Kayaking, Masoala Forest Lodge, Masoala Penninsula

Masoala Peninsula

For those who crave a sense of adventure, the Masoala Peninsula is the place to go.

Mountain rainforests alive with wildlife, a rugged, beautiful coastline and towns unaffected by the outside world, offer unlimited exploration and a warm welcome for the intrepid traveller. In addition to the localised red ruffed lemur and spectral looking Aye-Ayes, the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean also offer the perfect spot for some of the country’s best whale watching.

Masoala Forest Lodge, Masoala Penninsula
Masoala Forest Lodge, Masoala Peninsula, Madagascar

Highlights of Masoala Peninsula

  • Visit Aye-Aye island, for a chance to glimpse these beguiling creatures
  • Watch whales come to calve in the sweeping Bay of Antongil
  • Rugged mountains and Lush rainforests offer challenging trails for the brave
  • Incredibly welcoming – and isolated – traditional towns and villages
Pirogue trip, Masoala Forest Lodge, Masoala Penninsula
Masoala Forest Lodge, Masoala Peninsula, Madagascar

A little more about the Masoala Peninsula

Hard to reach, due to erratic flights and terrible roads into the main town (Maroantsetra) coupled with extreme weather, the saying goes you need “fitness and fortitude” to enjoy Masoala. The effort, however, is worth it as the region offers one of the largest and most diverse areas of virgin rainforest in Madagascar, in the most spectacular of settings. Add to this, the genuine Malagasy welcome, the abundance of tropical fruit and fresh seafood and you could spend your entire trip here and still leave wanting more.

Rumoured to contain the largest number of unclassified species in the country, every trek in Masoala National Park could lead to a new scientific discovery…

Dinner on beach, Masoala Forest Lodge, Masoala Penninsula
Masoala Forest Lodge, Masoala Peninsula, Madagascar

Masoala Forest Lodge

Masoala Forest Lodge is a tented camp in Parc National Masoala, in a secluded sandy cove, surrounded by forests full of wildlife.

Offering the best of both worlds, the handful of palm-thatched treehouses sit on raised wooden platforms, not only creating privacy but a cool, shady spot to take in the sea views in the shadow of the forest.

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Manafiafy, Whale breaching,

Whale Watching

Watch humpback whales come to calve in the sweeping Bay of Antongil.

Suggested lodge

Forest track, Masoala, Madagascar

Trek the Masoala Peninsula

Venture to the rugged mountains and lush rainforests that offer challenging trails for the brave.

Suggested lodge

Masoala, Madagascar

Visit Local Communities

Discover some incredibly welcoming, and isolated, traditional towns and villages.

Suggested lodge

Aye aye, nocturnal lemur, Palmarium Private Reserve, Madagascar

Nosy Mangabe Nature Reserve

Travel by boat to the Nosy Mangabe Nature Reserve, home to white-fronted brown lemurs, black-and-white ruffed lemurs, leaf-tailed geckos, tree boas and even aye-ayes.

Suggested lodge

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