I have just returned from a fantastic familiarisation trip to Central America – my home from home, visiting three fascinating countries Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Each country offered its own delights and there was always something new and exciting to visit. I travelled south crossing the borders overland from Honduras (briefly into Guatemala – a faster route) and on into El Salvador before ending my journey, all too soon, in Nicaragua.

I snorkelled in crystal clear waters around pristine reef in the waters of the Bay Islands, I visited ancient ruins made of adobe preserved from 250AD, I discovered truly unspoilt colonial towns, where hospitality and putting life to rights over a beer and papusa is the main pass time. I hiked through cloud forests, took a boat ride across the 2nd largest freshwater lake in the world, stared into the jaws of an active volcano and narrowly missed stepping on a False Coral snake. I woke at sunrise to milk cows with a local farmer.I watched ladies make tortillas, Howler Monkeys swing from my balcony and Black Iguanas being sold at market.

My journey was a real awakening of the senses with incredible scenery, delicious foods, colourful markets, lively music, peaceful shores and soothing sunny beaches.

Indeed ‘travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind’ …

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Author: Steppes Travel