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Young Girl at Japanese Garden, Genko an Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Family Holiday to Japan



14 Days

Prices Start from

£3,900pp (ex. flights)

Suitable for


Japan is a wonderful destination to enthral the whole family. Journey by train from futuristic Tokyo to the ancient cultures of Kyoto with some fabulously quirky, fun and fascinating pastimes throughout.

Key Highlights of this Itinerary

Black, white and red cartoon illustration of a ninja. 1

Ninja restaurant

Dine out at a Ninja restaurant in Tokyo with secret passwords and Ninja waiters.

Bullet Train, Japan 2

Bullet train

Travel by bullet train reaching speeds of up to 360 kilometres per hour.

Traditional Japanese red gate in the ocean against a mountain backdrop. 3

Torii Gate

Kayak around the floating Torii Gate, off the sacred island of Miyajima in Hiroshimo.

Karate Lesson, Japan 4

Japanese Traditions

Learn traditional origami, Manga drawing, Karate and age-old sweet making techniques.

Why we like it

Japan is one of the most forward-thinking countries in the world where bullet trains, robots and glittering skylines are the norm. A fascinating history combined with many ancient traditions and futuristic experiences, make it a truly exciting destination for the whole family. We have included plenty of fun yet educational activities, from Samurai sword skills and sumo wrestling to formidable castles and geisha, with visits to some of Japans iconic sites. All internal travel is by train making this a stress-free holiday.

Explore our suggested itinerary

  • Day 1 - 4


  • Day 5

    Tokyo - Kanazawa

  • Day 6 - 7


  • Day 8

    Kanazawa - Hiroshima

  • Day 9 - 10


  • Day 11

    Hiroshima - Kyoto

  • Day 12 - 13


  • Day 14

    Kyoto - Osaka

Day 1 - 4


Dine out at a Ninja restaurant in Tokyo with secret passwords and Ninja waiters.

Day 5

Tokyo - Kanazawa

Travel by bullet train reaching speeds of up to 360 kilometres per hour.

Day 6 - 7


Day 8

Kanazawa - Hiroshima

Day 9 - 10


Kayak around the floating Torii Gate, off the sacred island of Miyajima in Hiroshimo.

Day 11

Hiroshima - Kyoto

Day 12 - 13


Learn traditional origami, Manga drawing, Karate and age-old sweet making techniques.

Day 14

Kyoto - Osaka

Our travel experts can tailor this itinerary to suit you.

More details

Gundam Cafe, Robot, Tokyo, Japan

Quirky Tokyo

Begin your family adventure in the magical city of Tokyo with a day in the company of a local guide who will introduce you to the weird and wonderful of the city. Create some of your own ‘plastic food’ which is present in the window of every restaurant in the city and stop for a drink in one of the pet cafes where cats, rabbits and even reptiles outnumber the customers. Spend a day in the the nearby port city of Yokohama, home to the largest collection of model trains in the world as well as the cup noodle museum where the kids can make their own unique flavour combination.

Close up of bento box with rice shaped like bears.
Character bento box

Castles, and Cartoon Food in Kyoto

Kyoto is a city with over 2,000 religious buildings, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and will capture even the youngest of imaginations. Visit Nijo Castle, the private home and gardens of a powerful feudal lord and take a walk through Nishiki market with its colourful array of weird and wonderful foods and spices. Spend time in a Japanese home creating your very own Bento box, with a twist, a traditional Japanese lunch box. Learn the basics in cooking and preparing an artistic yet delicious Japanese bento with the added twist of your food decorated to look like your chosen cartoon character or animal.

Bullet train passing infront of a snow capped Mount Fuji.
Mount Fuji

Bullet Trains

Public transport in Japan is astonishingly efficient making it a very enjoyable way to travel. Most of the journeys during this family adventure to Japan will be done by train and public transport. Journeys on board the Shinkansen train, otherwise known as the bullet train are super-efficient, speedy and fun, reaching speeds of up to 360 kilometres per hour.

Samurai training in a traditional dojo
Samurai training

Samurai and Optical Illusions

In Kanazawa, learn about the cities ancient Samurai past before jetting forwards to the future at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. A fascinating museum to spark the interest of creative minds with exhibits from around the world including Andy Warhol, plus a fun exhibit, The Swimming Pool – an interactive piece creating the illusion of being underwater.

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This Itinerary
From £3,900 Per person

When to travel

Japan in January

The weather is generally cool, dry and sunny in many parts of the country. In the north, there is heavy snowfall, making for excellent skiing conditions.

Japan in February

Ski season is in full swing in the north. Winter continues to bring some of the coolest but driest conditions to the rest of the country.

Japan in March

The start of the cherry blossom in southern Japan, as the weather warms. A popular time to visit Japan, especially towards the end of the month.

Japan in April

Perhaps the busiest month, as the cherry blossom spreads northwards across the country. A stunning time, but expect to plan accommodation and excursions in advance.

Japan in May

The cherry blossom reaches the far north of the country around Sapporo at this time, and temperatures are generally warm. It is generally dry in most parts, with vegetation vibrant and lush. It is worth avoiding Golden Week, a national holiday during the first week of May.

Japan in June

Many parts become hot and humid, with the rainy season occurring in Okinawa. A consequence of the rain is that the countryside and most gardens are at their best.

Japan in July

It can get very hot and humid in many parts of the country at this time, making it the perfect time to escape to the mountains. In particular, this time of year has the best conditions for the hike up Mount Fuji.

Japan in August

There are many festivals at this time and locals are on holiday, making it a busy time of year for travel. It is a great time to explore the Sapporo area, with cooler and less humid conditions.

Japan in September

September brings a quieter time for travel, with most locals back at work. The temperatures start to cool off a little, but the humidity generally remains.

Japan in October

The start of autumn for the majority of Japan, showcasing a wonderful array of autumn colours across the countryside. The weather is still pleasantly warm, with less rain.

Japan in November

Across the country, this is the best month to see the beautiful autumn colours. There are fewer visitors, and the temperatures remain mild, especially in the south.

Japan in December

The first couple of weeks of December are some of the quietest times to travel, and you can enjoy the natural thermal hot springs with snow on the ground.

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