Badshahi masjid, Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistan Holidays

Blessed with natural beauty, an astonishing diversity of tribes and faces and a fascinating history, little changed since Mughal times.

Travellers in search of knowledge and history will find Pakistan enormously rewarding, it is one of the most scenically and culturally underrated countries.

Populated by an immensely hospitable people, it somehow exudes an air of polite sophistication. The scenery is epic, the people warm and proud and the ancient sites devoid of crowds. With the world getting smaller and fewer places remaining uncharted, Pakistan is a rare and exciting country.

Makran Coastal Highway, Pakistan
Makran coastal highway

Why we love Pakistan

Our Pakistan expert Paul has travelled throughout the country, spending time among the soaring 7,000 metre peaks and alpine meadows of the north as well as the bustling cities, desert forts and tombs of the less visited south. In his words “Pakistan is a secret jewel in the Sub-Continent, a myriad of colours, amazing sites and curious people. It is different and refreshing, having had little tourism for the last decade or so – a whole generation has missed out on seeing tourists in many locations”.

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Decorated Truck with Local Man, Sindh, Pakistan
Decorated truck with local man

What to expect on a holiday to Pakistan

We can create a tailor-made holiday exploring the country in comfort using internal flights, comfortable minivan vehicles and 4WD where necessary. A private driver and guide will accompany you throughout, facilitating local interaction and education at every turn. Although accommodation options are simple, the country’s infrastructure is constantly improving and a smattering of converted palaces and boutique hotels are opening. Cliché as it may be, you will rarely receive a warmer welcome.

There is excellent trout fishing, authentic local cuisine and together with a masterpiece of engineering, the Karakorum Highway, there is access to all but the most remote areas.

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Bibi Jawindi Shrine, Uch Sharif, Pakistan
Bibi Jawindi Shrine, Pakistan

A little more about Pakistan

The southern plains are dotted with superb examples of Mughal architecture which include both magnificent tombs and elaborate gardens. The real beauty of the country is revealed amidst the mountains of the infamous North-West frontier region. So vividly portrayed in countless books, poems and films, towering snow-capped peaks, many exceeding 7,000 metres, dominate the skyline and the valleys below offer superb trekking. Steep ravines, sparkling rivers, isolated villages, wildflower meadows, apricot groves, forts and the inimitable proud tribespeople all combine to preserve an atmosphere of a bygone age.

Explore Pakistan

  • Gilgit
  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Hyderabad
  • Karachi
Landscape view of Hussaini hanging bridge above Hunza river, Gilgit , Pakistan
Gilgit, Pakistan

Highlights of Pakistan

This holiday idea to Pakistan focuses on the wild and beautiful north of this enigmatic country. Journey through towering mountain passes on the famed Karakorum Highway, step back in time among colourful merchant stalls in old Peshawar, explore UNESCO sites, cliff-side forts and ancient rock art before wandering amidst the colonial elegance of Lahore.

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A selection of activities and experiences you could consider including in your holiday to Pakistan.

Tray Painting, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan

Pakistani arts and crafts

Visit local artisans at work – Pakistan in known for bone carvings, camel skin lamps, weaving, pottery and mosaic.

Islamabad lorry art, Bedford and Hino, Islamabad, Pakistan

Visit a truck workshop

Wander around a truck workshop where mechanics service and even decorate the colourful trucks which are a common sight all over Pakistan.

Derawar Fort, Pakistan

Desert Forts

Explore the desert forts of the south including Derawar, Rohtas and Kot Diji.

Lower half of polo player in action.

See an international polo tournament

Coincide your visit with an international polo tournament on the Shandur Pass, home to the highest polo ground in the world.

Khaplu Palace, Khaplu, Pakistan

Stay in a 19th century fort

Explore the scenic landscapes around Skardu from an atmospheric and historical hotel, once a Mir’s palace.

Khunjerab Pass, Chinese border gate, China Pakistan border, Pakistan

Visit the Khunjarab Pass

Connecting Pakistan with China this is the highest paved border in the world. Visit as part of a day trip or even cross into China and onto the famed Kashgar market.

Shopkeeper, Lahore, Pakistan

Qissa Khawani Bazaar

Wander through the streets of old Peshawar and lose yourself among the alleys of the colourful Qissa Khawani bazaar. Explore the copper bazaar, the bird and spice market, cloth market, shoe bazaar, vegetable market and jewellery bazaar.

Sirkap, temple base, Taxila, Islamabad, Pakistan

UNESCO sites

Explore some of the countries UNESCO sites including Taxila, a once important centre for Buddhist learning, Mohenjo-daro, one of the worlds earliest major cities and the Mughal gardens of Shalamar in Lahore.

Black and white fan headwear of Pakistani guards marching.

The Wagah border ceremony

Witness this fascinating daily spectacle which takes place every evening, before sunset. This ceremonial lowering of the flags for both India and Pakistan involves patriotic music and elaborate drills from immaculately dressed guards, all enthusiastically watched by crowds from both sides of the border.

View from Altit Fort, Altit village, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

Baltit and Altit Forts

Visit Baltit and Altit Forts, dating back 400 and 500 years respectively and built amidst spectacular mountain, river and glacier scenery.

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