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Downtown Havana, Cuba

Cuba Holidays

A country that conjures up vibrant images of Castro, classic cars and cigars, not to forget rum, is certain to be an intriguing holiday destination. Our Steppes experts will help you avoid the crowds and tired tourist trails.

Cuba is an exceptionally diverse island and offers a wealth of nostalgia, vibrant culture, abundant wildlife, sweeping white beaches and an intoxicating music scene that permeates the very soul.

2019 marks 60 years since Fidel swept into Havana to claim the island. The revolution has left an indelible impression on every walk of life in Cuba and it’s utterly fascinating to try and unpackage and understand this unique country that has existed in relative isolation for over half a century. Don’t listen to the curmudgeons who insist that Cuba should have been visited ten years ago. Revolution is being replaced by an evolutionary wave of private enterprise, self-expression and creativity. This is exactly what makes Cuba such an exciting place to visit right now.

Classic Cars, Havana, Cuba
Havana, Cuba

Why we like Cuba

Cuba remains in a socialist time warp. It is still a country locked in the last vestiges of socialism but now offers a greater level of accommodation, tours, and restaurants than ever before. It still remains a unique travel destination and we can help you avoid the crowds and the tired tourist trails. As Cuba’s restrictions on it’s citizens and private enterprise relax, we are seeing an explosion of creativity that is expressing itself in some remarkable modern art. Witness this revolution through private audiences with a new wave of artists.

Havana, Cuba
Havana, Cuba

Galleries & Beaches

Visit their studios and galleries and the outstanding Fabrica de Arte Cubano in Havana. Steppes Travel can introduce you to knowledgeable and welcoming guides who are keen to share their experience of life in Cuba in increasingly imaginative ways as well as find the empty beaches, take you behind the scenes at exhibitions and unearth little-known clubs where you can dance the night away.

Vinales Valley, Cuba
Vinales Valley, Cuba

Cuba: What to Expect

Cuba remains a complex destination with socialist revolutionary ideas, a struggling economy and a very different concept of service. And demand now entirely outstrips supply. Despite it not always being an easy place to visit, it is still well worth exploring. The Cuban people are warm, cultured and welcoming. The country is a true melting pot where colonial Spanish buildings stand side by side with the monolithic edifices of the communist revolution. The Caribbean beaches are in contrast to the mountainous rain-forested interior. The state-run restaurants are indifferent but we will advise you where to find the private family run paladares often found in the ballroom or drawing room of a grand old family house.


What do you really love doing? We curate your itinerary especially for you.

Mojito, Cuba

Soak up traditional Cuban music

Soak up some great traditional music and excellent mojitos at the Casa de la Trova.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Santa Ifigenia Cemetery in Santiago de Cuba

Visit the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery

Pay your respects to poet and revolutionary hero Jose Marti, at Santa Ifigenia Cemetery.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Castle San Pedro de la Roca del Morro, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

El Morro Castl

Marvel at El Morro Castle, built to defend the city from pirates but ransacked by Henry Morgan.

Casa de Diego Velazquez, the oldest house in Cuba

Explore Casa Velazquez

Visit Cuba’s oldest existing building, constructed in 1515.

Suggested Holiday Idea

The Soroa Botanical Garden in Vinales

Visit Soroa Gardens

Visit these gardens that contain one of the largest collection of orchids in the world.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Snorkellers, Cuba, Cayo Coco, Cuba

Visit Maria la Gorda

Dive, snorkel and relax at Maria la Gorda or Cayo Levisa.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Tabacco plantation in Vinales

Horse Riding Adventure

Horse ride past waterfalls, old coffee plantations and across rolling hills in Las Terrazas.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Vinales Valley, Cuba

Observe the Sunrise over Vinales

Take a moment to enjoy sunrise and sunset over the stunning limestone valley complex of Vinales.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba

Visit Moncada Barracks

Explore the site of Castro’s ill-fated first attempt to overthrow Batista in 1953.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Catamaran sailing in Cuba

Charter a private boat

For a few nights, charter your own boat to explore deserted islands.

Suggested Holiday Idea

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A passion for travel runs right through every one of our experts - meaning they're always ready with first-hand insight about their specialist countries.

John Faithfull

Since 1999, John has returned multiple times to explore this fascinating Caribbean island that charms and challenges in equal measure. Attracting visitors with a heady mix of music, cigars and revolution, there is a dynamic new generation of artists, entrepreneurs and thinkers waiting to be discovered beneath the surface.

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John knew the ins and outs of Cuba and was able to answer every question (big and small) that we had. We really feel that we had an off the beaten track experience in this already mysterious country.

Destination: Cuba
Travel Expert: John

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