in Salvador Carnival, absorbing the parade of music and dance that flows through the city’s streets.

Colourful Buildings, Salvador, Brazil

Experience Salvador

Visit one of Brazil’s oldest cities, where African culture dominates every niche of its colourful lifestyle.

Pelourinho, Salvador, Brazil

Discover Pelourinho

Wander along the cobbled streets of Salvador’s beautiful colonial heart, the Pelourinho.

Capoeira Dancing, Salvador, Brazil

Capoeira Lesson

Try your hand at the Brazilian dance-based martial art called capoeira during a private lesson with a local expert.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Moqueca, Brazilian Fish Stew

Sample Salvador Cuisine

Tuck in to delicious moqueca, a coconut based seafood stew, and visit the local restaurants to sample their other iconic dishes.

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Where to stay

Some of the wonderful places to stay that we frequently recommended.

Villa Bahia Pousada £££££

  • Brazil
  • Boutique

Villa Bahia Pousada is located in the heart of Salvador’s historical centre, close to the Jorge Amado Museum, the Lacerda Elevator and the Praca da Se overlooking All Saints Bay. It is a charming colonial hotel with 17 bright and spacious rooms, each themed to celebrate key moments in the history of the Portuguese discoverers and their trade exchanges in the spice trade. Rooms on the top floor have a private terrace with rooftop views of the city – its colourful facades and famous bell tower. Villa Bahia Pousada’s restaurant serves traditional Bahian cuisine as well as other dishes. There are also two secluded patios where you can relax and unwind and a pool.

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Casa do Amarelindo £££££

  • Brazil
  • Boutique

Casa do Amarelindo is a charming hotel set in a restored 19th-century house in the historic Pelourinho area overlooking All Saints Bay. There are 10 beautifully furnished rooms, many rooms also offer a private balcony or terrace. There is a small pool with bay views, a fitness centre, two bars and a restaurant.

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