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Herd of rhino at sunrise, South Africa

Black Rhino Friday


To see a black rhino in the wild is an enormous privilege. Critically endangered, they have sadly become a symbol of the perilous state of biodiversity on our planet. 

To mark Black Friday, the Steppes Travel office was closed, to give our team the time they needed to run 27 miles (a mile for every 1,000 rhinos left alive in the world today) around our hometown of Cirencester, wearing a giant Save the Rhino rhino suit. In doing so, we hoped to raise funds towards rhino conservation and send a message that conserving what matters is better than consuming more of what we don’t need.

So, what is the link between Black Friday and the threat faced by black rhinos?

Excessive consumption is having an egregious effect on biodiversity across the planet. As major industries attempt to keep up with unsustainable demand, greenhouse gases build in the atmosphere, leading to climate change and degradation of wild habitats.

We all deserve nice things in life, but a moment’s reflection this Black Friday, on the provenance of what we are buying could go a long way to making a positive change.

At Steppes Travel, we are advocates of travelling less but travelling better. This way, everyone can continue to see black rhinos in the wild, and in doing so help to support their continued survival.

Lewa Safari Camp, Bush Walk, Rhino, Kenya

Donate to Save the Rhino

Save the Rhino ensures that ranger teams have the kit they need to do their job. In the last decade, more than 1,000 rangers worldwide have lost their lives in the line of duty, yet they often don’t have the basic equipment they need to protect rhino populations. Through providing the best basics they can – like good quality shoes, backpacks and accommodation – they make sure rangers like Dean have the best chance to stay safe and protect wildlife.
“It’s dangerous, yes. But I love my work,” says Dean, “If you asked me to do any other job I wouldn’t want to, because I am protecting wildlife for our future and my children’s future”.

Donate here

Follow my Challenge Rhino map
Rhino, Huab Under Canvas, Damaraland
Damaraland, Namibia

Track our Steppes rhino

Friday 26th November 8am -5pm

Our Steppes team ran just over 27 miles (a mile for every 1,000 rhinos left alive in the world today) around Cirencester, wearing a giant Save the Rhino rhino suit. In doing so, we hoped to raise funds towards rhino conservation and send a message that conserving what matters is better than consuming more of what we don’t need. You can still our track our run online and see updates from the day on Instagram

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