Durrell’s work with the iconic pygmy hog is one of the most enduring field programmes. So how would you like to meet them? As part of this true ‘once in a life time’ Indian expedition, you’ll do just that. Joining Lee Durrell, you’ll also encounter rhinos in Kaziranga National Park, spot the rare South Asian river dolphin on the Ganges, and experience a whole lot of ‘real’ India along the way.

Travelling with Lee Durrell offers a fantastic opportunity to learn about a diverse range of wildlife and gain insight about the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. She has a phenomenal knowledge, based on years of experience. A great leader, it is her presence that makes the trip exceptional.

By travelling on this tour you are directly supporting the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. A contribution will be made on your behalf to the specific projects that are visited whilst in India. Spaces are limited.

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Author: Steppes Travel