If you haven’t heard of WaterBear, it is the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. Whatever you feel passionately about in the world of climate action, biodiversity, sustainability, community, diversity and more, WaterBear provides access to award-winning and inspirational content that empowers members to dive deeper, learn more and take action. You can subscribe for free and stream online or on your phone via their app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

CEO of WaterBear, Ellen Windemuth, says, true interactivity and engagement now comes from education, and viewers who love a subject are far more likely to engage with a cause in the long-term. “The WaterBear Network can link you to the NGO and conservation work behind each film, you can travel, attend events, join campaigns, find out all about your favourite species or place in the world, share info on social media and lots more.”

Not only do you have access to incredible and inspiring documentaries and short films but it also shines a spotlight on the most critical issues facing the planet today. Read on below to see our list of favourite films over the last few weeks.

Some of our favourite short films

Tour of African Parks Headquarters, Akagera, Rwanda
African Parks ranger in Akagera, Rwanda

In Conversation with… Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex

Prince Har­ry, The Duke of Sus­sex talks to Ellen Winde­muth, Water­Bear CEO, and Sam Sutaria, Water­Bear Head of Strat­e­gy, about his pas­sion for con­ser­va­tion, his work as the Pres­i­dent of African Parks, and how sto­ry­telling can help dri­ve mean­ing­ful action.

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An aerial view of a turquoise blue river bending through a lush green forest in the Philippines
Bohol Island, Philippines

Imagine for One Minute

A tiny film with a big idea: to ask view­ers across the world to take a minute to visu­alise the bet­ter future we could have, and then to talk about it.

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Khumbu Valley, Nepal

The Last Honey Hunter

Mauli Dhan is from the Kulung community in Nepal, who believe that only the person who has had a special dream can harvest honey without invoking the wrath of a spirit called Rongkemi. It’s a fascinating story, told through truly daring filmmaking.

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Crabeater Seals, Antartica


Ocean Unite’s ​“30×30” envi­ron­men­tal cam­paign film tra­vers­es the globe, doc­u­ment­ing the har­row­ing scale of the man-made threats to our oceans and Ocean Unite’s mis­sion to pro­tect at least 30 per cent of the ocean by 2030.

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Blue monkey, Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda
Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda

A Walk Through the Land of a Thousand Hills

Claver Ntoyinki­ma, a native park ranger, shares the secrets of Nyung­we Nation­al Park in Rwan­da as he guides us through the forest.

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Two zebras in a forest
Zebras, Botswana

An Eye For Detail

22-year-old Alfie Bowen is an up and com­ing wildlife pho­tog­ra­ph­er whose work is start­ing to take the world by storm, and his fans include the likes of Chris Pack­ham and Richard Bran­son. But his life wasn’t always this promising.

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Grizzly Bear, Denali National Park, Alaska
Grizzly Bear, Denali National Park, Alaska

S1, E4: Alaska’s Majesty: Denali National Park

A cam­era team trav­els to the spec­tac­u­lar Denali Nation­al Park in Alas­ka to ques­tion the future of these big parks, and meet those who want to pre­serve them for years to come.

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Chimpanzee, Cameroon

Blood Island

The incred­i­ble true sto­ry of the New York Blood Cen­ter’s aban­doned lab chimps, Blood Island is a 2018 BAF­TA award-win­ning short documentary.

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Orcas, Canada
Orcas in Canada

75: A Story About Whales, Fish and Trees

What connects all three and how can planting trees save orcas? Simply put, more trees, means more salmon and therefore more orcas.

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Polar bear on the drift ice with snow, with evening yellow sun, Spitsbergen, Norway
Polar bear in Spitsbergen

Ghosts of the Arctic

Ghosts of the Arc­tic fol­lows the jour­ney of Polar Pho­tog­ra­ph­er Joshua Holko through the frozen expanse of Sval­bard. Holko seeks to encounter and pho­to­graph the majes­tic polar bear on foot, some­thing rarely attempted.

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King Penguin, South Georgia, Antarctica
King Penguin, South Georgia

Yarrow: The Virtues of Monochrome

This short fol­lows the cre­ative process of fine art pho­tog­ra­ph­er David Yarrow as he steps ashore the mind-blow­ing wildlife scenes of South Georgia.

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Harpy Eagle
Harpy eagle, Belize

Sky Migrations

Each fall our skies fill with the wings of migrat­ing rap­tors. This ancient migra­tion spans two hemi­spheres, bind­ing our back­yards to the forests of the far north and the wildest cor­ners of South America.

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Chimpanzee In Tree, Kyambura Gorge, Uganda
Chimpanzee, Kyam­bu­ra Gorge, Uganda

Protecting Kyambura Gorge

The Kyam­bu­ra Gorge, a mys­ti­cal sunken for­est, is locat­ed at the heart of Queen Eliz­a­beth Nation­al Park in Ugan­da and is home to some incred­i­bly diverse wildlife. Amongst this wildlife is 27 chim­panzees, who have become known as the ​“Lost Chimpanzees”.

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Snow Leopard, Ulley, India
Snow leopard in Ulley, India

GYAMO – Queen of the Mountains

Snow leop­ards are one of the most elu­sive and least under­stood of the big cats. Gyamo — Queen of the Moun­tains tries to scratch the sur­face on the issues affect­ing the snow leop­ards and the habi­tat that sus­tains them.

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White-bellied pangolin, Central African Republic
White-bellied pangolin, Central African Republic

Pangolins: Scale of the Trade

Pan­golins are the most traf­ficked mam­mal in the world, but the world is only just start­ing to learn more about them. This short film looks at the mass scale of the ille­gal pan­golin trade and ways we can turn the trade around.

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Elephant on safari, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Kruger National Park, South Africa

The Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit

The Black Mam­bas Anti-Poach­ing Unit is a most­ly female ranger unit found­ed in 2013 with the pur­pose of pro­tect­ing wildlife in South Africa, main­ly in the regions of the Balule Nature Reserve and the Greater Kruger Nation­al Park.

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Ring-tailed lemur, Madagascar
Ring tail lemur, Madagascar

Remixing Madagascar

Remix­ing Mada­gas­car fol­lows Ben Mirin on his explo­ration of Mada­gas­car’s wildlife, music, and con­ser­va­tion. Ben set out to explore the island and record the sounds of the coun­try’s unique lemurs, birds, and oth­er animals.

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Carpathian Mountains, Romania

A Wild Education

The extra­or­di­nary jour­ney of a fam­i­ly liv­ing deep in the wild of the Carpathi­an Mountains in Romania.

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