Women in front of wall, Foumban, Cameroon


Lying in Cameroon’s north-western highlands, the city of Foumban is inhabited by the traditional Bamoun people, who dominate this highland area.

Renowned for its rich history and culture, the city became the seat of the Bamoun Dynasty in the 14th century and, even now, after the creation of modern Cameroon, Foumban remains of great importance to the Bamoun.

The sultan receiving gifts during Nguon, Foumban, Cameroon
Foumban, Cameroon

Nguon Festival

Every two years, the city of Foumban hosts the Nguon Festival. Frenetic dances, elaborate costumes and age-old rituals are all part of this mesmerising cultural celebration. The festival is over 600 years old and celebrates the rich and vibrant Bamoun culture. It lasts for seven days, with each day heralding different dances, ceremonies and feasts.

The celebrants fill the streets of Foumban, as the whole city is taken over by Nguon fever. Fantastic costumes and elaborate hats decorate the crowds, whilst musicians from nearby villages provide a soundtrack to the lively celebrations.

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