Canopy Camp, River Scenery, Darién National Park, Panama

Darien National Park

This eastern region of Panama is the least populated and wildest part of the country and probably best known for the fabled and infamous Darien Gap, a 63-mile-long stretch of land which divides the otherwise longest stretch of driveable road between Alaska and Argentina.

Included as part of a longer trip to the country, a few days exploring the remote jungles of this region can be hugely rewarding and a wonderful adventure. As well as being rich in birdlife, some of the most unique and rare plant species can be found here as well as wildlife including jaguar, anteater, sloth, howler and spider monkey.

Aside from the vast jungles, the Darien province also has a picturesque coastline hugging the Pacific Ocean which is known as one of the best deep-sea fishing destinations in the world.


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Dolphin, San Telmo & Mogo Mogo, MV Discovery, Panama

Marine Wildlife

Go in search for the area’s rich marine life, including dolphin and humpback whales.

Scarlet Macaw, Dari�National Park, Panama

Darien National Park

Visit the largest national park in Central America, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a World Biosphere Reserve.

Dari�National Park, Panama

Trekking in Darien National Park

Trek through pristine, mountainous, jungle landscape.

Canopy Camp, Toucan, Darién National Park, Panama

Bird Watching

Discover the prolific birdlife including toucan, scarlet macaw and the extremely rare harpy eagle.

Darien Embera, M/V Discovery, Panama

Darien Rainforest Experience

Discover this pioneering region of endless rainforest, winding rivers and indigenous people.

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