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Girl, Mongolia

A Family Holiday to Mongolia



9 Days

Prices Start from

£4,150pp (ex. flights)

Suitable for


This holiday to Mongolia offers a family adventure through the open steppes to the landscapes of the Gobi Desert – full of activities and culture to keep the children captivated.

Key Highlights of this Itinerary

Ger tent at night with the Milky Way above 1

Ger Camping

Camp out in a traditional ger under millions of twinkling stars.

Three Mongolian children in brightly coloured ger doorway. 2

Nomadic Families

Visit nomadic families where children learn to ride a horse before they can walk.

Desert view 3

Hunt for Fossils

Go fossil hunting in the Flaming Cliffs, where the first nest of dinosaur eggs were found.

Lone cyclist on grass steppes of Mongolia. 4

Outdoor Activities

Raft, cycle, horse ride and hike the landscapes of Gun Galuut Nature Reserve.

Why we like it

Mongolia is an exciting and incredibly special destination for a family holiday. Vast open spaces are free from traffic and the people of the country are welcoming and hospitable with a deep respect for nature. Study dinosaur fossils in Ulaanbaatar before camping on the open steppe, spending days searching for wildlife by kayak, bike or on foot. A short flight will deliver you to the Gobi Desert for four days of adventure. Explore the desert dunes from a camels hump, nomad style, see ancient rock art (the Banksy’s of millions of years ago), visit nomadic families, hunt for fossils and sample the traditional drink of Airag (not quite a milkshake – it is fermented Mares milk). A trip to remember for the whole family.

Explore our suggested itinerary

Internal Flight
  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
    Ulaanbaatar - Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve
  • Day 4
    Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve - Ulaanbaatar
  • Day 5
    Ulaanbaatar - Dalanzadgad - Gobi Desert
  • Day 6 - 7
    Gobi Desert
  • Day 8
    Gobi Desert - Dalanzadgad - Ulaanbaatar
  • Day 9

Now for the details

Desert view, Bactrian camel in foreground with rolling dunes behind.
Bactrian camel, Gobi Desert

Yurt Camping and Fossil Hunting

The largest desert in Asia, the Gobi covers huge chunks of both Mongolia and China. Spend three nights at Three Camels Lodge and experience the Gobi desert landscape in comfort. This region is home to a wealth of wildlife and birdlife and is famous for the number of dinosaur fossils found here. During your stay you will sleep in a ger tent, the the traditional felt dwellings used by Mongolian herders.

Explore by horseback or mountain bikes and venture further afield by 4WD. Scale sand dunes on foot or by Bactrian camel and join a local camel herding family for tea. The legendary “Flaming Cliffs”, are so named for the red-orange sandstone which glows brilliantly at sunrise and sunset. It was here, in 1922, that Dr. Roy Chapman Andrews and his exploration team from the American Museum of Natural History found the world’s first nest of dinosaur eggs.

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Young man on horse with mountains and grass steppes behind.
Local boy on horseback

Hiking and Horseback Adventures

Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve occupies a beautiful river valley with mountain ranges surrounded by rolling steppe. Meet local horsemen and their steeds, joining them to explore this scenic area on horseback. Encounter local nomadic families in their summer pasture, scan the skies for golden eagle, explore wetlands in search of birdlife such as rare white-naped cranes. A hike through the valley leads to the habitat of indigenous vultures such as lammergeiers, Altai snowcocks, ibex, yaks, and argali mountain sheep, the largest wild sheep in the world.

Close up of ammonite fossils.
Ammonite fossils

Ulaanbaatar for Families

The Museum of Natural History in Ulaanbaatar offers the chance to wander amidst dinosaur skeletons, including the world famous ‘fighting dinosaurs’ found some 80 million years ago. Also, visit other quirky and family friendly ‘museums’ including one displaying a range of traditional toys and games and a 13th-century park with camps set up to reflect how life would have been in Mongolia hundreds of years ago.


Below you can see some of the wonderful places we recommend you stay on your journey.

Three Camel Lodge £££££

  • Mongolia
  • Tented Camps
  • Wilderness

Arriving at Three Camel Lodge you are met by a line of broad, smiling young Mongolian faces. They don’t need warning – they can see your vehicle from miles and miles away, with nothing else to clutter up the uninterrupted view apart from a few sheep, yaks and ponies. The forty-individual handmade gers are large and comfortable, featuring traditional furniture, a wood-burning stove, camel hair blankets for additional warmth and artwork from around the country. Each ger has an ensuite, with a shower and there are round-the-clock solar-powered lighting and bed lamps for reading.

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Paul Craven designed a really good itinerary in Mongolia, taking in the Eagle Festival, for a sole traveller at relatively short notice. My guide was a bird watching expert so I saw lots of birds and animals as I had hoped - he was an excellent guide and travelling companion making the trip really special.


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This Itinerary
From £4,150 Per person

When to travel

Mongolia in January

Travel not recommended as temperatures can reach as low as -20C.

Mongolia in February

Whilst marginally warmer than January, travel is still not recommended, with temperatures reaching lows of -15C.

Mongolia in March

During the Winter months, travel is not recommended. March will experience average temperatures below freezing.

Mongolia in April

Spring finally starts to emerge during the sunny spells, but the wind can still make it feel wintry. Sunshine is intense but the weather is unpredictable.

Mongolia in May

Temperatures rise quickly, but there is still a chance of snowfall in the north. The countryside is lush and bursting with flowers.

Mongolia in June

Usually dry and warm in central and southern regions. Visitor numbers pick up, but it is a very good time to travel with long, warm days to explore.

Mongolia in July

The hottest month, with temperatures reaching 40°C in the south. There is also the highest chance of rain, because of the influence of the Chinese monsoon.

Mongolia in August

Peak season, as it ties in with school holidays. Temperatures remain warm in the north, and hot in the Gobi.

Mongolia in September

The country quietens down, and it can be a very pleasant time to visit. Temperatures generally remain mild in the north and warm in the south. Towards the end of the month, the weather starts to become more unpredictable.

Mongolia in October

Temperatures drop rapidly, with some snow potentially up north. It is a good time to explore the Gobi desert as it could be warmer, but the weather is unpredictable.

Mongolia in November

November marks the beginning of Winter with temperatures across the country averaging somewhere below freezing, so travel is generally not recommended.

Mongolia in December

Travel to Mongolia is not recommended during the Winter months. December will see temperatures reaching lows of -20°C.

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